Mastering European Banking Challenges with GBO

Establishing a business bank account in Europe can be a complex endeavor, particularly for high-risk entities. GBO stands as your dedicated ally, providing tailor-made banking solutions to successfully navigate this intricate environment.


Key Success Factors of GBO:

  1. A decade and a Half of Expertise: Cementing a foundation of trust and dependability in the finance sector.
  2. In-Depth Banking Acumen: Providing seasoned insights into the intricacies of the banking world.
  3. Comprehensive Understanding of Banking Mechanisms: A deep dive into the operational aspects of financial bodies.
  4. Proficiency in AML and Compliance: Assuring your enterprise meets the highest regulatory benchmarks.
  5. Broad Networking Reach: Offering connections to an extensive array of banks, EMIs, and payment services.


Our banking solutions are crafted to cater to the varied requirements of different sectors:

  1. SEPA and SWIFT Accounts: Streamlining your international transactions.
  2. Multi-Currency Accounts: Simplifying the management of various currencies.
  3. Rapid SEPA Transfers: Ensuring swift movements within the SEPA area.
  4. Efficient SEPA Direct Debit: Enhancing the efficiency of your recurring payment processes.
  5. Crypto Friendly approach – accept Crypto payments from your clients


With GBO, experience unparalleled ease in handling your banking needs in Europe

Contact for Opening a Business Account in Europe

WhatsApp us: +972504938469, email us:

    What is the best e-Money Account?

    An e-money account is sometimes called an e-bank account or a virtual bank account. Electronic money institutions (EMIs); payment companies and e-wallets offer e-money accounts. As physical currency is becoming more and more obsolete, the electronic alternative – e-money is becoming progressively the better option especially for businesses. E-money accounts hold your funds digitally and allow you to make various electronic transactions. E-money (electronic money) has “real” monetary value but it is stored digitally on technical devices like cards, a phone or computer instead of physical notes or coins. Your e-money account is connected to your account in a brick-and-mortar bank where you can transfer funds. You can exchange your e-money electronically; trade with it; store your money; use it to pay, shop or receive funds.


    NEW Best eMoney account opening in Europe

    1 Valyuz Valyuz is a leading electronic money institution registered and regulated in Lithuania and in Europe. Valyuz offers SWIFT and SEPA transfer, in/out, currecny conversion, debit card, crypto mean of payments and more. Valyuz specilazes with serving corporat
    2 Intergiro Intergiro is all about managing and automating your business finances. Multi-currency accounts, physical and virtual cards, payment management features and the mobile app make it simple and convenient for businesses to thrive. Their powerful business banking API allows you to create thousands of payments in seconds, saving your finance team hours of work. Plus, the nearly-instant reconcile feature ensures that your company's finance applications are always up-to-date.
    3 N26 If you are looking for a diligent Euro digital bank then N26 is the answer. Based in Germany N26 is available in 22 countries and offers an excellent reward program; money transfers; a checking account with debit card and ATM cash withdrawals. With N26’s “Space” feature you can create sub-accounts for various purposes. You create a Space and set your financial goals then watch as you move towards your target. Soon you’ll be able to share Spaces with up to 10 people via their easy to use app.
    4 Fidor Fidor is a German-based digital bank offers personal current accounts; savings bonds and a business account as well as investments; loans; cards and overdraft options. You can set up standing orders; make international transfers and all with complete transparency. Their Smart Community is a forum for customers to discuss finance issues and even do business. Since September 2019 Fidor no longer offers products and services in the UK but continues to be a leading online bank in Europe.
    5 First Direct First Direct is an online bank based in the UK which offers 24/7 phone, mobile or online customer service. By partnering with HSBC First Direct customers can withdraw cash and make cash or cheque payments at HSBC brick-and-mortar branches. Some First Direct services are also available at UK post offices. Overdrafts can be arranged with no interest charged on the first 250GBP. First Direct arranges life, travel and house insurance. They offer loans, cards and even mortgages.
    6 Hello Bank Hello Bank was created in 2013 by BNP Paribas to be their fully online bank. This innovative Belgian bank keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and financial management needs of people on the go. Among the services offered by Hello Bank are loans; brokerage services; insurance; saving accounts; current accounts; Visa credit cards and prepaid cards. Their basic banking current account costs just 1 Euro a month and for that you get web, app and phone banking; a debit card; you can make standard orders and direct debits; manage your bank statements and make up to 36 manual operations each year in all BNP Paribas Fortis bank agencies.
    7 NatWest National Westminster Bank is a retail and commercial bank and in the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. It is considered one of the U.K.’s Big Four clearing banks with almost 1,000 branches and 3,400 ATMs across the country. They offer online banking and a full range of banking and insurance services.
    8 Revolut Revolut is a FinTech company based in the UK and is available in 33 countries. They offer low fees and many extra services and products including personal loans, eMoney accounts, phone insurance, travel insurance and Cryptocurrency trading but unlike several other online banks Revolut does not offer overdrafts, joint accounts or interest on your savings.
    9 Monzo Monzo is considered extremely user-friendly with an easy-to-use app. Although Monzo is based in the UK you can use this digital bank in any country where MasterCard is accepted. There are no fees for international spending; they offer overdrafts and loans; fast money transfers and integration with other online services. Monzo lets you set yourself budgets; you can pay direct debits through your Monzo account; earn interest on your savings and sort your money into separate “pots” for different purposes – rent money, spending, bills etc. And if you put your salary in your Monzo account they can advance you the money a day early!
    10 Starling The mobile-only digital bank Starling is from the UK and they offe

    Read more about international bank account


    What Can you Do With an E-Money Account?

    With an e-money account you enjoy convenient, highly secure, encrypted banking services with low or free charges. As e-money accounts are virtual there are no office hours and your account is accessible 24/7 from almost anywhere in the world. One of the reasons e-money accounts/virtual bank account are so secure is that you don’t have to give your personal credit details for every transaction as your card is already linked digitally to your e-money account. With an e-money account you can enjoy almost all of the products and services offered by traditional banks in addition to the extra features of an e-account. E-money transactions are cost-effective, secure and accessible.


    Best E-Money Account Features:

    • Personal current accounts.
    • Business accounts.
    • Send and receive funds to your e-money account from across the globe.
    • Credit cards.
    • Prepaid debit cards (usually for e-money business account holders).
    • International Payments.
    • Currency exchange.
    • Advanced and user-friendly user interface.
    • Most e-money accounts have multiple login options via mobile phone, apps, desktop, tablet and laptop.
    • Virtual personal IBAN
    • Mass payments.


    How to Open an E-Money Account?

    Opening an e-money account can be even more straight forward, and faster than opening an account in a traditional bank. First choose an EMI, payment company or e-wallet that offers the services and products you need. Visit their website and register for a new e-money account by filling in a basic form with rudimentary details. Next, link your credit card or traditional bank account to your e-money account. From then on you can make transactions and use the digital banking services by just logging in to your account via your Smartphone, computer or the bank’s app.


    What is a Mobile Digital Banking App?

    When you register for a new e-money account you can download your chosen money provider’s mobile app onto your Smartphone. The e-money mobile app can then be used at any time, wherever you are to log into your e-money account. From the app you will be able to check your balance, manage your finances, make money transfers and contact customer services as well as a myriad of other options. The e-money mobile app is used as an e-wallet to hold your money digitally and allow you to access all your accounts and cards from your Smartphone. If you have someone’s mobile phone number or email address you can send or receive funds from them via your app even if they don’t have an e-money mobile app.

    Being able to track your spending and payments; manage your money and get real-time alerts via your mobile app is an advantage for any business. Other functions of an e-money mobile app include making money transfers (MMT) but with more functionality than a regular money transfer app as you also have access to currency conversion, cards and more. Having an e-money account and the connected e-money mobile app gives you instant access to your finances and the ability to make financial transactions anytime anywhere.

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