GBO’s team of experienced professionals are committed to providing you company &  banking  solutions to your business needs in different areas and across various jurisdictions.

As it becomes increasingly complicated to conduct business in the rapidly changing and highly competitive world, there is increasing demand for expert guidance from corporate service providers. The labels used for this kind of service can be different, like business services, corporate services, management consulting, financial consulting and others, depending on whether you are in America, Europe, the UK or elsewhere and also on the area of business that your company is engaged in or the specific kind of service you are looking for.y exchanges.


Our corporate services: Company formation, corporate bank accounts, gaming and crypto licensing, payments and cards

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    These all describe basic activities that these company service providers can offer to a company. The client would engage the services of such a provider with specialized expertise in the area of business activity that the customer requires. Typically, the consultant is called in where there may be either some weakness in how the company is currently operating, or an opportunity to branch out into a new line or activity.

    GBO is an experienced corporate service provider with more than 12 years of experience specializing in digital banking, online gaming and cryptocurrency exchanges. We have been engaged by hundreds of companies in Europe to open the doors for them to these booming sectors, with a team of highly skilled and motivated workers dedicated to the success of your business. Contact us today to learn more about what we can provide for you if you are looking for a partner that can provide the best global corporate services.


    What do corporate services providers do?

    A corporate services company offers its customer specialist services, advice and guidance. The customer will have a specific objective for which it engages the services of the company service provider. Most corporate service providers offer a broad range of support, but some specialize in one or two narrower aspects of commercial activity. There are several very large global corporate service providers – the Big Four – that employ thousands of people with the whole range of management skills and training and have offices all over the world, but these companies are expensive to engage with and may be reluctant to take on new work from small or start-up clients.


    If you are engaging regulation consultants for the first time, it is a good idea to look for a company that can demonstrate a history of activity in the business sector that your company is working in, or to find one that offers specialist services that are directly relevant to your problem or need.


    The types of corporate services that can be provided by consultants include:

    • General management & business consulting services
    • Company formation
    • Assistance with opening business bank accounts
    • Planning, budgeting and forecasting
    • Accounting and payroll
    • Banking and finance
    • New company setup
    • Compliance, due diligence supervision and reporting
    • Company secretarial services


    Our main services are:

    Company formation worldwide – The procedure of officially creating a business in a particular jurisdiction is referred to as company creation. Depending on the nation or state, several procedures and conditions must be met in order to start a company. However, in most cases, the procedure entails choosing a company name, registering with the relevant government body, acquiring any necessary licenses and permits, and filing articles of incorporation or another comparable document.

    The main jurisdictions today are Dubai, Cyprus, Curacao, UK, Hong Kong

    A service that aids in opening bank accounts for businesses enables them to open and maintain a bank account with a financial institution. The company will be guided through the process of creating a bank account and give any relevant papers and information as part of this service, which is normally offered by a professional, such as an accountant or attorney.

    The following steps are often included in the service:

    choosing the right bank and account type for the needs of the business
    assembling and putting together the required paperwork, such as the articles of incorporation, tax IDs, and address evidence

    1. Aiding with the completion of applications and documents for opening accounts.
    2. Coordinating with the bank to make sure all necessary details have been provided and the account has been set up properly.
    3. Continuing to offer support and help as needed. This service can save businesses time and resources by assisting them with the frequently difficult and time-consuming process of creating a bank account. Service providers can also assist businesses in choosing the right bank, account type, and offers for their operations.

    It is significant to note that creating a bank account for a business may be subject to additional restrictions, such as supplying documentation of the source of cash or the business’s operations, and may also be subject to additional due diligence examinations.



    Can a corporate services provider help with my start-up?

    Many global corporate service providers offer their services in forming and managing new corporate structures in a specific jurisdiction. Money-Gate is one of the best global corporate service providers for small and mid-size businesses and start-ups in Europe. We have been providing these services all around the EU for more than a decade, and following up the incorporation of the company with the necessary support to assist our customers to go on and build a thriving business in the areas of digital banking, online gambling and cryptocurrency

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