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GBO International Financial Services LTD: Leading the Industry at Global Conferences Yearly

2009 – The Genesis of GBO International Financial Services LTD
In 2009, seasoned professionals from the Swiss banking sector and the Israeli financial market came together to form GBO. At that time, Swiss banks managed vast fortunes, but yielded little or no returns. Recognizing an increasing demand from clients wanting to diversify their investments overseas, we leveraged our profound understanding of global banking. Consequently, we facilitated the establishment of several bank accounts across Europe for numerous clients.


2011 – Venturing into Private Banking
The era of globalization was in full swing. Many entrepreneurs aspired to take their businesses global. However, navigating the intricacies of the international banking system without prior experience was a challenge. Recognizing this gap, GBO stepped forward as a pioneer, aiding individuals in setting up accounts in places like Switzerland, the UK, and Cyprus.


2013 – Embracing the Digital Finance Revolution
The rise of the digital finance landscape saw the emergence of various online ventures – from tech startups to eCommerce platforms. Based in Tel Aviv, a global tech hub, we were strategically positioned to assist. We enabled numerous businesses to establish their corporate footprint, primarily in Europe. Specializing in services for high-tech firms, online platforms, and more, we also made our mark in global events such as ICE London and IFX Hong Kong, Sigma, iGB elevating our position as a top-tier gaming corporate service provider.


2015 – Navigating New Regulatory Landscapes
The digital era ushered in heightened regulatory scrutiny, especially in sectors like online gaming and fintech. Topics like AML, compliance, and licensing took center stage. GBO recognized this as an opportunity to guide businesses through these regulatory mazes, particularly in the realms of Crypto & gaming. Our innovative offering of LaaS (Licensing as a Service) set us apart, making us a go-to firm for comprehensive business solutions, including company setup, licensing, banking assistance, and more.


2023 – Unwavering Commitment to Excellence
Over a span of twelve years, GBO has proudly served thousands of international clients, continually evolving our offerings for the Crypto & gaming sectors. By demystifying the challenges of cross-border business operations and offering superior banking solutions, we stand as a beacon of clarity in a complex world. Our global clientele’s trust and our steadfast dedication to excellence remain our strongest assets.

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