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Company formation with bank account – New businesses require careful planning and attention to multiple details including the business concept, financing, offices, staff, marketing, suppliers and regulation to name but a few. We can help you with one of the most important steps in opening a new business – incorporation. We will assist you and advise you on the best international jurisdiction for your business’s incorporation.

First decide what kind of legal business entity your enterprise will be – a corporation, limited liability partnership or limited liability company. Next choose the jurisdiction where you will incorporate your business. The type of business entity and the jurisdiction chosen will form the core of your company’s legal structure and effect how and where you file your taxes, personal liability and more.

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    What are the advantages of an offshore company formation with a bank account structure?

    Among the potential benefits of forming an offshore company with a bank account structure are the following:

    1. Numerous offshore jurisdictions offer advantageous tax regimes that can lessen the tax burden on businesses. By establishing a company offshore, businesses can take advantage of these tax advantages.
    2. Offshore companies can provide enhanced asset protection, shielding assets from potential lawsuits, creditors, and other legal conflicts.
    3. Increased privacy Offshore companies can provide business owners with increased privacy and confidentiality because they are not required to reveal their identities publicly.
    4. Access to international markets: Offshore companies can offer businesses access to international markets, allowing them to expand globally.
    5. Advantages of offshore bank accounts include higher interest rates, lower fees, and greater currency flexibility. These benefits can be especially beneficial for multinational corporations.  It is essential to note that the formation of an offshore company with a bank account structure must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. To ensure compliance and maximize the potential benefits, it is recommended to consult with legal and financial experts with experience in offshore company formation.


    Our company formation with bank account package description

    1. Typically, a company formation with bank account package includes both the formation of a new business entity in an offshore jurisdiction and the opening of a bank account in that jurisdiction. Depending on the provider, the specifics of the package may vary, but typically include the following:
    2. Formation of a company: The package includes the registration and formation of a new company in an offshore jurisdiction, including the preparation of legal documents and registration with local authorities.
    3. The package includes the opening of a bank account in the same offshore jurisdiction as the formation of the company. Typically, this entails assisting with the application process, providing the required documentation, and meeting any bank requirements.
    4. Registered agent services: In certain instances, the package may also include registered agent services, which provide a local point of contact for the company and aid in meeting compliance requirements in the offshore jurisdiction.
    5. Corporate documentation: The package may also include the preparation and delivery of corporate documentation, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and other legal documents required for company formation and bank account opening.
    6. Depending on the provider, the package may also include tax planning, legal counsel, and ongoing support for compliance and regulatory requirements.


    Choosing a Type of Business Entity for your New Company

    The most prevalent form of legal entity is the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or LTD. One of the most important functions of an LLC or LTD is that it separates the business owner’s personal liability from that of the company. A LLC or LTD is a separate legal entity from the company owners. The LLC or LTD company can own property, assume liability, sue and be sued, pay taxes and enter into contractual agreements as an individual, separate legal entity from the business owners. The LLC is popular with small companies giving the legal protection of a corporation but maintaining the tax benefits of a partnership. For more information, read about company documentation. When choosing a legal entity for your new business it is important to consider your present and future business goals. GBO can assist in choosing the best legal business structure for your company.

    One of the popular options for eGaming companies is an EU corporate structure.


    Get Professional Advice about Business Entities

    Our wide range of professional services can help individuals and businesses plan new corporations. Our experienced staff can guide you through, the often complex, process of choosing the right business entity for your company.


    How Can We Help?

    If you are on the brink of opening a new business we can assist you in choosing the best jurisdiction for incorporation and the best business entity for your enterprise. By comparing the merits of various jurisdictions and your business needs we can help you evaluate your options. We will help you understand the legal and commercial implications of each jurisdiction and each type of business entity before you make your choice. Once you have come to a decision we can guide you through the registration process in your chosen jurisdiction. We are particularly familiar with incorporation in offshore jurisdictions and establishing international business banking services. You will be in good hands at GBO; our reputation, experience and professionalism assure you of discreet, expedient and efficient service to your full satisfaction.


    GBO has extensive experience with global company formation for customers from the following industries:

    • Communications
    • IT
    • E-commerce
    • Technology SaaS
    • Businesses with an EU client-base
    • Technology related import/export
    • Online casino businesses


    Offshore Incorporation for Different Industries


    Real Estate companies incorporated in an offshore jurisdiction can deal in commercial real estate internationally. By completing property licensing via the company there will be transparency for investors; tax benefits in the country where the property was purchased and ongoing property management will be easier.

    E-commerce businesses selling products or services need a legal business entity; a business bank account and payment systems. By incorporating an e-commerce business offshore, it can be managed in a functional manner, legally and transparently. As a legal entity your e-commerce business can send invoices to suppliers; enter into contractual agreements and receive payments from customers.

    International companies looking to expand into new jurisdictions by establishing additional businesses internationally can accomplish this through offshore companies. For example, companies like Amazon and Google have numerous offshore companies.

    Other industries that benefit from offshore incorporation include online gaming licenses and online businesses like marketing, affiliates, tourism and media.

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