GBO has a lot of experience working with the Kahnawake betting license and has made a Turnkey Package that meets the needs and requirements of online gambling business owners.


The package has all the services a business needs to start up and run in Kahnawake, such as administration, licensing, meeting regulations, and financial planning. GBO can take care of all the behind-the-scenes work with this package, so business owners can focus on building their brand. The price of the package is very low compared to other places that issue licenses for online gambling.


Our Turn-Key Package for getting a Kahnawake Online Gaming License is based on our long-term experience with this licensing jurisdiction and is made to meet the needs and requirements of online gambling entrepreneurs. Our package includes everything you need to start and run an online gaming business with a Kahnawake license, such as administrative, licensing, regulatory, compliance, and financial services.

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    Market research about the Kahnawake gaming industry

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    According to information available to the public, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has given licenses to a number of online gaming operators and software vendors over this time frame. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission normally performs in-depth evaluations of each applicant, and the number of Kahnawake Gaming licenses given can vary based on the level of interest and the outcomes of these evaluations.


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