Crypto gaming and crypto gambling are terms used now to describe the use of cryptocurrencies as wagers in standard online casinos. In the same way as players can wager dollars, euros and pounds, they can now want to be able to place their bets in any one of the many digital currencies like Bitcoin. They need to deposit, wager, and withdraw winnings in the same way they were used to doing with ordinary (fiat) money.

Several unique features need to be considered if you want to either add crypto gaming to your existing casino operation or set up a new purely crypto-based online casino. In both cases, you are entering new territory. You should use our team’s expert and professional knowledge here at GBO. They have many years of experience doing these steps correctly, cheaply and quickly.

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    Cryptocurrency online casino solutions


    The essential part of crypto gambling operations is providing a gambling platform that handles cryptocurrencies fully integrated with secure high-speed transaction and payment handling.

    The essential features must allow for:

    • Fully secure customer data ensuring player privacy
    • Full anonymity of transactions granted by a cryptocurrency
    • High-speed transactions for deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies
    • Allowing for multiple cryptos
    • Cater for multiple payment options, including the leading credit cards, wallets and other digital media, as well as conventional transfer media such as bank transfers and e-Checks
    • Ensure security for customers guaranteed by transactions channeled through reputable payment service providers.


    It would be best if you considered these options for a Cryptocurrency online casino solution:

    • A ready-to-go casino platform (a “white label” solution) that can be branded to look like your own unique casino. This is a rapid and easy path to getting your crypto casino up and running. However, it will be similar to other casinos in terms of what you offer the customers, because you are sharing this platform with many other casinos worldwide.
    • The alternative is a complete turnkey solution, done through consultants’ design, programming, testing and implementation. A turnkey package will completely match your specifications and provide customers with features they can’t find elsewhere. Because crypto gambling is relatively new, existing white label solutions mostly have only grafted crypto capabilities on top of their older technology, so there will be gaps in their packages. A turnkey solution with full crypto capability will be precisely what you need. It involves higher costs up front, but in the long run, it will give you a better solution that is less costly to maintain.

    Bitcoin Online Casino Licensing


    Because Bitcoin is the most popular and recognized medium of trade in the crypto world, it can make good business sense for new crypto gambling investors to start with a single offering of gambling on a licensed Bitcoin casino.

    Most countries do not yet regard Bitcoin as a currency, so licensing a casino that can handle Bitcoin can be done the same way as a regular casino. GBO has been offering complete turnkey packages for customers looking to set up casinos in the key locations of Curacao and Malta for nearly 15 years. You should let us take the necessary steps, and you can be up and running in just a few weeks.


    What does a crypto gambling license cost?


    Setting up an online crypto casino involves many steps. The crypto gaming license cost is just one of the many associated costs. It would help if you let GBO be your guide because we have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that you have the best possible solution.

    One of the main variables in the crypto casino license fee structure is the country in which you base the casino. The first choice you should make is to select a jurisdiction that issues recognized and acknowledged licenses. Gamblers are very wary of countries that allow unregulated gaming, because there is a long history of illegal and criminal organizations that disappear overnight, taking all of the players’ funds with them. This is primarily a risk for crypto casinos, because cryptocurrencies are totally untraceable.

    Crypto gaming license costs will include the formation of a corporation inside the licensing country, and the establishment of the required infrastructure, including a gambling software platform, payment services, banking and all the required personnel. Crypto casino license requirements dictate the presence of local directors, the identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners, and due compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) laws.

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