We, at GBO, will be able to assist you to obtain your Vanuatu broker license and form your company.


The Vanuatu Forex License: The Top Choice for International Forex Brokers and Fintech Entrepreneurs.


GBO specializes in providing B2B forex regulation and licensing services in Vanuatu. With a wealth of expertise spanning 15 years, GBO is well-versed in establishing intricate financial corporate structures, which encompass a range of components such as bank accounts, merchant accounts, and other essential elements.


The Vanuatu Forex License has emerged as one of the most sought-after licenses for international forex brokers and fintech entrepreneurs. It is widely regarded as the preferred option for companies and individuals venturing into the forex industry

We will help you obtain a Forex broker license

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    The Vanuatu FX Securities Dealers License provides a streamlined path to becoming a regulated FX & Securities dealer, while granting your clients direct access to your comprehensive product and service portfolio. As a licensed FX & Securities dealer, you can provide a wide range of services, such as Forex Services, Asset Management Services, Bonds, and Certificates of Deposit, among others.


    Vanuatu Forex license costs:

    The Vanuatu Securities Dealers Licenses is designed for companies engaging as market makers, providing clients with their own pricing and counter-trading their trades. This license mandates a minimum capital requirement of $50,000, with an application fee of $2,000. Additionally, there are annual fees of $5,000 to be paid on an ongoing basis.

    The cost is  $25,000 – 35,000 USD including company formation and license


    What do you need for a Vanuatu forex license?

    To obtain a Vanuatu forex license, certain documentation is required.

    1. Acertified copy of your passport
    2. A government-issued certificate verifying the absence of any criminal records,
    3. A declaration stating no history of bankruptcy,
    4. An original or certified copy of a bank reference letter, and a utility bill as proof of address.


    These documents are essential for the application process to ensure compliance with the necessary regulatory requirements.



    Different Categories of Vanuatu Business Licenses

    You have the option of applying for a Principal’s license or a Representative’s license in Vanuatu. Both licenses require the submission of basic applicant information. These licenses are issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), which operates under the Vanuatu Ministry of Finance. The primary goals of the Act governing these licenses are to regulate the issuance of Securities Dealer licenses and to impose penalties on individuals or entities engaged in securities trading without the proper authorization or engaging in fraudulent practices to induce investments.


    Legal regulations in Vanuatu provide a broad definition of Securities, allowing you to conduct business with:

    1. Shares in a corporation’s share capital.
    2. Debentures, debenture stock, loan stock, bonds, certificates of deposit, and other debt-creating and -acknowledging instruments issued by a corporation or a government agency, including debentures, debenture stock, loan stock, and more.
    3. Whether or not warrants are issued, the right to subscribe for shares or debt securities.
      Rights attached to a depositary receipt
    4. Options to acquire or sell any security covered by the Act Rights under contracts for the acquisition or sale of relevant securities, with delivery occurring at a future date and agreed-upon price.
    5. Foreign Exchange (FOREX) proceeds, precious metals, or commodities.


    Advantages of Obtaining a Vanuatu Securities Dealers License

    1. Obtaining a Securities Dealers license in Vanuatu offers several benefits, including:
    2. On behalf of clients, portfolio management for investments and securities trading (buying and selling).
    3. Offering bank-like services, Forex (FX) services, and commodity trading and brokerage services.
    4. Acceptance of international customers.
    5. A reasonable “entry fee” is payable to the government of Vanuatu for the license.
    6. Adaptability in the advertising of services and products as deemed suitable.


    The license can be applied for without having to travel to Vanuatu.


    Conditions for Obtaining a License

    To apply for the license, you must satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Development of an AML/CTF Manual for your organization.
    2. Adequacy of the business, including a business plan and three-year financial forecasts.
    3. Statutory and operational necessities, including company formation, website content, and operations control procedures.
    4. Payment of US$50,000 to the Vanuatu government Vanuatu Forex Brokerage License: Streamline Your Application


    Among forex brokers seeking offshore licenses, Vanuatu Forex Brokerage is gaining popularity. Due to its favorable environment, both established firms and startups view Vanuatu as an attractive jurisdiction for establishing a successful forex business.


    The benefits of obtaining a Vanuatu forex brokerage license include minimal ongoing obligations and requirements, tax efficiency, and a reasonable application process duration. In addition, Vanuatu imposes a lower capital requirement for foreign exchange companies, making it accessible to smaller businesses and startups.


    Why Select Vatuantu as your jurisdiction?

    The practice of conducting business through an offshore jurisdiction is on the rise, as it offers numerous benefits:

    1. Less restrictive regulations for buying, selling, trading, and storing client-owned assets and securities.
    2. More accommodating and flexible work environments.
    3. Zero percent tax rate on income and profits earned abroad.
    4. Knowledge of and aptitude for forex businesses.
    5. fewer paperwork compared to prior years

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