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    Vanuatu Gaming license

    The Vanuatu Gaming Control Board (VGCB) provides a robust online gaming licensing program for the South Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. This article intends to provide a comprehensive overview of obtaining an online gaming license in Vanuatu, including the regulatory framework, application process, and compliance requirements, as well as the advantages of selecting Vanuatu as a licensing jurisdiction.


    The Vanuatu Gaming Control Board (VGCB) is responsible for:

    The VGCB is responsible for issuing and regulating gaming licenses in Vanuatu. As a member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), the VGCB adheres to the IAGR’s Code of Conduct, which ensures the licensing process’s transparency and integrity.


    Eligibility and Application Process:

    he first step in applying for an online gaming license in Vanuatu is establishing a company within the jurisdiction. The company must have a paid-up capital of at least Vt10 million (approximately US$7,000) and appoint a local director and auditor. The application process includes submitting essential documents such as a completed application form, articles of incorporation, a certificate of incorporation, an auditor’s report, the curriculum vitae of the management team, a description of gaming products and services, and a marketing plan.


    Vanuatu gaming licensing requirements

    The VGCB imposes stringent licensing requirements and regulations to ensure the safety and fairness of online gambling operations. The requirements for licensed operators include maintaining a secure gaming platform, protecting player funds, preventing gambling by minors, and providing fair and transparent gaming. Regular audits are conducted by the VGCB to ensure compliance with these regulations.


    Decision and Licensing Timeline:

    The VGCB examines each application thoroughly and typically renders a determination within 60 days. The applicant will be granted a license to operate legally within Vanuatu’s jurisdiction if their application is approved.

    Vanuatu’s advantageous tax structure makes it an attractive location for online gaming operators. The country imposes no corporate tax, withholding tax, or value-added tax on gaming profits, fostering an environment conducive to business.


    Benefits of Vanuatu Online Gambling License Obtaining a Vanuatu online gambling license offers a number of benefits, including:

    1. The reputation of the VGCB as a reputable gaming regulator dedicated to ensuring fair and responsible gaming practices.
    2. Gaming profits are subject to no corporate tax, withholding tax, or value-added tax.
    3. Vanuatu has a burgeoning online gaming market with successful operators already present.
    4. Obtaining an online gaming license in Vanuatu through the VGCB provides operators with access to a growing online gaming market, a reputable licensing jurisdiction, and favorable tax benefits. Licensed operators can ensure the integrity, fairness, and security of their online gambling operations by adhering to stringent regulations and compliance requirements.
    5. Consultation with a qualified attorney or consultant with knowledge of Vanuatu’s regulatory framework is strongly advised if you are considering obtaining a license to operate an online gaming business.


    The government of Vanuatu has conducted research and analysis on online gambling, recognizing the potential benefits of locally regulated operations. They intend to attract reputable operators who can contribute to the legitimization of online gambling worldwide. To ensure integrity, Vanuatu has enacted a comprehensive legislative framework that includes checks for license applicants’ probity, competency, and finances, as well as audits of gaming systems. The tax rate on interactive gaming is set at a competitive and reasonable 2.5% of gross profit or 0.1% of turnover for fixed odds event wagering.


    The gaming market in Vanuatu review

    The gaming market in Vanuatu is expanding, with a number of reputable operators already present in the country. The Vanuatu Gaming Control Board (VGCB) is a reputable gaming regulator with a history of regulating the online gaming industry.


    Here are a few advantages of operating within the Vanuatu gaming industry:

    1. In Vanuatu, there is no corporate tax, withholding tax, or value-added tax imposed on gaming profits.
    2. The VGCB is a reputable gaming regulator with a long history of regulating the online gaming industry.
    3. Vanuatu has a growing market for online gaming, with a number of successful online gaming operators already operating in the nation.
    4. If you are considering entering the gaming industry in Vanuatu, there are a few things you should know. You must first acquire a gaming license from the VGCB. The application process can be completed online and is relatively simple. You will be able to offer your games to players in Vanuatu and around the world once you have obtained a gaming license.


    The VGCB requires all licensed operators to adhere to the following regulations:

    1. A secure gaming platform is required of the operator.
    2. The operator must safeguard player assets.
    3. The operator must prevent gambling by minors.
    4. The operator must offer honest and open gaming.
    5. Additionally, the VGCB conducts routine audits of licensed operators to ensure compliance with the rules.


    If you are interested in operating in the Vanuatu gaming industry, you can contact us for assistance with the application process.


    Here are some of the obstacles that must be overcome to operate in the Vanuatu gaming industry:

    • Given that the Vanuatu gaming industry is relatively young, the market’s future remains uncertain.
    • The VGCB is a relatively small organization, so it may not be able to offer operators as much assistance as larger gaming regulators.
    • As Vanuatu is a small nation, there is a limited supply of qualified gaming professionals.
    • Despite these obstacles, the gaming industry in Vanuatu is a growing market with significant potential. Vanuatu is a good option if you are looking for a jurisdiction with a favorable tax structure and a reputable gaming regulator.

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