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Dubai cryptocurrency exchanges are amongst the most affordable and effective routes for investors looking to establish a crypto exchange outside Europe. You should have Dubai high on your list when you are looking to choose the right country in which to set up a cryptocurrency exchange because, with a Dubai crypto exchange license, you are able to attract customers from countries all over the world.


Dubai is generally regarded as the finance capital of the Middle East and Near Asia region. The Dubai crypto exchange possibilities, in terms of the regulation and rules, legislative structure and availability of licenses, banking facilities and all the other necessary components for a crypto exchange put you ahead of most other options when you are looking to establish a vibrant and profitable cryptocurrency exchange in the region.


You can rely on GBO to assist you through the whole process when you are looking to set up a crypto exchange with a license from Dubai. We have the knowledge and experience to take you through the complete process, including setting up the proper corporate infrastructure for your new Dubai cryptocurrency exchange, filing all the required documentation, and obtaining a Dubai cryptocurrency exchange license.

With all this properly in place, you can start operating your Dubai cryptocurrency exchange quickly and safely. Visit our website today to find out more and get the procedure on the road.

We will help you obtain a crypto license in Dubai

    Why do we recommend Dubai as the country to license a cryptocurrency exchange?


    • Dubai is a leader in the world’s financial markets, with a reputation for a stable economy enjoying strong growth.
    • Dubai is the only Middle East country with official commercial crypto exchange
      authorization and state registration
    • Dubai has a dynamic and talented population dedicated to investment and innovation
    • Dubai offers a growth-oriented business environment, and favorable taxation rules for companies and investors
    • Dubai has set up a number of tax-free business zones suitable for crypto
      exchanges. In these zones, there is no corporate tax or tax on gaming winnings.

    The regulations regarding the setup of a cryptocurrency exchange in Dubai are straightforward. Dubai is a member of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is one of the most advanced economic markets in the world.


    With the help of GBO, you can establish a fully functional and authorized Dubai crypto exchange in just a few weeks, and at the lowest possible cost.


    Applicants for a Dubai crypto exchange license must meet all necessary Anti-terrorist Financing (ATF), Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules and the managers, directors and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) of the company must be able to prove their clean criminal records and financial reputation. They do not have to be Dubai citizens or residents.

    Dubai Trade-free Zones


    Dubai has set up many trade-free zones in which companies can register their offices and apply for cryptocurrency exchange licenses. The zones that are specifically suitable for setting up Dubai cryptocurrency exchanges are:

    • Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC)
    • Dubai Multi Commodities Center (DMCC)
    • Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA)
    • Dubai World Trade Centre Authority (DWTCA)

    Each free trade zone has its own purpose and setting up a Dubai cryptocurrency exchange in one of these zones must be done according to the regulations of the United Arab Emirates as a whole, and according to the specific rules and regulations for Dubai crypto exchanges in the zone. For example, inside the DIFC, a Dubai cryptocurrency exchange is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). It is the independent regulator of financial services conducted from or in the Dubai International Finance Center.


    Regulations for all Dubai Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the United Arab Emirates


    The FSRA regulates cryptocurrency exchanges in the UAE. Its main task is to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. Other authorities in the UAE that regulate Dubai crypto exchanges include the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

    In the Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA), the Dubai crypto exchange license is issued by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). The DAFZA Dubai crypto license permits the Dubai crypto exchange to swap fiat for cryptocurrencies, exchange cryptocurrencies, and offer wallet storage of assets, both in fiat and cryptocurrency. The exchange is allowed to operate as a classic cryptocurrency exchange, and generates its revenue from fees on trades on behalf of its customers, as well as services like wallets.

    GBO can help you set up a Dubai cryptocurrency exchange and obtain the Dubai crypto license. Our experience in assisting many clients in each step of navigating the Dubai crypto license requirements and securing the right Dubai crypto license for them will make all the difference in the speed and cost of your licensing. We have experience and knowledge of the requirements. You will be getting the best possible Dubai crypto wallet license cost in the quickest time.

    What are the features of the Dubai cryptocurrency exchange


    The Dubai crypto exchange license is different in each one of the free trade zones. For this reason, it is essential that you have professional guidance in every step of the process of setting up a Dubai crypto exchange. It would be best if you took advantage of GBO’s expert services to guide you through the steps.

    What must you know about Dubai crypto regulations and crypto license in Dubai?


    The Dubai crypto tax laws are different in each free trade zone. The final result on the taxation status of your Dubai cryptocurrency exchange will depend very much on which zone you select, how your company is formed, and on what services you offer. Let GBO share their knowledge with you before you make any mistakes.

    What steps must be taken in crypto company formation in Dubai


    Several sequential steps are involved, and the actual fees and charges depend on your circumstances and choices. GBO can prepare a complete and detailed plan for crypto company formation in Dubai that includes a quote for all associated fees and service costs.

    For a Dubai crypto exchange company to be eligible for a crypto license, it must conform to the following rules:

    • The company’s capitalization must be sufficient to sustain the operations of the average business for at least six months. The minimal paid-up issued shareholders capital is regulated by the free trade zones separately. Usually, it would be more than AED50,000 (about $15,000) to qualify as an owner of a Dubai crypto exchange license
    • The company must register with the Dubai government authorities as a Value-Added-tax (VAT), Anti-Money laundering (AML), and Anti-terrorist Financing (ATF)-compliant entity
    • Information about the Dubai company’s shareholders, managers and Ultimate Beneficial Owners must be supplied when registering the Dubai crypto exchange company
    • In Dubai, only the free zones that the FSDA has authorized can issue the Dubai Crypto Currency License to a company registered in Dubai
    • Shareholders and owners do not have to be citizens or residents in Dubai, but at least one manager must be a resident
    • The Dubai crypto exchange holding company must meet strict cybersecurity and data protection standards, conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification standards
    • IT management systems for customer information regarding cryptocurrency deals must be retained on local servers or cloud services with full disaster recovery and backup
    • Employees and companies providing information processing services must sign a Service Level Agreement preventing them from sharing data.



    Is crypto available in Dubai?

    There are no regulations about ownership of cryptocurrencies in Dubai. This means there are no restrictions on buying, holding or selling cryptocurrencies in Dubai. However, operating a Dubai cryptocurrency exchange offering services to customers requires a company holding an appropriate Dubai cryptocurrency exchange license.


    How do I get a Dubai cryptocurrency exchange license?


    The process of setting up a legal Dubai cryptocurrency exchange is highly regulated and complex. We advise you to make use of our expert services that can take you through every step in the shortest possible time and lowest possible cost. Contact GBO for more details and a complete quote.


    What are the available banking facilities for crypto exchanges in Dubai?


    Operating a Dubai Cryptocurrency Exchange is generally regarded by local banks as a high-risk business venture. Locating a bank that allows the opening of a bank account for such a company is not simple. Not every bank in Dubai is willing to undertake such activities. Under Dubai company ownership laws, buying an existing company that has established bank accounts is not possible. GBO has been dealing with banks all over UEA that are willing to work with Dubai cryptocurrency exchanges, and we are ready to offer the full range of our services for exchanges in Dubai for customers from all over the world.

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