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As experts in the Anjouan gambling license process, we offer unmatched expertise, guidance, and support to help you navigate the complex landscape of obtaining and maintaining a gaming license in this attractive jurisdiction.


Key Benefits to get the Anjouan Gaming License:

  1. Global Implementation: The license is applicable to companies based outside of Anjouan, offering flexibility in choosing the business location.
  2. Cost-Effective and Feasible: It provides a cost-effective and achievable solution for obtaining a gaming license.
  3. Similar to Curacao License: The Anjouan gaming license shares similarities with the Curacao license, making it a viable alternative for operators seeking a familiar regulatory framework.
  4. Recognized by Financial Institutions: The license is acknowledged and accepted by banks, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), financial institutions in Europe, and gaming Business-to-Business (B2B) companies.


With years of experience in the industry,  GBO Corporate Services has built a reputation for excellence in assisting clients with company formation, license application, and ongoing compliance. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the requirements and conditions of the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Act 2005, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for your business.

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    The Anjouan licensing procedure and process includes:

    1. Anjouan company formation (IBC)
    2. Gaming license
    3. Assistance with banking solutions and PSPs
    4. Documentation of the legal structure


    The Union of Comoros, an archipelago nation in the Indian Ocean, is a desirable location for entrepreneurs wishing to start online gaming businesses.The Anjouan Island, part of Comoros, offers a legal framework for various online gambling activities. This article intends to provide a comprehensive overview of the requirements and conditions for obtaining a gaming license in Anjouan.


    Prerequisites for Obtaining a Gambling License in the Anjouan, Comoros

    1. Formation of an Anjouan company/ Anjuan International Business Company IBC
      The first step in obtaining a gaming license from the Anjouan is the formation of an online betting or gaming company. The formation procedure requires submitting to Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd and the Gaming Board of Anjouan an application form specified in the Betting and Gaming Act of 2005, along with the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence documents.
    2. KYC and Due Diligence – Comprehensive background checks and due diligence are required for all beneficial owners, directors, managers, authorized signatories, shareholders/members of the entity, and agents with power of attorney. The process requires the submission of certified identification documents, proof of residence, original bank references, and certificates of morality (affidavits attesting to the absence of a criminal record).

    Ajouan Gaming License costs and fees

    Anjouan Gambling license prices maintenance annual fees

    Ongoing annual costs and prices Costs and fees EUR
    Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees 13300
    Annual Key Person Authorization fee (per Key Person). 2000
    Annual compliance and due diligence fees  
    (up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs)  
    Required as part of ongoing Corporate Governance, License application 1700
    Total Annual Maintenance Costs 17000
    Aditional services (optional) Costs and fees EUR
    Establishing a Company in Variuos jurisdictions to serve as License Holder  
      2150 - 9000
    2st year costs   2150 - 9000
    Establishing a Payment Agent Company in Cyprus including first  4700 - 5500
    Annual Nominee Director Service 5000
    Annual Nominee Shareholder Service 4000 - 5000
    Additional due diligence fees 500 - 1000

    Anjouan table prices explanations

    The Ajouan gaming license cost is around 17,000 EUR, which includes the Annual Anjouan Gaming License fees covering initial setup fees and the required ISP service for compliance backups. The issuance of the license typically takes around 2-3 weeks.


    In conjunction with the gaming license, there is an Annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization fee applicable per Key Person. Furthermore, as part of the Corporate Set Up, License application, and maintenance, there are Initial Annual compliance and due diligence fees that are necessary, taking into account up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs. In cases involving complex structures, additional due diligence fees may apply, ranging from €250 to €500 per subject. All of these factors contribute to the Total Initial costs for the licensing process


    Anjouan Gambling License terms and requirements

    License holders must adhere to a set of conditions to maintain their gaming licenses

    • Compliance with the 2005 Betting and Gaming Act: Licensees and their officers, employees, and agents must adhere to all statutory requirements.
    • Advertising: Licensees may advertise their interactive gaming services as they see fit, so long as they do not damage Anjouan’s reputation or promote gaming among minors.
    • Protection of Players: Licensees must establish and maintain procedures to identify players at risk of becoming compulsive gamblers and provide them with adequate information and assistance to access counseling or support organizations.
    • International Developments: Licensees are required to make reasonable efforts to keep abreast of international developments affecting the legality of global interactive gaming and to avoid offering interactive gaming services in jurisdictions where such activities are expressly prohibited.
    • Reporting: Licensees are required to submit periodic and formatted reports to the Gaming Board.
    • Financial Ratios: Licensees must meet the requirements for financial ratios established by the Gaming Board.
    • Anti-Money Laundering: Licensees must take all feasible measures to prevent criminals from using their services for money laundering. This includes adhering to Gaming Board procedures and appointing a senior staff member as the money laundering reporting officer.
    • Compliance Officer: Licensees are required to appoint a senior member of staff to serve as their compliance officer, who will report to the Gaming Board on gaming compliance matters.


    Anjoan gaming license-restricted countries

    Are there any countries where players are unable to access online gambling sites licensed in Anjouan?

    The Anjouan gaming license imposes restrictions on player access from specific countries. Operators holding an Anjouan license are prohibited from accepting players from the United States, France, Australia, the Netherlands, and Curacao. However, there is no additional oversight beyond the standard regulations for KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and CFT (Counter Financing of Terrorism) that apply to all registered online casinos worldwide. It is not the responsibility of Anjouan casinos to track players who register from neutral countries or access the website using VPN connections.


    The following markets are considered restricted/prohibited and forbidden by the license and must be GEO IP blocked:

    Austria, Belize, Comoros, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Statia, St. Martin, United Kingdom, USA, all FATF blacklisted countries, and or any other jurisdictions deemed prohibited by Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority. 

    The 2005 Anjouan Betting and Gaming Act

    The Betting and Gaming Act of 2005 legalized and regulated online gambling, including internet gaming, sports betting, casino games, lottery, and bingo. The Act established the Anjouan Betting and Gaming Board (ABGB), which regulates gambling on the island.


    Online betting and gaming licenses are only issued to companies based in Anjouan. These licenses allow companies to engage in a variety of online gambling promotions, operate under multiple brand names, and utilize multiple web addresses. If necessary, local nominee directors are acceptable, and an annual fee is charged. The server can be located anywhere in the world, and any bank can clear profits.


    Common Anjouan corporate legal structure

    Anjouan gaming license corporate structure example

    Betting and Gaming Law in Ajouan

    The Betting and Gaming Act of 2005 was enacted to legalize and regulate various forms of online gambling, such as computer internet gaming, horse or greyhound wagering, sportsbook wagering, casino, lottery, and bingo. The intent of the act was also to establish a Gaming Board and address related matters.


    The application form specified in the act, along with the Know Your Customer (KYC) and due diligence documents, must be used for the formation of an online betting or gaming company. Before granting the license, these documents must be submitted to the Anjouan Corporate Services Ltd and Gaming Board of Anjouan, who will evaluate the application, directors, and shareholders.


    a) Regarding Individuals:

    • A certified copy of a valid passport, driver’s license, or national identity card bearing the holder’s name, date and place of birth, nationality, signature, and date of issue/expiration, attested by a banker, lawyer, actuary, notary, or accountant with a recognized professional qualification.
    • An original utility bill, bank or credit card statement as proof of residence.


    (b) For Organizations/Partnerships:

    Certificate of incorporation or registration, as well as the memorandum and articles of association, constitution, deed of partnership, or Act de Société, as applicable, attested by a banker, lawyer, actuary, notary, or accountant with a recognized professional qualification.


    Anjouan gambling license advantages:

    Obtaining an Anjouan gambling license brings numerous benefits for operators, encompassing advantages related to the operation of a gambling company, corporate incentives, and fiscal benefits. Here are some of the key benefits associated with acquiring an Anjouan online gambling license.


    1. Quick and Cost-Effective: The process of obtaining an Anjouan license is notably swift compared to other gambling licensing jurisdictions worldwide. This, of course, relies on promptly submitting all required documents, ensuring their accuracy and validity. In some cases, the entire process can be completed in as little as 3-5 business days, excluding the time needed for document compilation. This makes Anjouan an ideal choice for entrepreneurs facing tight deadlines, allowing them to go live and generate profits swiftly.
    2. Easy and Hassle-Free The application process for a gambling license can often be overwhelming, involving extensive paperwork, application forms, and supporting documents that require significant time and financial resources. However, Anjouan stands out for its simplified process, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and making the application experience less burdensome for gaming license applicants.
    3. deal for Startups: For startups venturing into the online gambling industry, an Anjouan license proves to be the most sensible choice. It allows companies to test their concepts, build a client base, and reinvest funds without incurring exorbitant costs associated with applications, taxes, and fees. Furthermore, it supports holistic growth by enabling companies to diversify into other market segments, games, and areas without significant financial constraints.
    4. Comprehensive Licensing Coverage: Unlike certain jurisdictions that require separate licenses for different types of games, Anjouan’s gaming license covers all forms of iGaming activities under a single license. Whether it’s game providers, software developers and providers, operators, or games such as sports betting, online casinos, lotto, online poker, eSports, live games, scratch cards, or games of chance, Anjouan’s license encompasses them all. This offers cost-effective flexibility for gaming companies looking to diversify their portfolio of offerings in the future.
    5. Zero Gaming Tax: Operators holding an Anjouan gambling license are exempt from paying any tax on their gross gaming revenue (GGR). This zero gaming tax rate is significantly lower than that of many other jurisdictions, providing operators with favorable fiscal advantages.


    Anjouan Gaming License Requirements

    Requirements for Obtaining an Anjouan Gaming License If you decide that Anjouan is the ideal location for your gaming company, the next step is to familiarize yourself with the necessary licensing requirements.

    Establishing a gaming/online casino company in Anjouan

    Under the Global Business Firms Regulation 004 of 2005, if paperwork is systematically arranged in advance, an International Business Entity (IBE) can be set up within a day by one or multiple individuals. This establishment can be backed by either a guarantee, equity, or both. The IBE doesn’t need to physically operate within Anjouan and isn’t seen as an Anjouan tax resident. Furthermore, there’s no obligation for periodic disclosures. The approximate cost for initiating such an entity is close to 1000 EUR.


    Requirements for an IBE:

    • Any business registering in Anjouan must appoint a regional representative or an accredited agent. This agent, after obtaining clearance from the Anjouan Overseas Finance Directorate, undertakes relevant business activities.
    • The company must abstain from transacting with any local of Anjouan or within Anjouan itself.
    • Owning movable real estate within Anjouan is prohibited.


    Essential Documentation for Business Setup in Anjouan:

    • A directory of board members and primary stockholders possessing a minimum of 10% of the voting rights during shareholder gatherings.
    • An authenticated version of the Board’s decree permitting its executives or personnel to represent the firm.
    • Authenticated Articles of Association alongside a Memorandum of Association.
    • A genuine certified version of the latest yearly report or scrutinized fiscal documentation.
    • Confirmation of reputable standing.
    • An attested declaration by the agent or representative confirming adherence to the Global Business Firms Regulation 004 of 2005’s establishment prerequisites.

    Essential requirements include:

    • Periodic third-party assessments of gaming systems and software logs are a requirement for all license holders. RNG.
    • The holding license company need to implement strategies to shield vulnerable gamblers, including offering resources on counseling for those at risk.
    • License holders have the liberty to market their online gambling services as they deem appropriate, as long as it doesn’t tarnish Anjouan’s image, target minors, or exacerbate issues with vulnerable gamblers.
    • It’s imperative for Anjouan gambling license holders to ensure their software and hardware partners are credible and adhere to the set regulations.
    • License holders should stay updated with the evolving legal landscape in the countries they operate in and steer clear of regions where gambling is prohibited.
    • Any shifts in the primary ownership of the licensee or related entities holding a stake of 3% or more should be reported to us.
    • Punctual payment of all recurring fees is essential; failure to do so could lead to license suspension.



    How to Apply for an Anjouan Gaming License
    To obtain a gaming license from the Anjouan Gaming Commission, you are required to submit personal documents. Along with these, company documents are essential. You must adhere to due diligence procedures, provide evidence of your capital reserves, share your business strategy, and indicate the measures your company will take to address underage gambling, illicit e-gaming, and money laundering.


    What is the cost of an Anjouan gaming license?
    The Anjouan gaming license typically costs around 17,000 EUR, which includes various fees and charges. This amount covers the yearly Anjouan Gaming License fees, which take into account the initial setup costs as well as the ISP service required for compliance backups.


    What is the easiest country to get a gambling license?
    While there are certain criteria to fulfill, the bureaucratic procedures are minimal, making the application process for a gaming license more straightforward. Anjouan stands out as one of the most efficient and hassle-free jurisdictions to obtain a gaming license.


    How long is the gambling permit good for?
    The gambling license can be renewed annually and has a one-year validity period. The cost of subsequent renewals might increase.


    Is it difficult to obtain a gambling license in Anjouan?
    The difficulties depend on the applicant’s ability to meet all regulatory requirements and adhere to the prescribed procedures. Following predetermined procedures is essential for a smooth licensing process.


    What is covered by the Anjouan gambling license?
    This license gives businesses the authority to conduct gambling-related operations within the precincts of Anjouan. It is all-inclusive and supports all online gambling activities, including sports betting, bingo, poker, eSports, and more. Financial institutions in Europe, B2B service providers in the gambling industry, and international authorities all have high regard for the Anjouan Online Gambling License, which is universally recognized.


    How many directors or members are necessary for an Anjouan business?
    The minimum number of members or directors required by Anjouan law can vary depending on the type and legal structure of the company. It’s important to comply with the stated requirements.


    Is Anjouan an appropriate location to apply for a gambling license?
    Anjouan does indeed provide gambling licenses. It stands out as a top location for aspiring gamblers on a budget or those looking to affordably and safely test-drive a new gambling business.


    How does one become eligible to gamble in Anjouan?
    The establishment of a local organization and submission of an official application are prerequisites for receiving a gambling license in Anjouan. For the application to be approved, the applicant must adhere to the requirements set forth by the Anjouan government for gambling operations.


    What tax regulations apply to Anjouan businesses with gambling licenses?
    According to their operations and organizational structure, these companies may have different tax obligations.

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