GBO has a lot of experience working with the Kahnawake gaming license and has made a turnkey package that meets the needs and requirements of online gambling business owners.


The package has all the services a business needs to start up and run in Kahnawake, such as administration, licensing, meeting regulations, and financial planning. GBO can take care of all the behind-the-scenes work with this package, so business owners can focus on building their brand. The price of the package is very low compared to other places that issue licenses for online gambling.


Our Turn-Key Package for getting a Kahnawake Online Gaming License is based on our long-term experience with this licensing jurisdiction and is made to meet the needs and requirements of online gambling entrepreneurs. Our package includes everything you need to start and run an online gaming business with a Kahnawake license, such as administrative, licensing, regulatory, compliance, and financial services.

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    In addition to helping you with the application process and talking to the right people, our package gives you an offshore corporation and a European contracting company, in this case in Cyprus, for the best tax and legal situation. We also work with international payment and financial institutions that serve the online gambling industry, and we offer direct online gambling merchant accounts for accepting Visa and MasterCard payments at the best possible rates and bank accounts for Kahnawake companies.


    We also give you four hours of personalized advice to help you with any issues related to your offshore business, such as getting an offshore credit card or making sure your profits are as high as possible by making smart investments. We have different packages for different types of businesses, goals, and budgets, and we can change our services to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about our turn-key casino package and feel confident about starting your online gaming business.


    Kahnawake gaming license cost

    License renewal costs

    Those who have a Kahnawake gaming license and want to renew it get ongoing support. They help clients keep up with corporate matters, legal requirements, and license needs so they can focus on running their business. GBO also helps businesses make investments and grow by helping them get new licenses and make deals with payment and service providers. Their maintenance plans are a great deal, and the annual renewal fees in Kahnawake are much lower than in other places. Let GBO take care of your obligations and business matters so you have more time to work on your business.

    Kahnawake gaming license costs

      Service Costs
    1  Total Annual License fees including initial application, setup fees  
    2 Time for issuance 10-12 week  
    3 Collecting, collating, reviewing, and preparing application requirements  
    4 Annual compliance, due diligence, and KYC Fees  
      Total Initial first year costs $55,000

    Kahnawake gaming license renewal costs

      Ongoing annual costs and renewals  Costs
    1 Annual License fees  
    2 Annual compliance and due diligence fees  
      Total Annual Maintenance Costs $30,000

    Kahnawake gaming license requirements

    To get a Kahnawake gaming license, you must do the following:

    1. A filled-out application form and all of the required documents.
    2. A detailed business plan that explains how the online gaming business is going to work.
    3. A clear explanation of the platform and software that will be used.
    4. Proof that the company is financially stable, such as its financial history and projections for the future.
    5. A description of how the company makes sure that it is following the rules and regulations.
    6. A thorough background check and due diligence on all directors, officers, shareholders, and important employees.
    7. A detailed plan for the online gaming platform’s security, including information on protecting data, keeping player information safe, and making sure payments are processed securely.
    8. Payment of the right fees, such as an application fee, an annual renewal fee, and any other fees required by the government.

    To keep their license, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission also requires licensees to meet ongoing reporting, compliance, and monitoring requirements.


    About the Kahnawake Gaming Commission

    As one of the first places to get into interactive gaming, Kahnawake saw the opportunities it could bring. So, the Commission has been giving licenses and rules to a wide range of interactive gaming sites on a regular basis. With the passing of the Interactive Gaming Regulations on July 8, 1999, the Commission has been regulating the industry for longer than many other places around the world. In order to get a license from the Commission, online gaming companies must have their operations hosted at Mohawk Internet Technologies, a data center in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake that is run by Continent 8 Technologies.


    Gaming Commission of Kahnawake

    The main goal of the Commission is to protect people who play online games offered by people who have a license from the Commission. To do this, the Commission makes sure that online gaming is done in a fair, honest, and responsible way, and that players are treated fairly by the people who run the games. This means making sure players get their winnings quickly and keeping their account information secret.


    Also, the Commission’s Regulations for Interactive Gaming include a number of ways to protect minors and people who are vulnerable when it comes to gaming. For example, players can limit how much they play, and a family member or close friend can ask a court to stop a player’s bets from being accepted. The relationship between the operator and the player must be based on a contract with no unfair or unreasonable terms. Gaming sites must take steps to protect the privacy of their players’ information, and the rules of play must be clearly written in English and any other relevant language.


    When compared to other places, getting a gambling license in Kahnawake isn’t too expensive in terms of taxes and fees.


    Under its rules for Kahnawake Interactive Gaming, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission offers the following four types of licenses:

    1. Interactive Gaming Licence (“IGL”)
      1. Issued to an authorized Kahnake hosting facility. No more than one IGL may be issued at any given time. Mohawk Internet Technologies holds the only IGL issued by the Commission since 1999.
    2. Client Provider Authorization (CPA)
      1. Client Provider Authorization (“CPA”): Issued to approved entities that want to provide interactive gaming services from the hosting facility in Kahnawake. Authorized Client Provider (ACP) refers to the holder of a valid CPA. There is no limit on the number of CPAs that the Commission may issue. An ACP must be hosted at the facility that holds the IGL and may offer any type of interactive gaming, including casino, poker, and/or sportsbook.
    3. Key Person Licence (KPL)
      1. Key Person Licence (“KPL”): Issued to at least one person who performs managerial or operational functions for the entity that holds a CPA. The Commission views as confidential the information contained in KPLs.
    4. Casino Software Provider Authorization (“CSPA”)
      1. the holder of a valid CSPA is authorized to locate and operate interactive gaming equipment at the colocation facility that is owned and operated by the holder of a valid Interactive Gaming Licence; and to license casino software to a third party online gaming operator for use on the third party online gaming operator’s website, but is not authorized to offer interactive games directly to players.

    The Kahnawake license can be applied for in the following ways:

    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, also known as the KGC or gaming commission, is in charge of the licensing process for slot machines in Kahnawake. All authorized groups are chosen for a two-year term, so if the license is renewed and the documents are sent in again, a different group will check them. This method makes it less likely that the commission will do something wrong or show favoritism.


    Kahnawake slot machines

    There are a number of reasons why slot machines in Kahnawake need to be licensed. One reason is to show that the games are fair, whether they are played on a casino website or in a real casino. Another reason is to keep minors and people who might be prone to addiction from getting them. To protect both players and the casino, it’s also important to make sure privacy policies are followed and transactions are safe. Last but not least, having a license can make players who are financially stable more loyal. Since there are many online portals to choose from, a player is likely to choose the room where all the necessary certificates are posted.

    It is important to know that the gaming commission can both give out licenses and take them away. This means that the applicant must promise both the licenser and themselves that they will provide good service to players and follow all of Kahnawake’s rules and regulations for gambling.


    The Kahnawake lottery

    All electronic lotteries in Kahnawake are run by a piece of software called a “Random Number Generator” (RNG). The RNG lets the winner be chosen at random from the people who bought tickets. But, like any software, RNG can be changed or fixed to make it less likely that a player will win. So, if a casino wants to stay open for a long time without breaking the law, it has to buy a RNG certificate and then get permission for the lottery itself. You can talk to our experts about the rules for getting a license to run a lottery in Kahnawake.


    Kahnawake online casino

    The KGC is in charge of giving out four different kinds of certificates for casinos in Kahnawake. Non-residents who want to build an online portal with gambling content from CIS countries and other parts of the world need an Interactive Gaming license. The company may also be given a Client Provider Authorization (CPA), a Secondary Client Provider Authorization (Secondary CPA), a Key Person License (KPL), and/or a Poker Room License if it has physical locations, its own staff of game software developers, and runs large-scale gambling operations in different areas (PRL).


    The cost of getting a license to open a casino in Kahnawake depends on whether or not there is a legal entity in the area and whether or not offshore bank accounts have been opened. These services aren’t part of the price of registering certificates for a gambling business because they are extra. If you need more information about each type of certificate, the lawyers at our company can help.


    Bookmaker license in Kahnawake

    To get a license to be a bookmaker in Kahnawake, the applicant must pay a deposit of $25,000. This shows that they are serious about what they want to do. If the gambling commission doesn’t give a certificate, this amount is returned. Updates to Kahnawake’s laws, which were passed in 2010, gave people from inside and outside the country who work on building gambling structures even more rights and freedoms. Bookmakers pay less tax on their income, and there is no policy against double taxation.


    Advantages of a gaming license from Kahnawake

    Getting a Kahnawake gaming license from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission is good for both new and old online gambling businesses in many ways. Due to its many benefits, Kahnawake has become one of the best places for online casino businesses. Some of these are an easy and quick application process, protection and acceptance of players, low costs for small businesses, and no gaming tax.


    Getting a license from Kahnawake usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, and if everything is in order, it can take another 8 to 10 weeks to get it. When compared to other places, getting a license in Kahnawake requires less paperwork and proof than in other places. Holding a Kahnawake gambling license means that gambling is done in a fair and responsible way and that the business is reliable. The Commission takes complaints from users seriously and is committed to supervising and monitoring its licensees. This means that players are well protected. It’s also a good choice for startups and small businesses because the application fees are low.


    By getting a Kahnawake license, businesses can spend their money on growing and improving their business instead of paying taxes and fees.
    Getting a gambling license is a key step for anyone who wants to run an online gaming business legally. A Kahnawake online gaming license is a good choice with many advantages, such as the chance to work with well-known game developers and payment system providers. There are many ways to get a license in the area, and getting an online gaming license in Kahnawake has many benefits for operators.


    A Client Provider Authorization

    A Client Provider Authorization in Kahnawake is good for five years, which makes it a long-term solution. This license is also widely accepted and can be used in all markets except the US, which is a plus. It can also be changed to meet different needs, which is also a plus. But operators should be sure to follow the rules of their chosen market, including the laws about advertising.

    Kahnawake has relatively low license fees and no taxes, including a 0% corporate tax rate and no additional gaming tax. Also, it is a jurisdiction that encourages fair and responsible gaming, and players and payment service providers tend to trust it. Because of this, many people who want to start a gaming business choose it.



    Is Kahnawake Gaming Commission legal?
    Yes, the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake has given the Kahnawake Gaming Commission the power to license and regulate online gambling businesses that are located in its territory. The Commission has been around since 1996, and it has a strong reputation for making sure that the online gambling industry is fair and honest. Many reputable online gambling companies around the world recognize its rules and regulations.


    Who does the Kahnawake Gaming Commission answer to?
    The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is based in the First Nations reserve of Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Quebec, Canada.


    How much does a license to gamble in Kahnawake cost?
    Starting from 45,000 USD. The price of a gaming license in Kahnawake can change based on the type of license and the applicant’s needs. GBO is a company that helps people get gaming licenses. Their “turnkey” packages, which include the cost of the license, start at $22,500. But it’s important to know that depending on the specifics of the application and the ongoing maintenance of the license, there may be extra costs and fees.





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