GBO’s AUE company formation experts will assist you to incorporate you company and bank account in AUE


When you learn about the impressive economic developments in the UAE over the past few years, getting to understand just what has promoted this is more relevant than ever. Suppose you are thinking about shifting your operations to UAE to leverage some of these progressive reforms implemented by the government. In that case, it is essential that you fully understand how you can participate adequately and earn all of the benefits of an LLC company in UAE.


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    GBO’s AUE company formation experts will assist you to incorporate you company and bank account in AUE

    An LLC (limited liability company) is a popular business structure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


    Some of the benefits of an LLC company in the UAE include:

    • Limited liability: As the name suggests, an LLC offers limited liability protection to its owners, meaning that their personal assets are protected in the event that the business is sued or faces financial difficulties.
    • Flexibility: LLCs offer flexibility in terms of ownership and management, as they can be owned by one or more individuals or corporate entities and can be managed by the owners or by appointed managers.
    • Tax advantages: LLCs in the UAE are subject to a flat corporate income tax rate of 55%, which is significantly lower than the rates in many other countries.
    • Ease of formation: Forming an LLC in the UAE is relatively straightforward, with a clear process for registering the company and obtaining the necessary licenses and approvals.
    • Strong business environment: The UAE is a business-friendly environment with a well-developed infrastructure, making it an attractive location for setting up an LLC.
    • International connectivity: The UAE is a hub for international trade and has strong connections with other countries, making it a good location for businesses looking to expand their operations internationally.


    Overall, an LLC company in the UAE offers a range of benefits to businesses, including limited liability protection, flexibility, tax advantages, and a strong business environment. It is a good choice for many businesses looking to set up operations in the UAE.
    What are the main benefits of a limited liability company (LLC) in the UAE
    Many new conditions were introduced recently, like permitting complete foreign ownership of LLC entities and long-term visas for investors. With professional advice from experts in business company setup in the UAE, you can benefit appropriately from all of these new rules and will avoid unnecessary problems and roadblocks.


    These reforms changed the field of business setup in Dubai. Other investors have already benefited. Proof of this is that there was a tremendous inflow of foreign direct investments totaling nearly 400 new companies investing 4 billion euros in the first nine months of 2021. From statistics like this, you can see that this is the right time for company formation in Dubai as long as you do it correctly. The benefits of a limited liability company in the UAE can flow only to corporations set up the right way.


    New rules for visas

    Foreign investors, businessmen and skilled service professionals can now qualify for the long-term Golden visa, which grants residency for up to five years. In the past, the most extended period for foreign residents was two years. For anything longer, getting a UAE citizen to sponsor you was necessary. The same rules held for family members.


    Now, with a renewable Golden visa residency in the UAE, investors and skilled workers can also sponsor their own families. Make sure you get the proper visa for your own particular needs with the assistance of GBO’s business setup consultants in Dubai.


    The UAE has also introduced a business entry permit for first-time investors seeking business opportunities. This special visa doesn’t require a host or sponsor. Let us here at GBO obtain this permit for you, so you can come to Dubai and learn about the great investment opportunities available.
    Digital assets are coming to UAE free zones.


    The government of Dubai has recently passed new laws regulating the holding and trading of virtual assets. The new Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) can regulate business in cryptocurrencies and other such virtual assets. Suppose you plan to establish your company in Dubai to trade in cryptocurrencies. In that case, you will need an introduction to this aspect of business controlled by VARA, like issuing permits for virtual assets services. This is where using the expert services of GBO will smooth the whole path for you.


    The new start-up nation is now the UAE.

    The UAE has floated the Entrepreneurial Nation Project which promotes entrepreneurship. Its programmes and projects promote registering a Start-up or Small-Medium Enterprise business in Dubai with tremendous advantages for investors. The government supports UAE-based start-ups and SMEs with a 250 million euros fund that will operate in major sectors.




    How much does it cost to open a company in the UAE?

    The cost of registering a new company in the UAE depends a lot on which emirate you are selecting as your base. In some, a free zone company can cost between 5000 and 8000 euros. In comparison, a mainland corporation will cost 7,000 at a minimum, and probably much more to establish.


    Can a foreigner start a company in the UAE?

    Depending on the kind of business, your nationality, and the country of your parent company if you are opening a subsidiary, there are some Emirates that allow for 100% foreign ownership. In other cases, you may need to have a local resident as the sponsor, who must hold a majority stake (minimum 51%) in the company.


    How can I start a company in the UAE?

    We strongly advise getting professional help from consultants like GBO to take you step-by-step through the process. The key steps to starting a new company include:
    ● Selecting a legal entity (partnership, sole trader, LLC).
    ● Registering a name.
    ● Apply for the business licence.
    ● Applying for visas for yourself, any employees or family members
    ● Securing a virtual or shared office space.


    GBO is here to help you with all of these steps, to get approvals, get your licence and register your company.

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