Interest rate levels in percentages per annum
Since the financial crisis of 2008, banking interest rates for customer accounts have followed the steep decline in central banks’ prime lending rates. This is due to the policies followed by the major economies to flood the markets with cash in order to stimulate spending...
Open Banking B2B Guide
What is the meaning of Open Banking? Open banking can be defined as a common model in which banking data is shared between two or more independent parties through APIs to provide advanced capabilities to customers and service providers.   Open banking is also known...
Interview with Mantas Staliūnas, CEO of Verifo
Interview with: Mantas Staliūnas, CEO, Verifo Mantas Staliūnas (CFA) is a graduate of the prestigious University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. He worked in Bloomberg’s offices in London and Zurich, Pacific Private Bank, and joined Lewben Group in 2018. Since September 2019 he is...
Who Should Have Access to a Company Bank Account
Establishing effective business processes and controls over access to your bank accounts will help to ensure the smooth flow of financial activity, improve security, and generally improve your relationship with your banking service providers.   What is access? The term ‘access’ needs some explanation. With...
Digital Banking Marketing Strategy
The best way for digital banks to differentiate themselves in this highly competitive market is to have the right marketing strategy.   We can offer your company a complete range of Marketing and Public Relations services, with promotions, interviews, public exposure, posts on major internet...
Banking System Providers
Gartner defines a core banking system as a back-end system that processes daily banking transactions and posts updates to accounts and other financial records.   Lean more about Banking As a Service - 172 companies in our list   Core banking system providers working in...
New Banking Business Models 2021 / 2022
There are no hard-and-fast rules by which banking business models can be categorized.   Individual banks generally build their operations in a way that will let them earn the biggest possible return on investment within the boundaries set by their regulatory authorities. Thus, banks in...
What European Business Want From Their Banks
What European businesses want from their banks is getting the right banking services at the most reasonable cost.   Based on the factors that are specific to the customer’s own type of business, the most important thing is to match all of the available services...
digital money
How moving towards a cashless culture impacts Fintech banks
There is a movement in many countries into what is known as the digital wallet . It is replacing the old concept of 'hard money' in the form of notes and coins carried around inside a wallet or purse or saved inside the bank to...

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