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Curaçao has established itself as one of the most sought-after jurisdictions in which to obtain a license for e-gambling operations. The cost of a Curaçao gaming license compares very favorably to other equally regarded and reputable jurisdictions.


For companies, the added benefits are that Curaçao does not charge any  VAT,  has a low corporate income tax, and does not levy any tax on bets. Curaçao has a progressive legislative system with a long history of political stability. There are already established high quality telecom and internet facilities, and a well-established financial services industry. Taking all of this together, Curaçao is an extremely attractive environment for international online gaming companies to set up operations.


NOTE: There is strong anti-money-laundering legislation in force in Curaçao.

Find out how we can help you obtain Curacao Gaming License

    Curacao License Cost Table

    *All charges are estimates as at 30 January 2022. Contact us for current charges

    Why you should get the Curacao gaming license from us?

    • Hundreds of licenses already obtained for our customers
    • Just 2-3 weeks for the complete licensing process.
    • Low-cost, smooth and simple process.
    • We assist you with opening bank accounts & PSPs
    • You need just one license for all gaming activities

    Understanding the cost of a Curacao gambling licenses

    A master license permits the holder to run e-gaming operations and provides the ability to sell sub-licenses to other parties. Master licenses are only issued at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, and it has become extremely difficult to obtain a master license in Curaçao.


    A sub-license can be issued by the holder of a master license, and it offers the same rights to operate online gambling activities in a legitimate manner but is a single-instance license. A sub-licensee cannot sell additional sub-licenses to third parties.


    What kinds of online gambling is permitted with a license?

    The license allows for internet-based casino operations, including poker, roulette, sports betting, casino card games like Blackjack, slots, video games and lotto.


    What are the steps I need to take to get a Curaçao gambling license?

    Only companies registered in Curaçao can be approved as holders of a sub-license. Let our expert team at GBO take care of the necessary procedures to obtain the license, set up your company, payments and banking accounts. Read more about these requirements in our detailed articles on Banking, Screening. Payments, and Merchant Accounts specifically for Curacao gaming license operators.

    In order to apply for registration of a sub-license, a company must meet certain basic criteria:

    • Full compliance with Due Diligence and KYC procedures
    • Full identification of the company’s UBOs – Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)
    • Satisfactory references on UBOs
    • A detailed and transparent description of the games to be offered.


    The company can then register its sub-license and start to run internet gambling operations in Curaçao.


    How much does a Curaçao gaming license cost?

    Over the years, GBO has helped many of our customers to set up the necessary corporate, banking and payment handling infrastructure as well as purchasing a sub-license from a one of the holders of a master license. The price paid for the sub-license has varied, largely due to the levels of demand. In general, the price has ranged from approximately €15,000 to €20,000. Our team of experts are ready to update you with the likely costs – please contact us.


    What is the total cost of setting up a new Curaçao online casino?

    The total cost depends on the exact corporate structure but will be about €25,000

    Adding digital currencies to a Curacao e-gaming license

    A casino in Curacao does not have to apply for a different or additional license in order to start accepting wagers from customers in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, CBDCs or stable coins.

    This means that there is no specific Curacao crypto gaming license, and the gambling is not in any way different from all the other online casino activities.

    There are currently no restrictions on how digital currencies can be accepted and transacted with respect to a Curacao gaming crypto license. The Curaçao Gaming Control Board is the official gaming regulator in Curacao, and has no regulations concerning digital or crypto currencies. The Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) controls this. According to their website, there are currently no restrictions on conducting transactions with digital currencies. You should consult with GBO for up-to-date information about this.

    Curacao online payment system

    As well as getting the proper license, an essential step in running an online gaming operation in Curacao is to set up a complete payment processing system. It needs to efficiently provide smooth and straightforward processing of customers’ deposits, and guarantee those account holders that they will be able to withdraw quickly. Traditionally, online casinos catered for transfers in ordinary currencies like US dollars, UK sterling and euros. Now they have added digital currencies (bitcoin and others) to their range due to their advantages, including allowing players to remain anonymous, minimizing costs on transactions and rapid movement with the need for intermediary handlers.

    Curacao payment methods

    The payment system should at the very least cater for the following types of payment methods:

    • Credit cards & debit cards
    • Digital wallets
    • Bank transfers
    • Direct debit
    • Electronic checks (e-Checks)
    • Cryptocurrency

    Digital wallets store a customer’s money in a digital account, making it easier and cheaper for international payments, avoiding bank and exchange charges. Payment service providers (such as Paysafecard, PayPal, Skrill & Neteller) guarantee that payment is processed correctly and protected.

    Cryptocurrencies (digital currencies based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero) where the integrity of the token is protected by cryptography, making it impossible to counterfeit. The attraction for customers is complete anonymity and avoidance of conventional banking channels for transactions.

    Bank transfers (also known as wire transfers) are an old, slow and expensive way of moving funds between banks. Although most Curacao casinos still accept wire transfers, it may be discouraged because of the high level of charges in both directions

    e-Checks work in a similar way as traditional paper checks do, moving funds from the customer’s bank account to the casino, but shorten the clearance rate to a few seconds. They use automated clearing houses instead of the card networks, so fees can be much lower since there are no charges for e-check acceptance. Customers may prefer this method because it is a once-off transaction, without the need for card information online, which can be hacked.

    Curacao credit card payment

    Credit, prepaid and debit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club & American Express) are currently the most preferred online payment tools. They are directly connected to the customers’ bank accounts which means the movement of funds is coming straight from their bank through the card processing network.

    Curacao payments online

    The essential feature of a good online payment processing system are:

    • supports the payment methods that customers know and trust
    • provides localized interfaces for all languages and cultures in the target customer locales
    • caters for all devices and operating systems
    • optimizes their online gambling experience by providing secure and fast transactions
    • handles subscription and recurring payments easily
    • tracks payments
    • analyzes transaction history
    • interacts with your selected merchant account/payment service provider (PSP)
    • has advanced tools for analysis of revenue and profits.

    Before you decide on the payment processing system for your gaming operation, be sure to discuss the options with our team at GBO. We have more than ten years of experience setting up gaming businesses in Curacao.



    How do I get a gambling license in Curacao?

    To set up a Curacao online casino, you must first register a company and buy a sub-license. Our team of experts at GBO can help you take care of the necessary procedures to obtain the license, and set up your company, payments and banking accounts.

    How much does a Curacao gaming license cost?

    The Curacao Gaming Board does not issue or charge for gaming sub-licenses. To set up a casino operation in Curacao, you must purchase a sub-license from one of the existing Master License holders. The price of the sub-license is not fixed, but depends on the cost asked for by the master license holder.

    Where can a Curacao gambling license be used?

    The Curacao sub-license is valid only for operating a casino based in Curaçao that a local company wholly owns. We have over twelve years of experience and provide you with the full range of services for setting up the company and establishing the necessary payment processing and banking accounts. To find out more, consult with our experts here at GBO.

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