Strikingly, the current failure rate for startups is 90%. In other words, 9 out of 10 new companies entering any given market will fail.

The ones that remain share the secrets of success. The same is true for the iGaming industry. In this piece, we take a sneak peek into the challenges that make it hard to succeed in iGaming. We also will explore strategies allowing leading iGaming businesses to stay ahead of others. These strategies were forged with years of experience, and hundreds of obstacles overcome.


Five Key iGaming Challenges

The iGaming industry poses thrilling yet challenging obstacles for companies to navigate. Here are five notable challenges they face:

1. Regulatory Compliance Pressure

iGaming companies must keep up-to-date with international regulations to avoid penalties and damage to their reputation. The regulatory landscape constantly changes, so companies must stay informed and comply with the latest updates.


2. Technological Integration Difficulty

Integrating multiple payment systems and technological platforms is challenging for iGaming businesses. It requires dependable and scalable software solutions. The systems must manage high transaction volumes without downtime, which can be a significant technical challenge.


3. Market Penetration Barriers

When iGaming companies want to expand into new geographic markets, they face many challenges. They need to understand local consumer behavior and payment preferences and adapt to them. To be successful, they need to invest in market research and have a strategic approach to product localization. In most cases, it includes having a reliable payment provider as a strategic partner.


4. Security and Fraud Risks

To ensure safety in iGaming, it’s crucial to be aware of the risks of cyberattacks and fraud. Companies must invest in security technologies and protocols to protect user data and financial transactions. This requires continuous effort and dedication.


5. User Experience and Retention

Providing a great user experience is key in the iGaming industry, where customer loyalty is crucial. To keep players engaged and satisfied, iGaming platforms must be easy to use and responsive to customer needs. If they fail to meet these standards, players may switch to competitors. Therefore, user experience should be a top priority for retention.

PayDo’s financial solutions are designed to transform industry hurdles into growth and innovation, setting a new standard of excellence for iGaming financial services.


PayDo Solutions

In the competitive realm of iGaming, addressing the unique financial needs and challenges is vital for sustainability and growth. PayDo, with its comprehensive suite of solutions, demonstrates how an EMI can adapt and thrive by offering targeted services that cater to the specific demands of this dynamic sector. Here’s how PayDo stands out in addressing these key challenges:

1. Adapting to the iGaming Regulatory Framework

EMIs serving the iGaming industry must navigate complex regulations. PayDo excels in this area by adhering to rules, establishing trust with compliance protocols, and ensuring operational integrity in every transaction. Successful EMIs operating in the iGaming segment make sure they have relevant licenses and certifications. For instance, as an EMI and an MSB, PayDo is regulated by both the FCA and FINTRAC to make sure it can operate on a global scale.


2. Leveraging Technological Advances

EMIs must integrate state-of-the-art fintech solutions to meet the rising demands for fast, safe, and convenient financial services. PayDo unifies streamlined cross-border payments and proactive fraud prevention into one user-friendly dashboard. With a 1-click payments feature, PayDo makes it possible to process high volumes of high risk transactions in a matter of seconds.


3. Strategically Expanding Services

Diversification and strategic expansion are crucial for capturing new market segments. PayDo offers tailor-made services to meet the nuanced demands of the iGaming sector and expand market reach with versatile financial tools. With the outreach to over 170 countries, PayDo is able to tap into various local payment methods and make sure customers use the methods and currencies they are used to. This increases customer trust on a global scale.


4. Enhancing User Experience While Fortifying Security

PayDo prioritizes exceptional customer experience and iron-clad security. A user-friendly platform and rigorous security measures such as PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance and 3D-Secure technology are critical for customer satisfaction and safety.

Security and trust go hand in hand. That is why PayDo is on a lookout for new ways to boost payment security while making handling finances as convenient as possible.


5. The Secret to PayDo Customer Retention

Exemplifying the strategic roadmap for EMI success, PayDo offers a spectrum of financial services designed for the iGaming community. PayDo delivers:

  • Business Account. Multicurrency IBANs are connected to nine payment schemes, facilitating transactions to more than 150 destinations with a single contract and dashboard.
  • PayDo Checkout. A secure solution with over 350 payment methods and sophisticated anti-fraud features, ensuring smooth and secure merchant-customer interactions.
  • Mass Payment Platforms. Efficient multicurrency mass payout capabilities via a unified Dashboard/API, streamlining the payout process for iGaming operators.



Success that lasts is achieved by those who can skillfully turn challenges into opportunities. Many new ventures struggle to survive, which shows that the path to success is full of obstacles that test even the most experienced players in the industry.

There are many challenges, from the regulatory tightrope that must be traversed with precision to the technological agility required to keep up with an industry that never sleeps. Companies face the daunting task of breaking into new markets, safeguarding their operations against security threats, and consistently delivering an experience that resonates with users with a world of options.

PayDo, attuned to these intricate demands, has positioned itself as an ally to the iGaming sector, delivering solutions that not only address but anticipate the needs of this vibrant industry. By offering robust and adaptive financial services, PayDo helps iGaming businesses navigate and excel amidst these industry challenges.

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