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E-gaming companies include online casinos, poker, draws, bingo, sports betting, lottery, skill games, crypto casinos and all other online companies operating on the internet with a gaming license. For these e-gambling businesses there are two basic “must-have” financial services:



Many banks lack knowledge of the online gaming industry and regulations so they are hesitant to open accounts for e-gaming companies. Financial institutions often impose strict requirements on e-gaming companies before allowing them to open accounts. Once you have managed to open online business bank account and merchant account for your e-gaming business your accounts will be screened and monitored daily by the banks.

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    E-Gaming Merchant Accounts

    E-gaming companies operating an online casino need a merchant account in order to accept payments from their players. As e-gaming operations are considered high risk they are often rejected by banks and instead owners have to work with a high risk payment processor that is familiar with the gaming industry and already provides gaming merchant services.


    With the ever increasing popularity of paid online gaming and the increased number of e-gaming companies the need for e-gaming payment processors to support the online gaming industry has also increased. It is vital for gaming businesses to have the right payment solutions for their customers.

    At GBO, we specialize in helping businesses find and open direct merchant accounts with some of the EU’s top acquiring banks. These payment processing companies will accept your online business regardless of whether the payments you need to process are domestic or international.

    Gaming Payment Processing Solutions

    To best serve their customers, gaming sites must provide a fast, secure and easy way to make payments.  Gaming payment processing solutions must accept credit cards and mobile payments. They should operate in multiple currencies and offer in-game payment support. There should be multiple user-friendly payment options and several language options. Payment processing solutions should reduce chargebacks. They should protect the gaming site and customers from fraud. With the right payment processing provider, sites can be efficient and mitigate risk.

    Gaming Payment Processing Services

    Not all payment processing services accept clients from the gaming industry. Gaming is considered high risk because of the heavy traffic, high transaction volume, vulnerability to fraudulent activity and chargebacks. Gaming websites have to use a service to process incoming bets and payouts to their players. Gaming payment processing services provide real-time identification of fraudulent transactions, and fast card payments from players around the world, in multiple currencies.

    Gambling Credit Card Processing

    Gambling credit card processing needs to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly and accept credit card payments from around the world in multiple currencies. Credit card processing needs to be secure and protect the gaming company and player from fraud. Most credit card processing services consider online gambling high risk and so the fees can be higher. Look for a credit card processing service that specializes in high risk merchants.

    Gambling Payment Processors

    Gambling payment processors should provide gaming sites with a smooth pay-in and pay-out process so players can pay for their gambling and receive their winnings easily. Payment processors can provide gambling sites with different payment methods, local payment solutions, recurring billing, and chargeback prevention plus integration with the largest gambling platforms. A reliable and user-friendly gambling payment processing system will encourage players to choose your gaming site.


    Online gambling with debit cards

    Most well-known card companies allow online gaming with debit card. Almost all online casinos and gambling sites allow players to make deposits and withdrawals with debit cards. Gaming online with a debit card allows you immediate access to cash. Gambling sites have no problem with players using debit cards rather than credit cards as it helps them limit rejected payments. Players paying by debit card have fraud protection because of the pin code and they are limited to spending only money they have.

    Online Gaming Merchant Account Services

    All Internet gaming sites need merchant account services to process payments. A merchant account for online gaming should include services such as credit card processing solutions; fast account approval; e-commerce and retail options; chargeback management tools; payment gateways; multiple payment solutions; fraud filters; intuitive compatibility and comprehensive customer support. To find a merchant bank account for your gaming business it is best to avoid the traditional banks and instead use the services of a company that specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. Although the processing fees and competitive rates tend to be higher with high-risk merchant accounts, they have the underwriting ability for online gaming merchant accounts as well as experience working with the gaming industry.

    Online Gaming Merchant Account Requirements

    The requirements for opening a merchant account for online gaming businesses include Articles of Incorporation; Certificate of Incumbency; a gaming license; copies of ID documents of all company owners, officers and beneficiaries as well as the completed application form. The payment processing provider may check whether your gambling site has a privacy policy page; a page of terms and conditions; contact details; the company name; Visa and MasterCard logos displayed on the website and a page outlining the deposit and refund policy of the website. To open a merchant account, you will also need to have a business bank account and divulge your financial history including your credit score, bank balance, unpaid bills, credit card processing history and your bank statements. The payment processing provider may require additional documents such as business forecasts and details of your business policies. The merchant account requirements many vary according to your jurisdiction and your type of business.

    What documentation do I need to open a Merchant services account?


    Financial statements and processing history


    The bank must review your business’ financial statements as well as performance such as monthly turnover, average sale amount, chargebacks history, geo-locations, the types of clients served and many other important factors. This enables them to see how successful your business has been at processing credit cards. If you are a start-up operation with no history, detailed projections of business plus far more details of ownership, capital sources etc. will be required.


    Legal documents


    In order for a merchant account processor to approve your account, they will require the business’ corporate documents as well as the business owner’s formal documentation.
    Some of the most commonly requested documents are:

    1. Incorporation Documents (including a Certificate of Incorporation)
    2. Memorandum of Association
    3. Casino license (if applicable)
    4. Certified details of the Board of Directors and Shareholders including proof of address confirming residence
    5. Certified registered address of the company
      Passports – certified true copy of original for officers, beneficiary owner, directors and shareholders
    6. Bank reference letter or letter of good standing in the name of shareholder or beneficiary owner
    7. Business plan

    Online Gaming Merchant Account Fees

    Online gaming merchant account costs vary according to the payment processing provider you use; your business; your credit history; your account requirements and your jurisdiction. Online gaming merchant account rates start with a set-up fee that can range from zero to a couple of thousand. Then there is a fee of about $1,000 ($500 each) for registering with Visa and MasterCard; this fee is paid annually. Some payment processors cover the cost of the initial registration but eventually, they will charge you for it. Once those initial payments are made you can then choose which pricing model you want for your merchant account. You could pay a fixed percentage plus a fixed per-transaction fee. Alternatively, there is a tiered price model where your provider charges according to how much risk is involved in each transaction.


    Some payment processing providers charge a variable percentage of the transaction plus a transaction fee. In addition, there are charges for various optional services like insurance coverage and security monitoring.


    The rates for gaming merchant accounts include an account fee; optional 3D secure; refund fee; retrieval and chargeback fee. There could also be a PCI compliance fee; a rolling reserve charge and charges for use of the payment processor’s gateway. If and when you decide to close your merchant account, you will be charged a termination fee.

    When a payment processing service opens a merchant account for an e-gaming business they have to consider all the potential risks. High-risk merchant processors will go to a great extent to learn the nature of a potential client before opening a merchant account for them. The high-risk merchant processor will thoroughly evaluate every possible risk factor of an e-gambling business before taking them on as a client.


    Why you should let GBO help you

    • GBO has 12 years in the gaming consultancy business
    • We guarantee a smooth and simple process
    • It’s a reliable full turnkey solution
    • No hassles for you
    • We allocate a dedicate professional account manager to you
    • We assist you with locating accepting banks & payment service providers.

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    Gambling merchant account

    To process the receipt of deposits from customers and payments back to them when they withdraw, a gaming site needs to use merchant account services by setting up a gambling merchant account. This creates a relationship between your online gambling operation and a merchant account services provider. This allows you to process transfers from credit or debit cards, as well as other forms of payment.

    For online gaming, the merchant account service needs to provide fast account approval, chargeback management, fraud detection, and customer support. The merchant account service must integrate with your chosen gaming payment gateway.

    Online gambling is regarded as a high-risk enterprise by conventional banks. You need to locate a service provider that specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. Let our team of specialists at GBO help. We have over a decade of experience setting up the whole infrastructure needed for successful e-gaming companies to operate.

    Online gaming merchant account

    To process payments between your customers and your gaming site, you need to have an online gaming merchant account. Many online gaming companies have trouble finding a merchant bank that will accept high-risk gaming operations, or opening an account in the country where they operate. With the help of GBO, you will be able to open an account with an offshore gaming merchant services provider.

    Gaming payment gateway

    Online gaming sites need fast, secure and simple ways to make their deposits and withdrawals. Your company provides this by connecting your system with a payment processing gateway that accepts credit cards and other payment methods that you allow. If your site allows gaming in multiple currencies, then the gaming payment gateway must handle these without requiring expensive currency exchanges. As well, the gaming payment gateway should support all of the languages that your gambling interface offers to players.

    The integration with your own gaming system needs to be fully automated, with transactions between you and the customers not requiring any manual intervention. This will reduce the risks of fraud both for you and for your customers. When you are looking for a payment gateway service that specializes in high risk companies, GBO has a full-service team that will make the selection easier, safer and cheaper.

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