We have a BINGO! Switching the Curacao gaming license to the Ajouan gaming license

  1. Client’s Vision: To obtain a new gaming license under his current company without changing the corporate structure.
  2. GBO’s Role: handled the licensing procedure and obtained the new gaming license in a fast, low cost and professional way.
  3. Strategic Licensing Solution: In the world of online casinos, the credibility of the license is paramount. Recognizing this, GBO steered the client towards the Anjouan gaming license. This license, known for its cost-effectiveness, also carried significant weight in terms of credibility and recognition.
  4. Main Activity: Online Bingo and online casino games
  5. Tailored Solutions: Recognizing the client’s unique needs, we charted a course that minimized disruptions.
  6. Speed and Precision: Our commitment to rapid execution ensured that the client could focus on their core operations without extended downtimes.


Key Success Factors:

    • Deep industry knowledge tailored to client’s vision.
    • Customized solutions addressing specific requirements.
    • Speedy execution without compromising on quality.
    • Leveraging strong partnerships across banking and technical domains.
    • Conclusion: GBO’s dedication to excellence turned a vision into a thriving online casino, now serving players globally.

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    The Problem: GBO received a special request from a dynamic client. Under the Curacao license, they operated a profitable gaming operation, but they were eager to switch to a different offshore gaming regulation. The overarching aim? a more tactical license positioning without the usual difficulties brought on by such a switch.


    GBO’s Expertise: With extensive industry knowledge, our team quickly determined the best course of action. We were aware that completely giving up the Curacao license and moving to a new country would be extremely difficult, requiring us to renegotiate contracts and establish new banking relationships.


    Strategic Recommendation: GBO suggested the Anjouan gambling license rather than a complete change. This license is not only comprehensive and reasonably priced, but it also closely resembles the current Curacao license. This allowed the client to make the most of both licenses’ advantages while still maintaining business continuity and minimizing disruptions.


    Maintaining the Current Structure: Recognizing the difficulties associated with a complete company switch, we advised the client to continue operating their Curacao company. We achieved a smooth transition by applying the new Anjouan license to the current business, avoiding the hassles of renegotiating contracts and forging new business connections.

    Quick and Effective Execution: In the gaming industry, time is of the essence. Due to GBO’s strategy, the process was completed in a matter of weeks, from the initial discussions to the actual license acquisition.

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