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Companies that are setting up a new enterprise to provide internet gaming services must be prepared to learn how to pass AML screening for a gaming business.


This requires gaming businesses to monitor whether their existing and new customers are listed in official websites detailing names of people who have been sanctioned, banned, are wanted for illegal activities, etc.


The main aspect of AML screening for a gaming business requires customers to undergo routine checks that are part of the central gaming authority’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

Companies are now required to demonstrate that they have taken appropriate steps to identify, assess, understand, and mitigate AML risk and construct their AML compliance procedures to counter any possible threats.

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    Use this convenient checklist that outlines the most important steps guiding you how to pass AML screening for a gaming business:

    • Know Your Customer – get a complete picture of the customer, including source of funds, and validate the source of information received from customers
    • Always tell the truth.
    • Allocate sufficient human resources to AML compliance.
    • Conduct an AML/ counter-terrorism financing (CTF) risk assessment and ensure that all policies mitigate the risks.
    • Have effective, clearly set out, and up to date AML policies.
    • Ensure that your procedures comply with the requirements in every jurisdiction in which you will be operating
    • Ensure staff have, and continue to receive, training on AML systems laws and regulations and know how to identify and deal with suspicious transactions and activities related to terrorist financing and money laundering.
    • Appoint and train nominated officers, giving them appropriate resources and authority to operate objectively and independently. This includes appointing a designated Money Laundering Reporting Officer as well as a designated key official who represents the gaming business in dealing with the gaming authority and performs a number of key responsibilities, including fraud management, Know Your Client, and Anti-Money Laundering procedures.
    • Have appropriate systems and controls for your specific gaming business typeץ
    • Conduct regular audits of your systems and controls and staff compliance with proceduresץ
    • In reporting, tell about all suppliers and clients and declare details of related companies and holdingsץ
    • Make records of customer interactions and transactions and have in place procedures to ensure the case is quickly reviewed where necessaryץ
    • Ensure that money laundering and terrorist financing risk is being managed at a senior level within your organization using KYC software solutions.

    It is essential that companies must keep accurate and current information regarding their beneficial ownership and to tell the truth about all relevant aspects of the license holders, business owners, and trustees.

    You must be sure that all shareholders are whitelisted – in other words, do themselves pass standard AML and KYC scrutiny. This also applies to trustees, who are required to disclose their status to obliged entities. All of these people must also declare on related companies and holdings.


    Companies must allocate and prioritize the appropriate resources to any potential threats detected and develop internal policies and procedures tailored to their specific requirements. The procedures and policies taken on as a result of the risk assessment must also consider customer, product, geography, and interface.

    To summarize, businesses providing gaming services inside the EU must comply with all regulations for Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, Obtain an online casino license and report to the relevant Gaming Authority.

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