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Interview with GBO experts: insights into Anjouan Gaming Licenses and regulation
Interview with: Gilad Oren, COO, GBO International Financial Services LTD Gilad's Linkedin   GBO is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs seeking to obtain online gaming licenses and...
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Interview with GBO experts: insights into Anjouan Gaming Licenses and regulation

Interview with: Gilad Oren, COO, GBO International Financial Services LTD Gilad's Linkedin   GBO is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs seeking to obtain online gaming licenses and companies in Anjouan, Comoros.   Welcome to this exclusive interview where we delve into the...

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How to get New Curacao Gaming License Cost in 2023 – Best price

GBO’s gaming experts will assist you in obtaining a Curacao Gaming License – WhatsApp us below a for price offer


Full legal package | company formation | bank accounts in Europe | Easy Process 🙂 We license all iGaming Products – online casinos, apps, sports betting, poker, lotteries, and bingo


  • Seasoned Player: GBO has been a trusted name in the gaming industry since 2009.
  • Understanding Challenges: We recognize the myriad decisions gaming entrepreneurs face.
  • Overwhelming Options: The market is filled with choices, which can be daunting.
  • Reliable Partner: GBO simplifies these choices, guiding businesses to success.
  • More than Just Tools: We provide customized solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Deep Industry Insight: When you contact GBO, you get solutions, not just answers.
  • Smooth Banking: With GBO, financial transactions for your gaming business are effortless.


Fresh updates as of 6.9.2023:

  1. Curacao Sub-licenses are to be renewed until the beginning of 2024.
  2. We will assist with obtaining licenses under the new regime, once the new regulation is announced.
  3. New jurisdiction alternative to Curacao – Anjouan eGaming License. For details: or WhatsApp us below.

GBO is a leading Curacao gaming service provider attending in conferences world-wide

Why you should get the Curacao gaming license from us?

  • Hundreds of licenses already obtained for our customers.
  • We are one the most reliable, recognize and experience company for gaming services.
  • Operating and serving clients from 2009.
  • Just 2-3 weeks for the complete licensing process.
  • Low-cost, smooth and simple process.
  • We assist you with opening business bank accounts & PSPs.

Find out how we can help you obtain Curacao Gaming License

WhatsApp us: +972504938469, email us:

    Curacao has established itself as one of the most sought-after jurisdictions in which to obtain a license for e-gambling operations. The cost of a Curacao gaming license compares very favorably to other equally regarded and reputable jurisdictions.

    For companies, the added benefits are that Curacao does not charge any  VAT,  has a low corporate income tax, and does not levy any tax on bets. Curaçao has a progressive legislative system with a long history of political stability. There are already established high quality telecom and internet facilities, and a well-established financial services industry. Taking all of this together, Curaçao is an extremely attractive environment for international online gaming companies to set up operations.

    NOTE: There is strong anti-money-laundering legislation in force in Curaçao.

    Curacao License Cost Table

    *All charges are estimates as at 30 January 2023. Contact us for current charges

    Last update 8.3.2023

    As part of the new gaming regulatory framework, companies applying for a new Curacao license will pay a reasonable application fee of €5,000 and a yearly license fee of €14,000. Additionally, they will need to appoint key employees to oversee anti-money laundering activities and responsible gambling policy, which is a positive step towards ensuring the integrity of the industry. The new regulation overhauling the licensing system in Curacao is set to enter into force in summer 2023, and GBO is excited to announce its upcoming implementation. The regulation will create a new independent regulatory body, the Curacao Gaming Authority, to replace the Curacao Gaming Control Board.


    The year and half transition period will provide existing licensees with a chance to express and register their interest in a new permit, ensuring continuity of their operations. The new authority will issue separate B2C and B2B licenses to new gambling operators, and existing licensees will have a chance to express and register their interest in a new permit.


    GBO is confident that these changes will enhance the regulatory framework in Curacao and provide greater transparency and oversight of the gambling industry. We look forward to supporting our clients in navigating this new regulatory environment and ensuring their continued success.

    Understanding the cost of a Curacao gambling licenses

    A master license permits the holder to run e-gaming operations and provides the ability to sell sub-licenses to other parties. Master licenses are only issued at the discretion of the Minister of Justice, and it has become extremely difficult to obtain a master license in Curaçao.


    A sub-license can be issued by the holder of a master license, and it offers the same rights to operate online gambling activities in a legitimate manner but is a single-instance license. A sub-licensee cannot sell additional sub-licenses to third parties.


    Last update 27.12.2023

    The Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) is the regulatory body responsible for issuing gaming licenses and overseeing the gaming industry in Curacao. In recent years, the GCB has made a number of changes to its licensing process and requirements in order to improve the transparency and integrity of the gaming industry in Curacao.


    Some of the key developments in the Curacao gaming industry include:

    • Enhanced due diligence: The GCB has implemented more stringent due diligence requirements for gaming license applicants, including enhanced background checks and increased transparency around the ownership and control of gaming businesses.
    • Improved customer protection: The GCB has implemented a number of measures to protect customers, including the introduction of a player protection policy and the establishment of a player protection fund.
    • Enhanced compliance: The GCB has implemented a range of measures to ensure compliance with international standards and best practices, including the adoption of a risk-based approach to regulation and the implementation of a compliance management system.
    • Greater collaboration with international regulators: The GCB has increased its collaboration with international regulatory bodies in order to improve the oversight and regulation of the gaming industry in Curacao.


    Overall, these developments have helped to improve the reputation and stability of the gaming industry in Curacao and have made it an increasingly attractive location for gaming businesses.

    What kinds of online gambling is permitted with a license?

    The license allows for internet-based casino operations, including poker, roulette, sports betting, casino card games like Blackjack, slots, video games and lotto.


    How do customers know you hold a valid Curacao gaming license?

    Once you have followed the steps we outlined in this document, and you have received confirmation that the license has been registered, you can add a special logo somewhere on your website that is a click-through to the official license validation website together with the URL of the site and it shows the status of that site.

    Curacao egaming license verification


    Your customers can then rest assured that your online gaming site is properly registered, that their funds are safe, that their privacy is being safeguarded under the prescribed KYC regulations, and that all the rules applicable to registered casinos in Curacao are being adhered to.


    How to get Curacao gaming license in 2023?

    1. Curacao company formation – A company applying for a Curacao gaming license must submit documentation that establishes its residence in Curacao, along with its good business standing and the credentials of its owners and managers.
    2. Submitting license documents and paperwork – These documents will be submitted on your behalf by GBO. Depending on your specific requirements there may be different requirements.
    3. Pay for the application fee and company formation.
    4. Wait a few weeks until license is ready
    5. GBO will advise you of the proper steps to be taken in every case.
    6. Open bank accounts, merchant accounts, payments processing, set up your website, prepare AML + procedures.

    Let our expert team at GBO take care of the necessary procedures to obtain the license, set up your company, payments and banking accounts. Read more about these requirements in our detailed articles on Banking, Screening. Payments, and Merchant Accounts specifically for Curacao gaming license operators.

    In order to apply for registration of a sub-license, a company must meet certain basic criteria:

    • Full compliance with Due Diligence and KYC procedures
    • Full identification of the company’s UBOs – Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)
    • Satisfactory references on UBOs
    • A detailed and transparent description of the games to be offered.


    The company can then register its sub-license and start to run internet gambling operations in Curacao. Only companies registered in Curacao can be approved as holders of a sub-license.


    How much does a Curaçao gaming license cost?

    Over the years, GBO has helped many of our customers to set up the necessary corporate, banking and payment handling infrastructure as well as purchasing a sub-license from a one of the holders of a master license. The price paid for the sub-license has varied, largely due to the levels of demand. In general, the price has ranged from approximately €15,000 to €20,000. Our team of experts are ready to update you with the likely costs – please contact us.


    What is the total cost of setting up a new Curaçao online casino?

    The total cost depends on the exact corporate structure but will be about €20,000 –  €25,000


    What are the corporate setup, recurring and renewal costs for companies operating a Curacao gaming license?

    Every company applying for a Curacao gaming license must submit documentation that establishes its domicile in Curacao, along with its good business standing. These documents will be submitted on your behalf by GBO in English. There may be different requirements depending on your specific requirements. GBO will advise you of the correct steps to be taken in every case.

    Proof of Identity Certified copies of the passport(s) of the company’s UBOs – Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) and other officers
    Proof of Address Recent utility bills not older than three months (Electricity, landline telephone, TV, Cable) or  Bank statement or Official government correspondence with company’s street address (not POB)
    Bank Reference letter On an official Bank letterhead, addressed to “To whom it may concern” and signed by a bank representative including their name and position.
    Professional Reference letter A reference letter from a registered Lawyer or Accountant with whom you have had a business relationship for at least 2 years. The letter must include their name and position in English and must be signed.
    Software agreements A list of all current Gaming software agreements, including supplier’s name and business address

    Your company is directly responsible for all charges relating to the production of these documents, including translation and notarization where required.

    Annual and recurrent charges

    Each year, the corporate and gaming licenses must be renewed. In the following table, we provide an estimate of the costs. There may be more annual charges depending on which additional services you require from GBO.

    These amounts are payable by the company directly.


    Company license renewal Lodged with the Curacao registrar 4000 – 6000
     Gaming sub-license renewal Payable to the Master license holder 10000 – 13000




    Adding digital currencies to a Curacao e-gaming license

    A casino in Curacao does not have to apply for a different or additional license in order to start accepting wagers from customers in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, CBDCs or stable coins. This means that there is no specific Curacao crypto gaming license, and the gambling is not in any way different from all the other online casino activities.

    There are currently no restrictions on how digital currencies can be accepted and transacted with respect to a Curacao gaming crypto license. The Curaçao Gaming Control Board is the official gaming regulator in Curacao, and has no regulations concerning digital or crypto currencies. The Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) controls this. According to their website, there are currently no restrictions on conducting transactions with digital currencies. You should consult with GBO for up-to-date information about this.


    Curacao online payment system

    As well as getting the proper license, an essential step in running an online gaming operation in Curacao is to set up a complete payment processing system. It needs to efficiently provide smooth and straightforward processing of customers’ deposits, and guarantee those account holders that they will be able to withdraw quickly. Traditionally, online casinos catered for transfers in ordinary currencies like US dollars, UK sterling and euros. Now they have added digital currencies (bitcoin and others) to their range due to their advantages, including allowing players to remain anonymous, minimizing costs on transactions and rapid movement with the need for intermediary handlers.


    Curacao payment methods

    The payment system should at the very least cater for the following types of payment methods:

    • Credit cards & debit cards
    • Digital wallets
    • Bank transfers
    • Direct debit
    • Electronic checks (e-Checks)
    • Cryptocurrency

    Digital wallets store a customer’s money in a digital account, making it easier and cheaper for international payments, avoiding bank and exchange charges. Payment service providers (such as Paysafecard, PayPal, Skrill & Neteller) guarantee that payment is processed correctly and protected.

    Cryptocurrencies (digital currencies based on blockchain technology, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero) where the integrity of the token is protected by cryptography, making it impossible to counterfeit. The attraction for customers is complete anonymity and avoidance of conventional banking channels for transactions.

    Bank transfers (also known as wire transfers) are an old, slow and expensive way of moving funds between banks. Although most Curacao casinos still accept wire transfers, it may be discouraged because of the high level of charges in both directions

    e-Checks work in a similar way as traditional paper checks do, moving funds from the customer’s bank account to the casino, but shorten the clearance rate to a few seconds. They use automated clearing houses instead of the card networks, so fees can be much lower since there are no charges for e-check acceptance. Customers may prefer this method because it is a once-off transaction, without the need for card information online, which can be hacked.


    Curacao credit card payment

    Credit, prepaid and debit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club & American Express) are currently the most preferred online payment tools. They are directly connected to the customers’ bank accounts which means the movement of funds is coming straight from their bank through the card processing network.


    Curacao payments online

    The essential feature of a good online payment processing system are:

    • supports the payment methods that customers know and trust
    • provides localized interfaces for all languages and cultures in the target customer locales
    • caters for all devices and operating systems
    • optimizes their online gambling experience by providing secure and fast transactions
    • handles subscription and recurring payments easily
    • tracks payments
    • analyzes transaction history
    • interacts with your selected merchant account/payment service provider (PSP)
    • has advanced tools for analysis of revenue and profits.

    Before you decide on the payment processing system for your gaming operation, be sure to discuss the options with our team at GBO. We have more than ten years of experience setting up gaming businesses in Curacao.


    Curacao is great for startups

    If you are considering investing your time, effort and money in the eGaming industry for the first time, Curacao is definitely the location where you should establish your first operation. The obvious benefits of starting in this jurisdiction are:

    • To get going with a full structure including a domiciled company, merchant bank accounts, payment services providers and everything else you need to qualify as a license holder can come out at less than €25,000
    • Corporate taxation rates on profits are very low – just 2% provided your company was set up correctly from the start
    • Because Curacao is a part of the Netherlands, you are able to home your parent company in a EU country, select EU banks and set up full IBAN payment processing accounts
    • Gaming platform vendors recognise the Curacao gaming license as fully legitimate, so you will be able to “white-lable” the best of the breed for your own operation. No need to spend a large amount up-front which would be the case if the vendors refused to sell to you
    • Players are familiar with the Curacao name and it has a high reputation of fairness and honesty, so they will respond positively to your marketing
    • Finally, and most importantly, you will have the expert and friendly services of GBO with you every step of the way from initial inquiry through to opening the doors to your first customer. GBO has done this dozens of times for highly satisfied start-up customers, and we are keen to do the same for you.



    How do I get a gambling license in Curacao?

    To set up a Curacao online casino, you must first register a company and buy a sub-license. Our team of experts at GBO can help you take care of the necessary procedures to obtain the license, and set up your company, payments and banking accounts.


    How much does a Curacao gaming license cost?

    The Curacao Gaming Board does not issue or charge for gaming sub-licenses. To set up a casino operation in Curacao, you must purchase a sub-license from one of the existing Master License holders. The price of the sub-license is not fixed, but depends on the cost asked for by the master license holder.


    Where can a Curacao gambling license be used?

    The Curacao sub-license is valid only for operating a casino based in Curaçao that a local company wholly owns. We have over twelve years of experience and provide you with the full range of services for setting up the company and establishing the necessary payment processing and banking accounts. To find out more, consult with our experts here at GBO.


    Why you need a Curacao gaming license for your online casino

    Although it may be possible to create a website that offers e-gaming options without going through the steps we have outlined to get the gambling license, it is not just illegal and risky, but it also carries many negative outcomes. Making such a decision simply to avoid the costs of getting a license is extremely short-sighted and in the end will yield no net benefit. The main disadvantages are:

    • Players have grown wary of gaming operators who don’t publicly prove that they are fully licensed, and are aware of the extreme danger they face when trusting their funds to such an operator. As well, no amount of marketing hype will convince them that they will not simply be cheated by games unfairly biased in favor of the casino
    • Merchant banks and payment service providers are very strict when it comes to offering their services to companies that aren’t fully licensed, and trying to run a casino without these services is futile
    • Owners, managers and operators of illegal gambling operations are personally liable for the consequences of their actions, and there is a high level of cooperation between government bodies and their police forces to crack-down on illegal gambling because of the way it can be exploited in money laundering and terrorist financing. It’s now not just a matter of fines and penalties, but can lead to substantial prison time if the authorities bring you before a judge
    • Vendors of quality gaming software platforms are reluctant to offer their products to unlicensed operators, because this can spill over into their general reputation. As well, most players recognise the format and styles of these well-known packages, and if your website is significantly different, it will set off alarms

    So, the costs of setting up a legal enterprise that is fully licensed in a recognised jurisdiction like Curacao are quite reasonable; the benefits it gives you in marketability and ease of operations are substantial, and all of this compares with the substantial risks you face of trying to do it without the license.

    Business Bank Accounts for Online Businesses

    GBO, a top-tier corporate service provider, specializes in business banking and European markets.


    Our experienced team is eager to help you find the perfect banking solution for your company. For business professionals, our knowledgeable team at GBO is committed to finding the ideal banking solution for your enterprise. By examining your unique needs, risks, and corporate structure, we partner with numerous European financial institutions to offer tailored solutions across various industries.

    Unique Offshore Bundle – Reach Us for Pricing!

    WhatsApp us: +972504938469, email us:


      Business Bank Accounts for Online Businesses and high risk compnaies

      A common problem faced by businesses trying to open a corporate account for their online business is the simple fact that offshore banks may not understand your business operations or the online industry you are in. Foreign banks and financial service suppliers are faced with so many applications from online companies that they often reject applications when the company structure seems complicated.

      For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use a global financial service provider that can look at your specific business and recommend the best bank for your purposes. The bank that best suits your business, and is likely to approve your application will be recommended to you. The financial service provider will work with you closely to open a private or business account with a reputable bank in a foreign jurisdiction. You will be guided through the onboarding process from beginning to end.

      Why are overseas business accounts recommended for online companies?

      Online businesses require specific financial services which local banks often cannot supply. Affiliates may need a local account to meet regulations or for convenience but for online businesses an overseas corporate account has several advantages.

      To open an overseas business bank account, you will need multiple documents including proof of identification; proof of address; company documents (e.g. certificate of incorporation) and a referral letter from an existing financial institution. In addition, the overseas bank may ask for any documents that it sees fit.


      Advantages of Overseas Business Accounts for Online Companies:

      •  Work from anywhere in the world with online banking
      • Have access to multiple payment methods
      • Hold multiple currencies in one account
        Company identity is kept confidential, only appearing on a few documents
      • An appointed nominee can increase privacy
      • Asset protection
      • Limited company liability
      • Pay lower fees
      • Gain higher liquidity
      • Gaming bank account
      • It is advisable to consult with a reputable global financial service provider in order to find the overseas bank that will offer your company all the financial services and products you require and the lowest rates.


      As part of the set-up process for any online business you will need to open a corporate bank account. Businesses that usually operate online include Forex, lottery, e-commerce, fashion, tourism, gaming, affiliates etc. Before opening a business account for your online enterprise you will need to register your business. Affiliate companies in particular might find it preferable to work with international financial service providers and open their corporate bank account in a foreign jurisdiction like Bulgaria, Mauritius, Poland, Latvia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Switzerland or Singapore. Thanks to advances in technology bank services now include features like online banking; mobile apps and 24/7 support which can be extremely useful if you have a business or branch operating from a foreign jurisdiction.


      Online businesses are thriving in the digital age, and entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to establish a presence in the virtual marketplace. Establishing a dependable banking solution is essential to running a successful online business. This article examines the distinctive requirements, risks, and services involved in opening a bank account for an online business.


      Unique Requirements for Online Businesses

      Accessibility to banking services is crucial for online businesses, which require a seamless online banking interface. Entrepreneurs should look for a bank with a user-friendly online banking platform that allows them to easily manage transactions and check account balances. Online businesses frequently cater to a global clientele, necessitating the availability of international payment options. A suitable bank should offer efficient international payment processing, including support for multiple currencies and a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, e-wallets, and wire transfers.


      During peak seasons or promotional campaigns, online businesses may experience a significant volume of transactions. A suitable bank must be able to manage these fluctuations without sacrificing service quality.


      Risks Involved in Online Business Banking

      • Cybersecurity Dangers: Cyberattacks are a constant risk for online businesses. To protect sensitive financial information, it is essential to choose a bank with robust security measures, such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and real-time fraud monitoring.
      • Compliance with Regulations: Online businesses must adhere to numerous international regulations, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) policies. To avoid possible legal issues, entrepreneurs should choose a bank that ensures compliance with these regulations.
      • Online businesses engaged in international transactions may be exposed to currency risks due to fluctuations in exchange rates. Entrepreneurs should consider forming a partnership with a bank that provides competitive exchange rates and currency hedging options to mitigate the effects of market fluctuations.
      • Financial Services for Online Companies
      • Merchant Services: For streamlined processing of online payments, online businesses should seek out banks that provide merchant services, such as payment gateways, virtual terminals, and point-of-sale (POS) systems.
      • Solutions for Cash Management Effective cash management is crucial for online businesses. Banks should offer a variety of services, such as sweep accounts, ACH transactions, and payroll management, to assist businesses in managing their cash flow effectively.
      • Credit and Loans for Businesses Having access to credit is essential for the growth and expansion of an online business. Entrepreneurs should select a bank that offers a variety of financing options, such as credit cards, term loans, and lines of credit, that are tailored to their specific needs.


      Opening a bank account for an online business necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the business’s specific needs, risks, and services. By considering the aforementioned factors, entrepreneurs can select a banking partner that aligns with their business objectives and assists them in navigating the dynamic online commerce landscape.

      Largest Banks In The World By Revenue and market cap 2022

      Our experienced team at GBO is dedicated to locating the best banking option for your company.


      We work with a wide network of European financial institutions to provide individualized solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors by analyzing their specific wants, needs, and risk profiles.



      If you need help to open a business account in Europe, feel free to contact us:

      WhatsApp : +972504938469, Email:

        An Analysis of the World’s Largest Banks by Market Cap


        The financial landscape is dominated by several of the world’s largest banks. These institutions have a significant impact on the global economy and the financial strategies of nations and businesses. This article examines the world’s largest banks based on market capitalization, a key indicator of a bank’s financial strength and stability.

        Market capitalization, or market cap, is a measure of a company’s size that is calculated by multiplying the number of outstanding shares by their current market price. By using market capitalization as a metric, we can determine the value that investors assign to these financial titans. Here is a list of the world’s largest banks according to their market capitalization.

        1. (United States) JPMorgan Chase & Co.
          JPMorgan Chase & Co., one of the largest and oldest financial institutions in the United States, is the world’s largest bank by market capitalization. JPMorgan Chase’s position as a global banking powerhouse has been solidified by its diverse array of financial services, which includes retail banking, investment banking, and asset management.
        2. Bank of America (United States), United States
          Bank of America is another American banking industry titan with a vast branch and ATM network. Bank of America, which provides services such as consumer banking, wealth management, and investment banking, is a formidable force among the world’s largest banks.
        3. China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) (China).
          In terms of total assets, ICBC is the largest bank in China and one of the largest banks worldwide. ICBC, which was founded in 1984, has expanded its global reach and now offers a vast array of financial services, including retail banking, corporate banking, and investment banking.
        4. United States’ Wells Fargo.
          Wells Fargo, headquartered in San Francisco, is another American behemoth with a lengthy history dating back to 1852. Despite recent controversies, Wells Fargo continues to be one of the world’s largest banks by market capitalization, offering services such as consumer banking, commercial banking, and wealth management.
        5. China’s China Construction Bank
          China Construction Bank is one of China’s four “big four” state-owned banks. With a vast network of branches and ATMs throughout China, it is a major player in the banking industry. It offers corporate banking, retail banking, and investment banking services.


        These five institutions represent some of the world’s most influential financial institutions. Their size and market capitalization attest to their stability and the trust placed in them by investors. While the list of the world’s largest banks is constantly evolving, these financial institutions continue to have a significant impact on the global economy. Their market capitalizations not only represent their financial strength, but also their enduring impact on the global financial markets. As the global banking industry evolves, these banks will continue to adapt and expand, thereby influencing the future of finance.


        What does the largest banks in the world by market capitalization mean?

        The phrase “largest banks in the world by market cap” refers to a ranking of banks based on their market capitalization, a measure of their financial size and stability. Capitalization on the market, or market cap, is the total market value of a company’s outstanding shares. It is determined by multiplying the number of outstanding shares by their current market value.


        By ranking banks based on their market capitalization, we can evaluate their relative size and financial strength relative to other banks. A higher market capitalization indicates a more valuable and stable bank, as it reflects investor confidence in the company’s future performance and prospects.


        What does it mean to be the world’s largest banks by assets?

        The largest banks in the world by assets refers to a ranking of banks based on their total assets, an additional indicator of their financial size and stability. The assets of a bank include, among other things, cash, loans, securities, and investments. By ranking banks by their total assets, we can evaluate their relative size and financial strength in comparison to other banks. A bank with a greater amount of assets is typically larger and more stable, as it has more resources to manage risks and support its operations. This metric is commonly used to compare the size and influence of global financial institutions.

        Ranking the largest banks in the world by revenue, of the top 10, 4 are from China, 3 from the USA and one each from Brazil, Spain and UK.


        Contact us for Business Bank account opening 


        Ranking largest banks in the world by assets measures the total of the share capital and accumulated profits belonging to the bank, without taking into account the money belonging to customers. Of the top 15 banks by total assets in the last full year reported which was 2019, the first 4 are all Chinese banks which are partly or totally government-owned. USA and Japan have 4 banks each, France has 2 and UK has one.

        List of TOP largest banks in the world

        While it is not possible yet to provide a list of the biggest banks in the world in 2021, the expected growth rate of bank revenue has been severely affected by the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of 2020, the projected annual growth rate for 2021 and 2022 was 6% per year. It remains uncertain what the actual rate for 2021 will be, but the likelihood of stability coming by 2022 should see that rate being achieved.


        There is not likely to be any change in the ranking of the top 10 largest banks in the world.


        Since there are no global measures for ranking of banks in the world, one accepted measure is to take the accepted list of banks classified as “too big to fail”. This terminology came into effect after the global banking crisis in 2008, and is now almost universally applied. These banks are labeled by authorities as systemically important financial institutions, due to the degree of influence they hold in global and domestic financial markets.

        1. It is not possible to provide comparative figures of the biggest investment banks in the world, since some are privately controlled operations, and others are wholly-owned subsidiaries of other institutions (eg. Bank of America Securities, Barclays Investment Bank etc.).
        2. In the ranking of the biggest investment banks in the world, of the top 20 investment banks, 8 are from the USA, including the top 5. Other countries with more than one are Switzerland with three, and Japan, France, UK and Canada with two each.
          Private banks provide services to large account super-wealthy clients. The measure of is total assets under management (AUM), and of the top 5 banks three are based in USA and two in Switzerland. The biggest private bank in the world is UBS Wealth Management.
        3. The biggest retail banks in the world banks are sometimes referred to as “bricks-and-mortar” or “street-level” banks, in that they have a physical presence of branch structures accessible to the public. Over the past decade, the degree of dependence on physical access rather than electronic access has largely reversed, but the traditional banks are still largely the major players in the world of retail banking.


        Of the ranking of the biggest banks in the world, with the top 30 retail banks ranked by market capitalization:

        • 9 are based in the USA
        • 6 in China
        • 3 in Canada
        • 2 each in Japan, UK and Australia
        • 1 each in Spain, France, Russia, India, Brazil and Holland.

        What is the largest bank in the world by market cap?

        Industrial and Commercial Bank Of China Ltd

        Top 20 biggest banks in the world (by Revenue)

        1. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China
        2. China Construction Bank, China
        3. Agricultural Bank of China, China
        4. Bank of China, China
        5. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan
        6. HSBC, UK
        7. JPMorgan Chase, USA
        8. Bank of America, USA
        9. BNP Paribas, France
        10. Crédit Agricole, France

        11. Japan Post Bank, Japan

        12. SMBC Group, Japan
        13. Citigroup Inc., USA
        14. Wells Fargo, USA
        15. Mizuho Financial Group, Japan
        16. Banco Santander, Spain
        17. Société Générale, France
        18. Barclays, UK
        19. Groupe BPCE, France
        20. Postal Savings Bank of China, China


        Want to know more about the best banks in the world? Click HERE

        How to get an Online Gaming License in 2023 – Best price

        Find out how we can help you obtain your online iGaming License             

        GBO is a leading gaming corporate services company in the gaming industry, specializing in turn-key solutions for gaming companies and gaming startups.

        Our services encompass everything that you need to start your igaming business including: company formation, gaming license, bank account setup, merchant account solutions, systems integration, and more.


        One of the two best and easiest countries to get an online gambling license in the market:

        1. Anjouan Gaming License – A new license regulation is starting to be more and more popular with gaming operators and has a good option for a Curacao license.
        2. The new Curacao gaming License – We will assist with obtaining licenses under the new regime, once the new regulation is announced at the beginning of 2024.


        Why choose GBO?

        1. Need B2B Gaming Help? Come to GBO: We have everything to make your gaming business better.
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          • Hundreds of licenses already obtained for our customers
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          • Low-cost, smooth and simple process.
          • We assist you with opening bank accounts & PSPs
          • You need just one license for all gaming activities

          Read in our Curacao Gaming License guide:

          1. You are here – How to get an online gaming license?
          2. Banking account requirements for online gaming businesses
          3. Curacao Gaming License costs and requirements
          4. How to set-up a gaming company and open an online casino business
          5. Online gambling license– How to keep the law and succeed at the same time?
          6. What licenses are necessary to run a gambling website?
          7. Online gambling jurisdictions and licensing authorities
          8. Why USD transfers are decreasing in Europe
          9. Where can you operate with a Curacao Gaming License?
          10. Recommended merchant accounts for online gaming businesses


          The first step in getting an online gaming license is to choose a jurisdiction where you will apply for your license. Getting your gaming license is one of the most important steps in setting up an online gaming business but there are many more components which you can read about in our guide to starting an online gaming business.

          Online gaming businesses can be extremely lucrative but it is also a sector that attracts those with corrupt intentions. Since online gaming became a booming industry it has become fraught with illegal, criminal and unethical elements. To counteract this situation online gaming businesses must now hold a license and meet certain regulations and standards in order to operate.

          The required licenses for starting an internet gambling business depend on several factors:

          • Where do you want to establish and license your gambling business – Depending on the jurisdiction where you want to incorporate and license your business you may need one or several licenses. For example, in Malta or Curacao one gambling license covers all forms of online gaming – lottery, bingo, casino, chance, skill, fantasy etc. In other jurisdictions gaming authorities require that for each game you offer on your website you get a separate license. For example, in the UK you may need to get three different licenses for one site.
          • Where will your players be from – In some jurisdictions you must get a license from the country where your players reside or from a limited number of other recognized jurisdictions. This may mean applying for a gambling license in several jurisdictions where your players are located. For example, only companies from select jurisdictions can operate gambling websites in the UK and in the US you need to apply for a license from the particular states where your customers reside.

          Cheap Offshore Gaming Licenses

          Registering online gaming businesses in offshore jurisdictions has many advantages. To apply for an online gaming license in an offshore jurisdiction there are specific requirements. Offshore online gaming licenses require many documents and details of the company’s directors and shareholders. In some offshore jurisdictions you may need the documents to be notarized. The documents need to be compiled and submitted to the relevant authorities who then complete due diligence and analyze the submitted documents before accepting or rejecting the application.  The application process is complex and time-consuming but it is a vital step in setting up a legal online gaming business. When choosing an offshore jurisdiction for your gaming license you should consider taxation and the cost of licensing.

          Cheap iGaming license is a legal permit issued by a regulatory body that allows a company to operate an online gambling or gaming business. The license ensures that the gaming operation is legitimate and meets certain standards of fairness, security, and responsible gaming.


          An iGaming license typically covers various types of online gambling, such as casino games, sports betting, poker, and bingo, among others. The requirements for obtaining an iGaming license vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of gaming activity. Some of the factors that are considered by regulatory bodies when issuing iGaming licenses include the operator’s financial stability, technical capabilities, anti-money laundering and fraud prevention measures, responsible gaming policies, and the background of the key personnel.


          Obtaining an iGaming license is a rigorous and time-consuming process that involves submitting detailed documentation, undergoing background checks, and demonstrating compliance with the regulatory requirements. However, having an iGaming license is essential for operating a legitimate and reputable online gambling business. It provides players with the confidence that they are playing on a fair and secure platform, and it allows operators to access payment processing services, advertising opportunities, and partnerships with other gaming companies.


          Cost of an iGaming License: Considerations and Factors

          Over the past few years, online gaming and gambling have gained popularity, which has fueled the growth of iGaming, or internet gaming. To operate legally, iGaming operators must have a license, and the cost of getting an iGaming license can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll look at the various aspects that affect the price of an iGaming license as well as the things that operators need to keep in mind.


          Cost of the Cheapest Gaming License: Various Factors

          The jurisdiction in which the operator plans to operate is one of the main variables that affect the price of an iGaming license. There are various regulatory bodies in various nations and regions, and each has its own standards and costs. Some countries, including Malta, Gibraltar, and the UK, are well known for their stringent regulatory policies and high licensing costs. Other jurisdictions, such as Curacao, Costa Rica, and Panama, offer more flexible and cost-effective licensing solutions.


          Type of License: The kind of license that is being applied for has an impact on how much an iGaming license will cost. For instance, operators might require different licenses for various forms of gaming, including bingo, poker, sports betting, and casino games. While some regulatory bodies require operators to submit separate applications for each activity-specific license, others offer a single license that covers multiple activities.


          Compliance Requirements: Obtaining and maintaining a cherap Gaming license depend greatly on compliance with regulatory requirements. Regulatory agencies frequently demand operators to adhere to stringent anti-money laundering policies, guidelines for responsible gaming, and technical requirements for the operation of online games. Continual reporting and monitoring requirements, security certifications, and third-party audits are just a few examples of the compliance requirements that can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the type of license.


          Company Size and Revenue: A company’s size and revenue can also affect how much an iGaming license costs. While some jurisdictions have a flat fee structure, others base their licensing fees on the company’s revenue. Larger businesses with higher revenues might have to pay more for their licenses because the regulatory body views them as posing a greater risk.


          The cheapest gaming license is defined by several factors, including the jurisdiction offering the license, the fees associated with obtaining and maintaining the license, and the ease of the application process. A low-cost gaming license typically has:

          1. Low initial application fees.
          2. Affordable ongoing license fees and taxes.
          3. A relatively simple and streamlined application process.
          4. Reasonable requirements for compliance and reporting.
          5. A reputable jurisdiction with a stable regulatory environment.


          Operator Considerations

          Operators should keep the following things in mind when estimating the cost of an iGaming license:

          Reputation and Trust: Although getting an iGaming license may be expensive, it is an investment that is necessary for running a reliable and legal online gambling operation. A gaming license gives customers the assurance that their transactions are safe and secure, which can increase customer loyalty and trust.


          Return on Investment: When deciding whether to invest in an iGaming license, operators should take this into account. Even though the price may be high, it may give you access to a regulated market, better options for processing payments, and bigger player bases, all of which can boost your earnings and profitability.

          Long-term Costs: Operators must also take into account the ongoing expenses of keeping an iGaming license. It can be expensive and time-consuming to comply with regulatory requirements, and failure to do so can result in hefty fines, expensive legal fees, and reputational harm for the company. Operators

          Why is an online gaming license necessary?

          • Being a licensed online gaming business shows players your commitment to a fair gaming policy.
          • Indicates transparency and so you have a better reputation in the eyes of the players.
          • Shows players the gaming site can be trusted and their private details are secure.
          • Promotes customer loyalty.
          • Being a legal, licensed online gaming company makes relations with the authorities straightforward.
          • Ability to set-up a gaming merchant account.


          Licensed online gaming businesses are regularly assessed and regulated. All of the most respected online gaming companies are licensed in one or more jurisdictions. Having a gaming license is important for your company’s standing and for the quality of the service you deliver.  A licensed online gaming company is unlikely to act illegally or unethically. Clients know that if they visit a licensed online gaming website they will get good service and be dealing with a gaming business that adheres to accepted standards and can be trusted. This of course contributes to the website’s success, as players feel safe gambling on the site and recommending the site to other.

          Gaming Websites Are Responsible for Blocking Players from Countries where Online Gambling is Prohibited

          Online gaming companies licensed in respected jurisdictions like the UK or Malta are required to take responsibility for restricting players from countries where online gaming is prohibited. As a licensed gaming company one of the requirements is to uphold the law and deny access to players from countries that do not allow online gambling. The licensing authority and the country where online gambling is prohibited can hold the gaming site liable and impose fines for not complying with this regulation. By not upholding this regulation the company, shareholders and directors are all breaking the law and liable to get their license revoked, especially in Europe and the USA.


          Some Gaming Sites Uphold These Restrictions While Others Find a Way Around Them

          Licensed gaming businesses can implement IT structures for preventing restricted players from accessing their websites. This is done by blocking specific IPs and locations. Other gambling websites get around these regulations by setting up corporate entities in blacklisted countries like Curacao and targeting players from restricted countries via these Curacao-based companies. It is preferable to uphold the rules and regulations and obtain the necessary licenses in order to run a respected and legal online gambling company.


          How much does an online gaming license cost?

          The price of an online gaming license from an offshore jurisdiction varies but to give you some idea, Curacao gaming licenses cost 20,000-25,000 Euro, and Kahnakae gaming license cost around 50000 USD. There are several factors that affect the price of an offshore online gaming license: the advisory fee which varies depending on the type and complexity of the business and the liquidity of the company owner’s personal resources.


          iGaming license research:

          Numerous industries, including the gambling industry, have undergone radical change as a result of the digital age. The popularity of online gaming has skyrocketed, and it now generates billions of dollars a year. But with this increase, it is critical to have oversight and regulation. The online gaming license is one of the important aspects of this oversight. Let’s explore the complex world of online gaming licenses, considering their value, benefits, and method of acquisition.


          Why do you need an iGaming License?

          Licenses for online gaming are necessary for a number of reasons, including:

          1. Trustworthiness: A license acts as a regulatory body’s seal of approval, informing players that the platform runs honestly and lawfully.
          2. Legal Operation: In many jurisdictions, it is against the law to operate an online casino or gaming platform without a license. A license guarantees that you are not breaking the law.
          3. Market Access: A lot of countries block unregulated gambling websites. A license guarantees that more people can access your platform.
          4. Banks and payment processors frequently turn down gambling businesses from unlicensed gaming platforms when it comes to financial transactions. A license guarantees efficient financial transactions for your company.


          Benefits of operating under a valid Gambling License

          Having a valid online gaming license has a number of benefits:

          1. Credibility and Reputation: Players are more inclined to believe in and use a platform that they are aware of as being licensed and regulated by a regulatory body.
          2. Defense from Legal Actions: A license serves as protection from possible legal action and hefty fines.
          3. Better Business Deals: Licensed platforms have access to top software developers, payment processors, and advertisers that they might not otherwise have.
          4. Increased Revenue: Platforms may be able to produce more money with more trust and access to bigger markets.


          Conditions for Getting a Gaming License

          Depending on the jurisdiction, the precise requirements can change, but some general standards include:

          1. Background Checks: To ensure no criminal histories, owners and key personnel must submit to thorough background checks.
          2. Financial Integrity: To guarantee that the platform can pay out winnings, it is frequently necessary to provide proof of the platform’s financial integrity.
          3. Software Fairness: Game software needs to be demonstrated to be fair, frequently necessitating certification from outside testing organizations.
          4. Data security: Platforms must take precautions to safeguard player and financial data.
          5. Gaming responsibly: Self-exclusion tools and policies are frequently required in order to promote responsible gaming.


          The steps involved in getting a gaming license

          Countries of Research: Licenses are not all created equal. It’s essential to conduct research and pick a jurisdiction that supports your company’s objectives.
          Documentation preparation Amass all necessary paperwork, such as business plans, financial statements, software certifications, and other things.
          Application Submission: After selecting a jurisdiction and assembling all required paperwork, submit your application along with the required fees.
          Review: Regulatory bodies will examine your application, run background checks, and assess the fairness of the software.
          If all conditions are satisfied and the review is successful, you will be issued a license to operate.

          Costs of an online gambling license

          Depending on the jurisdiction, the costs involved with obtaining an online gaming license can vary greatly. Costs can generally be divided into:

          1. An upfront fee is required when submitting an application.
          2. Licensing Fees: Costs related to the license’s actual issuance.
          3. Annual Fees: Ongoing costs to keep the license active.
          4. Costs associated with software testing and certification include testing and certification fees.
          5. Legal and consulting fees: It is frequently wise to enlist professionals to help you navigate the licensing process, but doing so comes at an additional cost.
          6. The real costs can be from 25000 EURto 300000 EUR- depending of the license jurisdictions.


          How to Conduct Market Research for an Online Gambling Business: Recognize the environment, your target market, and the competition.

          1. Select a Reputable Software Vendor: The software supporting your platform will have a significant impact on its quality.
          2. Get the Required License: As mentioned, this is a necessary step.
          3. Safe Payment Techniques: For your users, make sure there are several secure payment gateways.
          4. Design and User Experience: More players will sign up on a platform that is user-friendly and appealing.
          5. Marketing and Promotion: Once your platform is operational, attracting players will depend on the success of your marketing efforts.
            Despite the fact that the world of online gambling offers lucrative opportunities, it is risky to operate there without the necessary authorization. In addition to offering legal protection, a license also improves the platform’s standing and dependability. Entrepreneurs can thrive in the dynamic world of online gaming by understanding the complexities of the licensing process and its related benefits.




          Which countries are easiest to get a gambling license?

          This question is especially important for those who wish to launch an online gambling business. Consider the regulatory environment, costs, and application ease when choosing a jurisdiction. Some countries have easier procedures. Online gambling operators like Curacao for its affordable and fast licensing process. Its single license covers multiple online gambling activities, making it appealing. Costa Rica has another easy licensing process. Operators can get a data processing license to operate in the country without a gambling license.


          Gibraltar, with a strong track record and transparent licensing process, also makes gambling licenses easier. The well-regulated jurisdiction has strict requirements but reasonable fees. Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licensing is easy in EU member Malta. MGA applications are lengthy, but the industry respects them.


          In conclusion, when asking which countries are easiest to get gambling licenses, it’s important to research each jurisdiction’s requirements, reputation, and long-term stability. This will help your online gambling business succeed and avoid legal issues.

          How hard is it to get a gaming license?

          There are more than 50 countries and territories that presently allow companies to operate online gaming activities. The degrees of availability in terms of who can operate the casino websites differ greatly. Some only permit companies from inside the country, some, particularly in the EU Freezone, recognize other jurisdictions, and some are open to all.

          Another difference is whether single-license operations covering all possible gaming types are on offer, as in Malta gaming license and Curacao. The alternative is to purchase an individual license for each gambling type.


          How long does it take to get an online gaming license?

          In some quality jurisdictions that are attractive to gamers, like Curacao, it is possible to buy a sub-license from a fully authorized license holder, and be up and running within three weeks with our help. Many other countries make it difficult for foreign entities to purchase a license, with high costs, lengthy reviews of up to a year, and strict rules on corporate finance levels.


          How do I check my Curacao gaming license?

          In Curacao all e-gaming licensing is controlled by the Curacao Department of Justice. There are two types of licenses – Master license and Sub-license, but only sub-licenses are being issued at present. The Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) is responsible for issuing gaming sub-licenses to operators; service providers and software professionals in the e-gaming industry under the authority of the Curacao Gaming Commission, which is a highly respected jurisdiction in the e-gaming industry.

          Best High Risk Merchant Account in Europe 2023

          The GBO team will be happy to assist you to open High-Risk merchant account in Europe and in various countries worldwide throughout our wide network of banks, payment processors and financial institutions


          High Risk Merchant Account – With a merchant account the account holder receives a bundle of payment processing services including the necessary hardware and software for accepting card transactions. When a customer makes an online purchase from the merchant’s website – the payment gateway facilitates the accepting of the payment details and fraud checks – the funds arrive in the merchant account and when the payment is approved by the payment gateway they are sent to the merchant’s business bank account at an acquiring bank. Merchants have no control over a merchant account, it is simply a holding place for funds until the transaction is approved.

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            High-Risk Merchant Account Providers

            There are no strong guidelines for categorizing which account providers offer better services than their competition. The nature of the market is highly specialized so the offering is geared specifically towards the type of activity that is being offered by the customer. Although all are treated as high risk by the conventional banking services, there are in fact many differences between them and most of the merchant account providers we list below have specialized their offerings toward just a few sectors of the broader market.


            It’s also important to distinguish between high-risk companies and high-risk activities. High risk companies are ones that have a bad credit history, or perhaps have not been in business for long enough to have established sufficient history of good banking practice. Such companies are labeled by banks as high risk regardless of the type of business that they engage in. On the other hand, some types of business activities are labeled by the banks as high risk, even though the operating company may be sound, well managed and stable. These activities typically disturb the smooth automatic flow of transaction processing by the banks and so they cost the banks more that the fees they can collect. Examples are “high volume – low value” where hundreds of thousands of transactions have to be processed every hour or day, but the money value is very low, so that the fees the banks are collecting (based on value, not volume) are too small to justify the strain. Another example would be a service that generates too many cancellations and recalls (such as airline bookings), which may require some manual effort in order to credit the funds back into the purchaser’s credit card or bank account, additional customer complaints and enquiries etc.

            When choosing a good high risk merchant account provider, take into account whether they are familiar with the type of business you run, so that you can negotiate for appropriate fee levels.


            When assessing the degree of safety and reliability of the account providers listed below, we have tried to take into account as many relevant factors as possible, such as the age of the company, the range of services offered, any information we can gather about reliability and stability. However, we do not in any way endorse these companies or the offered services.

            Best high risk merchant account in Europe


            Headquarters in the Sweden, Stockholm

            Provides for: card acquiring services for all sized businesses in the EEA region. With a unique bundled package that includes a merchant account and business account, Intergiro provides faster settlements, and quick access to working capital.


            Caters for: gambling, gaming (both online gaming merchant accounts and online gaming payment gateways); cryptocurrency (enables cryptocurrency exchanges to accept payments on their websites through credit and debit cards. eCommerce card processing, international wire transfers and debit cards.


            Competitive advantages claimed: same day settlements, instant spending with your debit card, unified platform to manage both merchant and business account, high acceptance rate, and fast onboarding


            Located in UK


            Provides for: UK and EU merchants requiring payment gateways to accept credit card payments through their websites or through Virtual Terminal. Retail & Mainstream; eCommerce; High Volume Merchants; Mail Order / Phone Order; Domestic & International Sales; Subscription Based & Multi-Currency Sales


            Caters for: adult (digital content, downloads, subscriptions, escort, webcam, chat & dating); Gaming (gambling, online casino, sportsbook/betting, bingo, lottery & clubs, games of skill); Herbal (nutraceuticals, diet pills, vitamins, fitness & food supplements);


            Competitive advantages claimed: Located in UK means no Brexit issues.


            Located in London UK; Stockholm, Sweden


            Provides for: credit card transactions for small businesses in UK and EU, multiple payment gateways for recurring payments, payment links and buttons, hosted payment and server-to-server


            Caters for: CBD processing, MPOS and POS processing, cryptocurrency processing, eCommerce processing.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Located in UK means no Brexit issues.


            Offices located in Serbia

            Provides for: Gaming, forex, cryptocurrency, prepaid cards, bank wires


            Caters for: forex, gaming, cryptocurrency, dating, medical marijuana, pharmacy, replica, prepaid debit- cards, money & wire transfer

            High Risk Pay

            Located for business mainly in USA and Canada

            Provides for: range of international and offshore merchant accounts.


            Caters for: eCommerce, travel, eCigarette, startups and adult sectors.


            Competitive advantages claimed: BBB rating A+, CPO rating A
            Operating since 1997.

            EU Payments

            Located in Serbia.


            Provides for: gaming merchant, forex, cryptocurrency, dating, medical marijuana, pharmacy and replica merchant accounts; international wire transfers and prepaid debit cards.

            European Merchant Accounts

            Located in Riga, Latvia and Milan, Italy since 2015.


            Provides for: credit card transactions.


            Caters for: online gambling (Poker, Casino, Lottery); Online financial services (Loans, Debt services, forex, Binary Options); Adult entertainment; Online alcohol and tobacco shops; Online booking services (concerts/events, travels, hotels); Luxury (jewelry, fashion, beauty, watches); Affiliate marketing; Multilevel marketing (MLM) and Startups

            International Bank Services (IBS)

            Competitive advantages claimed: BBB and CPO rating A+

            Headquartered in UK (London) since 2011.


            Provides for: merchants in UK, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Ireland


            Caters for: online pharmacies, gaming and casino websites, sports books, electronic money, imitation products, bio-technology.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Offers some advantage for UK companies since it has no complications coming from Brexit.

            Host Merchant Services

            Located in USA with European services.


            Provides for: eCommerce business for offshore and international merchant accounts. Partners with a range of offshore acquiring banks.


            Caters for: High risk and high volume merchant accounts, lenient business legislation.


            Services include: Debt collection, adult novelties/ toys, E-cigarettes, E-Liquid, airlines, loan modification, some travel & timeshares, gambling and casinos, modeling agencies, pawn & vape shops, real estate, SEO services, vitamin and supplement sales


            Headquarters in US, offering Europe-wide merchant account services


            Provides for: secure payment gateway, simple API integration for major platforms, and flexible underwriting and risk management with relationships with numerous merchant banks.


            Caters for: dating sites, health supplements and airline booking.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Working for almost 15 years, specializing in card-not-present industry

            RISK Payments

            US based high-risk payment processor that offers flexible solutions for payment processing for high risk, high volume or hard to board merchants.


            Competitive advantages claimed: No application, setup, cancellation or early termination fees; Low rates for high risk processing;
            Fraud protection and transaction monitoring;
            Round the world bank relationships;
            Multiple global currencies accepted.


            International payment provider located in Russia, for the high risk industries providing B2B solutions for e-commerce companies, online retail businesses, and high-risk companies.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Complies with PCI DSS certification for high-level of data security.


            Caters for MOTO transactions; Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 credit cards processing methods determined by information required to process transaction;
            Recurring payments;
            Chargebacks management.


            Allows merchants to accept credit card payments on the site using checks and contactless methods.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Advanced fraud detection and prevention with customizable parameters including IP tracking, verification of transaction data, blacklisting of scammers, etc.


            Full-scale fraud and chargeback prevention tools like advanced anti-fraud solutions, unique system to predict and decrease chargebacks and fraudulent activities, uses third-party services and signals for more precise results across the system and professional case-to-case dispute management;
            A “buy” button allowing submission of an order that can be configured manually or use ready-made code;
            Customers can be invoiced by email, set up mailings and receive automatic notifications;
            Customers can customize recurring payments and connect the service of automatic updating of customer bank card data;
            Integration is possible using API, Hosted Payment Page, Virtual Terminal and plugins for all popular CMS.


            Latvia registered PSP that focuses on providing tailored solutions and features


            Competitive advantages claimed: Compliant with PCI DSS level 1 certification and assists merchants to become compliant with the standard;
            Offers both 3D and non-3D-secure transactions;
            Can help company with the registration and account opening processes;
            Offers a wide range of payment methods, including all major credit card brands worldwide, a number of alternative payment methods and global payment processing and automated billing solutions.


            Bucharest-based payment provider that specializes in high-risk businesses.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Instant Payments through Payment Links;
            Set of tools enabling start of processing payments immediately;
            Secure payment gateway powered by a API, easy to integrate and developer friendly;
            PCI DSS compliant platform connecting to payment providers or acquirers throughout Europe;
            User friendly transaction dashboard giving a complete overview of all important performance indicators;
            Real-time view over data – number of orders/transactions/live revenue monitoring;
            Allows for customization and templating;
            Certified by the National Bank of Romania;
            Governed and regulated by European law enforced by the National Bank;
            Principal member of Mastercard.


            Working for more than 10 years offering all types of payment processing features. Suitable for medium to large businesses, startups and companies that are looking for a high risk payment provider.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Smart recurring billing;
            Has up to 90% of chargeback cases resolved in merchants’ favor;
            Withdrawals can be made on a card of any bank in the world;
            Chargeback and fraud prevention solutions
            advanced reports and notifications;
            Multiple alternative payment methods allow customers to choose;
            Dynamic currency conversion including bitcoin.


            International payment service provider, founded in 2013.


            Competitive advantages claimed: No chargeback risks when using alternative payment methods;
            Covers over 200 local payment methods;
            Withdrawal any time via bank transfer;
            Mobile and SMS payments


            Works for various business types. Offers payment processing services in more than 170 countries. Operating since 2016.


            Competitive advantages claimed: PCI DSS level 1 compliant;
            Preinstalled fraud prevention software;
            Multiple payment methods;
            Withdrawal via PayPal, Qiwi, SEPA transfer, bank transfers, Visa/Mastercard, wallets, SWIFT, ACH;
            Able to accept payments for businesses that do not have a website;
            Can be connected within one business day using API, Hosted Payment Page, Server to Server;
            Currency conversion in real time.


            Located in three main offices: in Switzerland, Spain and Poland.


            Caters for: B2B recurring products/services and subscription-based shopping; eCommerce products; educational courses; High-Risk (online gaming, travel, booking and tickets, dating, adult content, regulated forex, regulated online casinos, high risk merchant banks.


            Excludes: Outbound-telemarketing, multi-level marketing money transfer, drugs and related, alcohol products, tobacco products, health & wellness products, eCigarettes, nutraceuticals.


            Competitive advantages claimed: Experience in payments, FinTech, AdTech and IT.

            High Risk Merchant Account:

            All online businesses need a merchant account in order to accept online card payments. If banks refuse to give them a regular merchant account, then the company can apply for a high risk merchant account. High risk merchant accounts perform the same function as a regular merchant account but because the bank is taking a higher risk they impose higher fees and charges as well as stricter contract conditions. With high risk merchant accounts, the bank may use risk management strategies like a rolling reserve, to protect the bank and the merchant from potential losses.


            Offshore High Risk Merchant Account Providers

            An offshore merchant bank account is one established for eCommerce companies in a non-resident country. Internet businesses with offshore merchant accounts can process payments made on their websites. Many ecommerce businesses, particularly those in high risk industries, find it difficult to open a merchant bank account in their country of residence. European banks tend to be conservative and apprehensive about opening accounts for internet businesses which often cannot produce the necessary documentation or proof of transaction history. The European banks inevitably label internet companies in certain high risk industries as high risk companies and are not interested in giving them an account. This can leave companies with no choice but to open an offshore merchant account. Offshore banks tend to be more lenient and discrete about accounts transferring funds across the globe. Offshore merchant accounts also enjoy the low tax in offshore jurisdictions. Ecommerce companies that often opt for offshore merchant accounts include gaming sites, electronic cash, travel website, biotechnology, adult entertainment, sportsbooks and online drugstores.


            A high risk merchant account is a type of payment processing service that is designed for businesses that are considered to be at a higher risk for credit card chargebacks, fraud, or other financial issues. These businesses may include online gambling, adult entertainment, multi-level marketing, pharmaceuticals, and other industries that are considered high risk due to the nature of their products or services.

            There are a number of merchant account providers that specialize in providing high risk merchant accounts to businesses that may have difficulty obtaining traditional merchant services. These providers typically charge higher fees and may have stricter underwriting requirements compared to traditional merchant account providers. However, they can also provide valuable support and assistance to businesses that are struggling to find payment processing solutions due to their high risk status.

            Some examples of high risk merchant account providers include Durango Merchant Services, EMB, and High Risk Solutions. It’s important to carefully research and compare different providers to find the one that best meets your business’s needs and budget.


            For businesses that are deemed to be high risk for a variety of reasons, such as having a high number of chargebacks, operating in a high risk industry, or having a bad credit history, a high risk merchant account is a type of credit card processing account is reserved. Online gambling, adult entertainment, timeshare resale, and travel agencies are a few examples of high risk sectors that could be taken into account for high risk merchant accounts in Europe. Other elements that could be taken into account when deciding if a company is high risk include its size, credit history, and the kinds of goods or services it provides.


            Which companies or industries considered to be high risk?

            Several different elements can affect whether a business or sector is regarded as high risk. The following are some of the more typical ones:

            1. High number of chargebacks: A high percentage of chargebacks, or cases when a client rejects a charge on their credit card and requests a refund, may be a sign that the business is more vulnerable to fraud or other financial hazards.
            2. Working in a high risk industry: Due to the nature of the goods or services they provide, the potential for fraud, or other financial concerns, several industries are deemed high risk by banks and other financial institutions. The resale of timeshares, adult entertainment, and internet gambling are a few examples of high risk sectors.
            3. Poor credit history: Financial institutions may view a company with a poor credit history as a higher risk due to the likelihood that it would default on loans or other financial obligations.
            4. High ticket items: Due to the possibility of fraud or chargebacks, businesses that sell high price items, such as luxury goods or expensive technology, may be thought of as carrying a higher risk.
            5. New or startup companies: Due to their lack of experience and potential for financial instability, new or startup companies may be viewed as carrying a higher risk.
            6. Business operations abroad: Due to the increased complexity and risk of fraud, companies that offer goods or services to clients in different countries may be deemed to be at higher risk.
            7. Gaming and gambling industries.
            8. Credit card to crypto payment gateways are an important development in the world of cryptocurrency, offering a convenient and accessible way for users to purchase cryptocurrency using their credit cards. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrency, these gateways are likely to become more mainstream, leading to a more widespread use of cryptocurrency in daily transactions.


            How high-risk payment gateway work?

            A sort of online payment processing service called a high risk payment gateway is created expressly to manage transactions from high risk merchants. Similar to other payment gateways, these ones enable retailers to take credit cards and other forms of electronic payment from their clients.


            The payment solution provider for online casinos handles a transaction when a customer makes a purchase on a merchant’s website and gets in touch with the customer’s bank to confirm the payment. The funds are sent from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account, less any fees or charges, if the payment is approved.


            A high risk payment gateway differs significantly from a standard payment gateway in that it is frequently more expensive due to the higher risk of fraud or chargebacks. High risk payment gateways could also have more stringent underwriting standards and ask for more information or paperwork from merchants in order to set up their accounts.


            What are the best merchant account providers in Europe?

            In Europe, there are numerous different merchant account providers who supply businesses with a variety of credit card processing and other payment services. Among the most well-known suppliers are:

            • Worldpay: Worldpay is a global provider of payment processing services. It provides a number of payment options, such as point-of-sale systems, e-commerce solutions, and credit card processing.
            • Adyen: Adyen is a provider of payment solutions, including point-of-sale systems, mobile payments, and credit card processing.
            • Stripe: Stripe is an online payment processing business that provides a variety of payment services, such as processing credit cards, accepting payments via mobile devices, and issuing invoices.
            • PayPal: PayPal is a well-known online payment processing business that provides a variety of payment services, such as processing credit cards, accepting payments via mobile devices, and issuing invoices.
            • Sage Pay: Sage Pay is a provider of payment processing services, including credit card processing, e-commerce solutions, and point-of-sale systems.
            • To select the one that best satisfies the requirements of your company, it is crucial to investigate and contrast several merchant account providers. When selecting a supplier, you should take into account elements like costs, client satisfaction, and the kinds of payment services provided.


            Due to the higher risks involved in processing payments for high risk firms, high risk merchant account providers may demand higher fees. Chargebacks are more likely to occur with high risk organizations, and these can be expensive for the merchant account provider. High risk firms can also need more compliance and fraud protection measures, which could raise the fees for the merchant account provider. In order to provide services to a high risk firm, the merchant account provider may need to assume additional financial risk, which could result in higher fees.


            Depending on a number of variables, including the type of business, the volume of transactions, and the degree of risk involved, the fees charged by merchant account providers can vary significantly. The following are some typical fees that merchant account providers may impose:

            1. Account setup costs: These are upfront costs associated with opening a new merchant account.
            2. Fees on a monthly basis: Many merchant account providers impose a fee on a monthly basis.
            3. Every time a consumer uses their credit or debit card to make a purchase, transaction fees are levied.
            4. Fees for processing chargebacks: If a consumer demands a refund after contesting a charge, the merchant account provider may levied a fee.
            5. Fees for fraud protection: In order to help stop illegal transactions, some merchant account providers may charge extra fees for fraud protection services.
            6. In order to locate the most affordable solution for your company, it’s critical to thoroughly evaluate the costs that a merchant account provider is charging and take into account how they compare to the prices charged by other providers.


            What do they offer high risk merchant accounts in Europe?

            High-risk merchant accounts are made for companies that work in sectors that are thought to be high-risk due to things like higher chargeback rates, possible legal problems, or regulatory scrutiny. High-risk merchant accounts are offered by several specialized providers and banks in Europe. Although the specific services may differ, some common features and benefits are as follows:

            Acceptance of high-risk companies: These suppliers focus specifically on high-risk sectors and are prepared to cooperate with companies that other suppliers might turn down.

            1. Multi-currency processing: High-risk merchant accounts in Europe frequently offer this feature, which can be very important for businesses doing business internationally.
            2. Integrating a merchant’s website or e-commerce platform with a secure payment gateway is simple thanks to the services that providers offer.
            3. Tools for preventing fraud: High-risk providers frequently provide sophisticated tools for preventing fraud to help merchants reduce chargebacks and safeguard their businesses from fraudulent transactions.
            4. Chargeback management: High-risk merchant accounts frequently include chargeback management services that aid retailers in successfully disputing and resolving chargebacks.
            5. Flexible terms: To meet the specific requirements of high-risk businesses, some high-risk merchant account providers offer flexible terms, including contract lengths and pricing structures.
            6. Customer support: To assist merchants in navigating the challenges of high-risk payment processing, high-risk providers typically provide specialized customer support.
            7. In order to maintain security and trust, high-risk providers make sure that their payment processing solutions comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


            What is considered a high-risk merchant account in Europe?

            A high-risk merchant account is a specific kind of payment processing account given to companies that operate in markets that are regarded as high-risk for a variety of reasons. Businesses may be deemed high-risk in Europe for the following reasons:

            1. High chargeback rates: Businesses in high chargeback rate industries are frequently viewed as high-risk because chargebacks can result in losses for banks and payment processors.
            2. Legal and regulatory issues: High-risk industries can be defined as those that are subject to significant legal restrictions, regulations, or potential legal issues.
            3. Reputational risk: High-risk industries may include those connected to contentious goods or services or those where there is a higher chance of customer complaints.
            4. Financial risk: High-risk industries may include those that have a higher chance of bankruptcy, financial instability, or significant revenue fluctuations.
            5. High fraud rates: High-risk industries can be defined as those that are particularly susceptible to fraudulent transactions or cyberattacks.


            Examples of sectors that are frequently viewed as high-risk in Europe include:

            1. Gaming and gambling online
            2. Adult amusement
            3. sales of cigarettes and e-cigarettes
            4. Trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets
            5. Online pharmacies and dietary supplements
            6. ticketing and travel services
            7. Direct selling and telemarketing
            8. Credit repair and debt collection
            9. sales of weapons and firearms
            10. high-end luxury items
            11. recurring payments for services


            How much does a high-risk merchant account in Europe cost the merchants?

            Depending on the provider, the nature of the business, and the specific services required, the price of a high-risk merchant account in Europe can change. However, compared to low-risk merchants, high-risk merchants typically pay higher fees. A high-risk merchant account may have additional fees that include:

            1. Setup fees: To open a high-risk merchant account, some providers charge a one-time setup fee. Depending on the provider and how difficult the setup process is, this can range from a few hundred to several thousand euros.
            2. Monthly charges: High-risk merchants might need to pay a monthly charge to access payment processing services and maintain their accounts. These charges may cost as much as €100 per month or up to €20.
            3. Transaction fees: Compared to low-risk merchants, high-risk merchants typically pay a higher per-transaction fee. Depending on the provider, transaction volume, and industry risk level, these fees may be as high as 6%.
            4. Chargeback fees are assessed for each chargeback that a customer initiates and may be higher for high-risk merchants. These costs per chargeback can range from €20 to €50 or more.
            5. A rolling reserve, or a portion of the merchant’s sales held by the payment processor as security, may be required by some high-risk merchant account providers. This reserve is typically held for a predetermined time period, typically between 3 and 6 months, and can range from 5% to 15% (or even more) of the merchant’s sales.
            6. Fees for using a physical terminal or a payment gateway for card processing may be charged to merchants. Depending on the provider and the precise services required, these costs may change.
            7. Fees for PCI compliance and other security-related activities: High-risk merchants might be expected to cover costs for upholding PCI DSS compliance or other security measures required by their sector.

            Do you Need a High Risk Merchant Account in Europe?

            If you have tried to open a European merchant account or take on a payment gateway for your online business and been rejected, then a high risk merchant account could be your answer. Most banks and payments providers today tend to reject new online businesses in high risk industries. These merchant account providers don’t want to take on new clients just to find that money comes into the company’s account and straight out again through chargebacks or refunds. This could put them in danger of penalties from their regulators and could even lead to the loss of their banking license.

            Is there Such a Thing as a Guaranteed Business Bank Accounts for High Risk Businesses?

            There are no guaranteed business bank accounts for businesses involved in high risk activities. It is not so simple t open business bank account to gaming company. The parameters that determine whether a business is considered high risk plus KYC and AML procedures may make it impossible for a business to find a bank willing to accept them as a customer. It is at the bank’s discretion and banks cannot divulge a customer’s risk assessment to the customer. With no guaranteed business bank account high risk businesses will often find offshore merchant accounts more easily obtained.

            Best High Risk Merchant Bank Accounts in Europe for eCommerce?

            Lucky for high risk internet companies there are excellent banks and financial institutions that provide high risk merchant accounts as well as payment gateways, payment processors, EMIs and merchant banks that are accustomed to working with high risk online companies. However, this comes with high rates and fees and stringent contract conditions. Some banks target high risk businesses that are desperate to be approved for a merchant account and deliberately offer them a high risk merchant account at exorbitant fees and conditions. This makes it difficult to find the right financial service provider for your company. Although it may take you longer to find the right high risk merchant account providers and you will have to agree to higher rates and fees you don’t need to settle for bad service or a bank that treats you with disdain.

            Why are there High Risk Merchant Accounts for Some Businesses?

            Each bank has policies that determine which business industries are considered too much of a risk to take on as customers. A business may be rejected by one bank but accepted by another, depending on the individual bank’s policy. Businesses classed as high risk can be refused a regular merchant account and have no choice but to open a high risk merchant account in order to facilitate accepting card payments on their website. The factors determining whether a business is high risk or not are often in flux and businesses that were considered low risk one year may find themselves considered high risk the next and need to find a specialized card processor.


            What is a high-risk payment processor?
            If a payment processor determines your business account is more likely to experience chargebacks, fraud, or a high number of returns, they may classify your merchant account as high-risk. It will be more difficult to locate a traditional bank or payment processing service provider the higher the risk.


            What is a high-risk payment gateway?
            A high-risk payment gateway is a payment gateway option for companies that pose a high level of risk to payment processing companies. This could be due to a higher than average percentage of chargebacks, a higher risk of fraud, or a few other factors that are outlined below.


            What is the best third party payment processor?
            Our top picks for the best payment gateways are Square (best if you also have a storefront), PayPal Payflow (best for doing everything in one place), Adyen (best for omnichannel), Helcim (best interchange-plus pricing for businesses of all sizes), and Stripe (best overall).


            How much does a high-risk merchant charge?

            Credit card processing rates for high-risk businesses are typically 0.5 to 1 percentage points higher than low-risk rates, which average between 3.49% and 3.95% per transaction plus a $0.25 transaction fee.


            Which payment methods are higher risk?
            Credit cards account for 42% of fraudulent transactions, followed by debit cards linked to checking accounts (39%), online banking (22%), and debit cards issued by peer-to-peer payment services (12%).


            R0000 high risk: What does that mean?
            In a payment context, the specific code “R0000” an error or decline code signifying a high-risk transaction.


            Which payment gateway is most widely used?
            PayPal is a platform for eCommerce payments that enables individuals and businesses to send and receive payments without disclosing personal or financial information. One of the best payment gateways, it instantly enables users to send or receive payments across the world using only their email address.


            What are three payment risks?
            Fraud, chargebacks, and card data security are the three biggest risks financial institutions face when accepting payments online.

            Opening a business bank account in Europe

            GBO is a leading corporate services company that provides comprehensive support to companies looking to open bank accounts.

            With extensive experience and a deep understanding of the banking industry, GBO is well-equipped to guide companies through the complex process of opening a bank account, from gathering the necessary documentation to negotiating the best terms and conditions. Whether a company is based in Europe or is a foreign company looking to expand into the region, GBO’s expert team is dedicated to helping companies establish a strong financial foundation for their operations. With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, GBO is the ideal partner for companies looking to open a bank account in Europe.

            We will assist you to open business bank account in Europe

            WhatsApp us: +972504938469, email us:

              All businesses need a corporate bank account in order to receive payments from customers; make payments to suppliers and track their finances. For online businesses it can be challenging to find a bank willing to take you on as a new client. Online businesses that often encounter difficulty when applying for a business account include gaming companies; online affiliate companies and ecommerce businesses in general. Although the process may be complex it is possible for online companies to find banks willing to offer them a business account. Bear in mind that requirements and policies differ from bank to bank and the process can be frustrating.

              Opening a business bank account in Europe for a European and foreign company

              The opening of a business bank account is a crucial step for businesses seeking to establish operations in Europe. The process of opening a business bank account can be complex and involve a variety of requirements and considerations, regardless of whether a company is based in Europe or a foreign company seeking to expand into the region. This study will investigate the procedure for opening a business bank account in Europe for both European and non-European businesses.


              Requirements of a business bank account for European companies:

              When opening a business bank account, European companies incorporated within the European Union (EU) are typically subject to fewer requirements than foreign companies. Among the most important requirements that European companies must meet are:

              1. Documents relating to business registration and incorporation.
              2. Documents of identification for business owners and authorized signatories.
              3. Address verification for the business and its owners.
              4. Details about the organization’s structure and ownership.
              5. An initial deposit or minimum balance requirement


              Requirements of a business bank account for foreign Companies:

              Foreign businesses seeking to open a business bank account in Europe may be subject to additional requirements not imposed on European businesses. Some of these prerequisites could include:

              1. Evidence of the company’s registration and incorporation in its home nation.
              2. Evidence of business operations in Europe.
              3. A local agent or representative who can represent the company in Europe.
              4. Additional documentation to demonstrate the company’s financial stability.


              Important Considerations for All Businesses:

              Regardless of whether a company is European or international, there are a number of important factors to consider when selecting a bank for a business bank account. These consist of:

              • Location:
                Different banks have different fees and charges for business accounts, so it is essential to compare them thoroughly before making a choice.
              • Businesses may have specific requirements for services such as online banking, check writing, or credit card processing; therefore, it is essential to select a bank that provides the necessary services and features.
              • Reputation and steadfastness: The safety and stability of a bank is a crucial factor, particularly for businesses that will be storing large sums of money in their accounts.


              By understanding the requirements and key considerations involved in opening a business bank account in Europe, businesses can make informed decisions about which bank to select and ensure that their finances are optimally managed. Whether a company is European or international, thorough research and preparation are required to ensure a successful process. Companies seeking to open a business bank account in Europe have numerous options, and by taking the time to find the right bank, they can establish a solid financial base for their operations in the region.

              Which business bank account in Europe is the best?

              The most important features of your business model can have a strong influence on what services the bank you choose must offer. Firstly, the spread of activities makes a huge difference. If you are dealing only with people and other businesses resident inside a single country, or in the case of the EU, inside the Euro bloc, then currencies are not a concern. In simple terms, the best business account should be offering most if not all of the following features:


              • Charges minimum or preferably no service fees, at least for a starting period of 12-18 months
              • Allows for linkages between accounts, so that deposit accounts can automatically be used to offset short-term overdrafts without invoking penalty rates
              • Does not impose limits on transaction volume
              • Gives full access to all aspects of the account at branches, online through mobile and computer apps, and ATMs

              What makes a good business bank account?

              Apply here for a Business Bank Account in Europe

              The things to consider when deciding what makes a good business bank account must start with the essential banking services you need to conduct every aspect of your business. This should cover the full range of transactions with customers, dealings with suppliers, payrolls, and accounting properly for all movements. Check also that the chosen bank can offer movement and accounting in all the possible currencies from international sources. If your business involves accepting credit card payments make sure you get full merchant services. As the business grows, when cash-flow management becomes an important strategy, the right bank account can help by allowing you to get paid faster, and holding onto cash longer. The right bank account  can help you get more out of your business!

              How many business bank accounts should I have?

              The decision of how many accounts, or even whether you should have multiple accounts, requires a balance between the pros and cons. On the plus side, multiple accounts help you to keep organized, by using the different bank accounts to serve various business needs. E.G. one account can handle incoming funds from customers, another to track routine business expenses, and a third to handle business credit card payments. Separate accounts like these can give you a clear picture of where you  stand in terms of day-to-day business as well as your long term goals.

              Over time, you may need additional financing and having a proven track record of managing your finances responsibly can help. Most lenders require disclosure of detailed records of your finances, so a full picture of healthy account management helps to establish your creditworthiness.

              If you have business credit card or debit card accounts, separating all tracking off into discrete accounts will keep them secure.

              On the other hand, the disadvantages are that multiple accounts require more management effort. You or someone in management must pay close attention to them all. If supervision becomes lax, there is risk of one or more accounts slipping into overdraft, where charges can be expensive. Although not every bank will do this, some may levy individual account fees on each one, rather than a ‘universal’ fee for the whole company. This is something that should be clarified when choosing the bank.b

              Which is the easiest bank to open a business account?

              Setting up a corporate account in a bank can be a complex process especially if you reside in a different country. Each country can have different and difficult procedures. The simplest approach, when choosing which is the easiest bank to open a business account in European countries, is to consider setting up a multi-currency business bank account with one of the many new EMI and Fintech services. Look for an account that enables multi-currency balances, fund transfers, IBAN account identification and making payments internationally. When standard banking services are offered, this makes the process of trading within European countries much simpler.

              Another thing worth considering is to engage with a reputable agent to handle the set-up process.

              With our knowledge and experience here at GBO, we have helped many customers navigate through the complexities of finding a suitable bank, ensuring that you can operate simply and effectively.

              Easiest countries to open a bank account

              There are some important features to check when you are looking to find the easiest country to open a bank account. Many countries only facilitate opening new accounts online to citizens or residents, and require special conditions for others. This makes a bank in the EU a particularly good option for the 550+ million people living there. You will automatically be able, as a resident, to open a new account online, giving you the option to open a bank account – personal and even a business – in any European Union country. This is a great feature for people looking to pay bills, transfer money or receive payments in Europe. 

              As an EU resident, the way to find the easiest European country to open a bank account is to look for the ones that already have the best accessibility in terms of overall on-line banking facilities. Probably the most important thing to look for is the general quality of network service, where high-speed connection is essential, backed up by 24/7/365 support. Of increasing importance is the quality of the bank’s mobile service, in terms of the range of features offered, the extent of network coverage, and the quality of the mobile applications.


              There generally is no difference inside the EU when you are looking to find the easiest countries to open a bank account. Banks cannot refuse to open a basic payment account for residents in any EU country regardless of where the bank is registered. This does not apply to other types of bank accounts, such as savings accounts, or if you already have a similar account with another bank in the same country. Such an account offers standard features such as making deposits, withdrawing cash and receiving and carrying out payments like direct debits and card purchases. Finding a bank that offers an overdraft or credit facility is a good plus.


              There are many different aspects that need to be investigated if you are looking to find the easiest country to open a business bank account in Europe. In the first case, there are three different types of banking entities: traditional banks, digital banks offering EMI and Fintech services that don’t have banking licenses, and licensed EMI/Fintech operators. One essential feature that differentiates between banks when it comes to choosing for a business account is whether the bank offers the full range of features, especially IBAN account identification, particularly focusing on whether sub-IBAN account identification is allowed. This feature simplifies money management for businesses tremendously.

              Points to Consider when Choosing an International Corporate Bank Account

              • What currencies can the account hold and transfer?
              • Can the account be used to send and receive transfers to the jurisdictions where your customers and suppliers are located?
              • What are the fees and charges that apply for the businesses account?
              • With your chosen account what level of customer service will be available to you?
              •  Can you access your corporate bank account remotely – is there mobile banking?
              • Can you have multiple signing rights for your chosen account?
              • Does the business account come with cards you can use to pay suppliers or employees?

              The best features of EMIs

              One of the best features being offered by some of the more advanced EMI financial services companies is to create a “virtual business bank account”, where the actual home country of the bank doesn’t affect how transactions happen. Multiple currency accounts and transparent money movement happens regardless of the incoming or outgoing currency or source, as if you have a local bank account in each case. This makes management of even the most complex business model much simpler. Here at GBO, we have worked with several of these advanced service providers and can help you find the most suitable home for your business and also assist you to obtain an e money license

              Choose Your Business Bank Account Well

              What can your bank do for you and what services and financial products are vital for your business? Decide on the must-have banking services you need and check that your chosen bank can supply you with these services; for example, will you be able to receive payments from the jurisdictions where your clients are located; will you need currency conversion, debit cards, multiple signature rights etc. You will need to pay some of your suppliers online or you may need an account where multiple company employees can make transfers. Do you need an account that can receive multiple currencies from international clients? What kind of business account will you need and does your chosen bank give you options? Before beginning the application process decide what you want from your bank.

              Processes Involved in Applying and Opening an International Business Bank Account

              Among the many documents you will be required to produce to open an international business bank account:

              • Articles of Association
              • List of shareholder and their details
              • List of directors and their details
              • Certificate of company registration
              • You may also need a business plan; details of your management staff and financial reports as well as any other document the bank sees fit to ask for.
              • Banks may ask you who your main customers and suppliers are; their locations; your monthly turnover; main currencies you intend to bank; physical street address of your company etc.

              It is important to find out what documents your bank requires for the onboarding process so that you don’t waste time and a trip to the bank just to discover you are missing one vital document. Ask exactly what the bank requires as each bank has its own policies and requirements for new business accounts.

              Opening an International Corporate Bank Account – Challenges, Options and Solutions

              Opening a business account is different to opening a personal account; starting from the onboarding process which is more complex and requires that you produce more documents. Opening an international business bank account is also very different from opening a local business account. Choose the bank that can supply you with all the services and financial products your company needs now and in the future. Find out in detail what documents are required for onboarding. Prepare your documents thoroughly before you apply for your new international online business account. If you want advice on choosing the best international corporate bank account for your business feel free to contact us.

              What Do I Need to Open a Business Bank Account?

              Each bank has its own policies and requirements for new business accounts. Ask exactly what
              the bank requires as the first step in the process. Generally, among the many documents you
              need to open a business bank account are:

                1. Articles of Association
                2. List of shareholder and their details
                3. List of directors and their details
                4. Certificate of company registration

              You may also need a business plan, with details of your management, staff and reports of any
              pre-existing trading and banking. If it is a new business with no trading history, the bank may
              require more information and documentation about the shareholders and senior executives,
              and details of their personal bank accounts and other business holdings. In general, the bank
              may see fit to ask for any other documents considered relevant.

              For existing businesses, the bank may require details of customers and suppliers, historical
              turnover, main currencies you intend to bank and the location of the company’s operations.
              Corporate bank account requirements are very different from opening a private account.
              Choose the bank that can supply you with all the services and financial products your company
              needs now and in the future, with a clear cost structure than will not escalate as the volume of
              transactions grows.

              Many banks offer “sweet” deals with low charges in the beginning to entice
              new business, but once the period of grace expires, the level of fees and charges can be
              inordinately high.

              Top 50 Banks In The World

              GBO, a renowned corporate service provider, is dedicated to offering exceptional banking solutions for global businesses and the European market.


              1. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect banking solution that aligns with your company’s requirements.
              2. At GBO, we understand that every business is unique, and we take the time to analyze your specific needs, risks, and corporate structure.
              3. With this valuable insight, we collaborate with a wide range of reputable European financial institutions to provide tailored banking solutions across diverse industries


              Lists of the top banks in the world will come up with differing names, depending on whether you use assets, revenue, market capitalization, size of customer base or any one of the many other reference points that can measure the relative sizes to grade them. As a result, these usually come up with different results. As well, some banks use reporting methods that have to conform with their own countries’ regulations and so use a different basis for reporting.

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