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Online Gambling is becoming super-profitable. We’re not talking about how players can make money gambling through the internet. That’s another world in which we don’t claim any special expertise or interest. In this article, we want to bring to our readers attention the explosion that there has been in countries that are now licensing legal e-gaming operations, and how many investors are climbing onto the wagon to get their share of the enormous revenues that are being generated.


Online gaming has been growing slowly as a business venture for a few decades, because opportunities were limited mainly by the limited number of jurisdictions in which it was legal to set up online gambling, and the relatively poor level of public trust in the honesty and integrity of the operators.


A few things have combined to make the e-gaming industries one of the hottest areas into which investors can start to move substantial funds from the overheated markets, and immediately start to see substantial profits with tremendous medium-term and long-term growth.

The first and most important aspect of the new market is the establishment of many high-quality locations in which it is completely legal to set up and operate online casino gambling and a wide range of other popular websites. In the table below, we have picked out the most attractive countries and territories from which online gaming services can be sold.

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Top Online Gaming Jurisdictions

The factors to be considered when choosing which jurisdiction will best suit your own preferences and requirements are explained in more detail below.



The general reputation of the country, the quality of the legislation that allows eGaming, the structure of the bodies that control the operations, and the confidence that gamblers will have that their betting activities will be secure and fairly monitored with access to official grievance claims mechanisms are all extremely important.


Model of operations

There is no central standard for online gaming operations. Most countries either charge a flat license fee plus corporate taxes (and some also VAT), or a percentage of gross gaming revenue (GGR), which is the operation’s net retention on all gambling bets minus payouts, or a hybrid model that combines both of these.


Gaming types allowed

Typically, online gambling operations offer the classical mix of table games like roulette, poker, blackjack, as well as electronic slots and games like bingo. Some countries have national Lotto monopolies and do not permit this type of gambling from private operators.


Geographic reach

This is one of the most important factors to consider. Although a country’s authority is issuing gambling licenses, it may be prohibited by law or treaty from allowing residents of specific countries from playing. It is the responsibility of the license holder, not the country, to ensure that players from the restricted jurisdictions are not allowed to gamble, and heavy penalties can be imposed, including closure of the operation and seizure of all assets.


License cost

Each country sets its own cost for issuing an online gambling license, and may also charge for renewal. For example, see our detailed information on the Curacao Gaming License costs.


Tax rate on gambling profit

Most countries charge a flat rate on retained gambling revenue, which is the difference between bets wagered and payouts. A few also charge a small percentage on all bets. This tax is separate from normal corporate profit tax.


Corporate structure

The various countries and territories have laws that control the structures, ownership and control of the operators of the holders of the online gaming license, as well as the infrastructure.


Final thoughts

Online gaming is a terrific investment opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for highly profitable and medium to long-term growth opportunities that don’t require a tremendous up-front investment of capital or manpower.

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