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Online gaming regulatory authorities are responsible for supervising and issuing licenses for online gaming companies. Here you can find a list that provides information about regulators in the best-known gaming jurisdictions. We will keep this list updated to provide you with a source of valuable, current information.


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    Countries Where Online Gambling is Legal

    Online gambling is legal in the European countries of Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, Poland, Italy, Gibraltar, Malta, Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, and Norway. In New Zealand, online gambling is legal only on sites based in New Zealand.

    Online gambling is also legal in Australia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, and the Indian states of Goa and Sikkim. Online gambling is legal in South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, most of the USA, Costa Rica, Trinidad, El Salvador, Honduras, Tobago, Peru, Panama, and Argentina.

    Some online gaming is legal in Canada, Mexico, Thailand, China, Macao, Singapore, Algeria, Cape Verde, Morocco, and the Ivory Coast.


    Online Gambling Regulation

    There is no global regulatory body for online gambling; each country has its own gaming legislation. Companies registered and licensed in any particular jurisdiction must abide by the laws of that country and agree to be regulated by the gaming authority in that jurisdiction. Regulation gives players confidence and offers security to both the gaming operators and the players.


    Types of Gaming Licenses

    Each country has licensing laws. In some jurisdictions, the regulatory authority offers a one-size-fits-all license that covers all forms of online gaming. In other jurisdictions, you will need a separate license for different types of gaming.

    We have compared the cost of the top online gaming jurisdcition


    Online Gaming Licenses

    To run a legitimate online gaming business, you will need to apply to the appropriate gaming regulation authority. Here you can find all the information about cost, requirements, and applying for an online gaming license.

    Online Gambling Jurisdictions

    Antigua and Barbuda – Financial Services Regulatory Commission

    The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda was the first jurisdiction to offer gaming licenses and their requirements remain elementary. To get a gaming license in Antigua and Barbuda you will need to regulate the gaming age of your players and advertise clearly about the dangers of gambling addiction on your website. This jurisdiction pays particular attention to matters of security.


    Belize – Belize Gaming Control Board

    Formerly known as British Honduras, this Central South American country is an English-speaking nation which makes doing business easier. The Gaming Control Board ensures that online gaming companies follow strict government regulations. They monitor gaming companies, enforce standards, and carry out regular compliance audits to ensure the license conditions are met.


    Costa Rica – Local Regulatory Authority

    The Central American country of Costa Rica has very little legislation to regulate online gaming and as a result, it is a popular offshore jurisdiction for online gambling licenses. The advantages of a Costa Rican gaming company include the low or no income tax, good service infrastructure, and lenient legislation. Gaming companies registered in Costa Rica operate on a data processing license issued by the Local Regulatory Authority or the National Registry of Costa Rica.


    Curacao – Curacao Internet Gambling Association

    The Caribbean island nation of Curacao has an independent constitutional government but is a nominal part of the Netherlands. Registering and licensing in Curacao is inexpensive and quick. Companies enjoy the country’s low taxes and highly developed infrastructure. Curacao issues master licenses to holders that can then issue sub-licenses to online gaming companies. The license covers all forms of online gaming. curacao gaming license register holders can operate in all countries except the Netherlands, USA, and France.


    Cyprus – National Betting Authority under the Cyprus Gaming Commission

    The Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission oversees online gaming including applications, licensing, auditing, and supervision. The National Betting Authority oversees Internet bookmaking. Cyprus is one of the most popular off-shore licensing jurisdictions due to the progressive legislative system, superior telecommunications infrastructure, the well-established financial services, and the country’s political stability.


    Gibraltar – Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

    One of the top gambling license jurisdictions, Gibraltar offers inexpensive licensing fees, low tax, service infrastructure, and no VAT. As part of the EU, Gibraltar license holders can offer services to players in the UK. The Gibraltar authorities do not have a good reputation when it comes to handling player disputes. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority offers one license covering all gaming activities.


    Isle of Man – Gambling Supervision Commission

    The Isle of Man gaming authority has a reputation for upholding high standards. They only offer licenses to operators after a strict vetting procedure. The Isle of Man has a strong infrastructure of support services, no corporate income tax, and excellent financial services. Operators licensed in the Isle of Man can offer their services in the UK. The Isle of Man’s Department of Economic Development has a dedicated team that offers support to companies.

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