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All online gaming operators must build a random number generator (RNG) into their system which is the fundamental element that provides the randomness necessary for the outcome of digital games to be based on chance. The purpose of an RNG is to provide an element of randomness into the game. It performs the same function as a dealer shuffling the decks of cards for blackjack and poker or spinning the wheel for roulette in a live casino.
For a gaming website to get and keep the reputation of honesty and fair play, it needs to be able to display a certificate that its payouts reflect a fair and equitable chance for players to win.


In many jurisdictions, a gaming site can only obtain a license when it has either purchased an RNG from a reputable supplier that has its own license from the relevant authorities, or has developed its own software that acts as an RNG and has submitted the application for review and approval by independent authorities.


GBO has been involved in advising prospective and established online gaming operators for more than twelve years, with our team of experienced specialists able to help you in every step from incorporation in the country of your choice through application for all required permissions, setting up the necessary banking infrastructure, and launching your gaming site. Talk to us to get the full picture of how you can establish a flourishing online gaming operation in the shortest possible time and at the minimum possible cost.

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    What is a random number generator?

    A random number generator, or RNG, is a computer application that can generate numbers randomly and in a manner that makes it impossible to predict the sequence of upcoming numbers. RNGs are programmed to produce a stream of numbers that cannot be predicted and that do not follow any pattern.
    Typically, the RNG can be based on one of two methods – PRNG (Pseudo Random Number Generator) and TRNG (True Random Number Generator).
    PRNG generates a logic-based random number based on an initial seed, which may not in fact be a completely random number.


    TRNG, on the other hand, generates a true random number which is generated from a seed derived from some unpredictable outside signal called the entropy source (for example, noise). For this reason, the random number generated by TRNG is harder to predict because the seed for each calculation is generated based on a physical source whose value is always unknown.


    Therefore, random number generation from TRNG is a safer method because it is difficult to generate the same seed value. PRNG, on the other hand, is a deterministic system so the generated random number can only be guaranteed to be safe when the initial value (the seed number) cannot be reverse-engineered or guessed by analysis of the actual output.

    RNGs are used almost everywhere in daily lives, such as security applications, password validation and statistical sampling.


    How do online casinos use random number generators?

    What is the purpose of an RNG in an online casino? Casino sites use RNGs to introduce randomness into games. There can be no element of human interaction. It works as a card shuffler for games like blackjack and poker, as a number generator for roulette, dice and keno, or even something as simple as flipping a coin or rolling the dice.

    The RNG system used by casinos produces a constant stream of random numbers which are then picked up by the individual games to be transformed into different elements that are recognized by players. For example, picking one random number out of the stream of numbers put out by RNG will set the winning number on the roulette wheel that the ball comes to rest in, the point at which each of the reels on a slot games will stop, the sequence of cards in the pack the hands will be dealt from in card games, and the numbers rolled in a dice game.


    What is a random number generator certificate for online roulette?

    Online roulette random number generator – The most reputable jurisdictions that allow online casinos to operate have stipulated that any casino must obtain an RNG certificate that proves that the random generator that is built into its software is fully random (either TRNG or PRNG). For this, the casino needs to apply for a random number generator certificate from one of the recognised bodies that have been established in countries like the UK, USA, Australia and some EU member states.


    How much does a RNG certificate cost?

    Depending on your exact circumstances, such as the country in which the online casino is being set up, the range of games being offered, and the type of RNG being used, the cost of certification can run from around €3200 and more. When you have a better idea of exactly what your needs are, talk to us here at Money-Gate so that we can locate the right certificate on your behalf.


    How do I get RNG certified?

    Some of the best known bodies that can produce accepted certificates include eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance), TST (Technical Systems Testing) and iTechLabs. The final choice will depend on the final jurisdiction in which you are going to operate, as well as whether you are planning to build your systems with PRNG or TRNG.

    These certificates are considered trustworthy by most of the jurisdictions. As well, players are aware of the importance of trusting their gaming to reputable casino sites that only use accredited RNGs. They look for the seal of approval from these certifiers so that they can rest assured that games will be fair.
    The process involves either submitting the programming code if it is based on PRNG, or the physical device on which TRNG runs. After receiving the certificate, it must be published on the pages of the gaming site.


    What is RNG certification for online casino software?

    The process of issuing a certificate involves evaluation of the fairness of the RNG to ensure game payout verification of the fairness and equity in online gaming, and also security and penetration testing. Other factors like the payout percentages also need to meet the regulations of the country you are based in, to ensure that games are not rigged in any way. RNG certification assures clients that they can be confident in the reliability and honesty of your online casino.


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