We, at GBO, will be able to assist you to obtain your Forex License in Anjouan and in Vanuatu.

As part of our commitment to providing in-depth industry insights, GBO has meticulously prepared this comparison. GBO excels in offering B2B forex regulation and licensing services in various jurisdictions. With a deep-rooted expertise that spans over 15 years, GBO has a strong track record in setting up complex financial corporate structures. These include various elements like bank accounts, merchant accounts, and other crucial components.


  • The Anjouan, Comoros Forex License: The premier choice for global Forex brokers and fintech Innovators.
  • The Vanuatu Forex License: The top pick for international Forex traders and fintech pioneers.

In both Vanuatu and The Anjouan, Comoros Forex industry has gained recognition as one of the most desirable licenses for international forex brokers and fintech entrepreneurs. It is widely seen as the go-to option for companies and individuals stepping into the forex industry.

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    The world of forex licensing can be difficult to navigate because each jurisdiction has a different set of benefits and regulatory frameworks. Comoros and Vanuatu are two such offshore jurisdictions that have drawn interest from brokers across the world. Recognizing the differences between them can be crucial for businesses aiming for sustainable growth and recognition on a global scale, even though both present enticing opportunities for burgeoning forex firms and fintech innovators. In this comparison, we examine the key differences between the Comoros and Vanuatu forex license, weighing their benefits and drawbacks as well as the potential they offer potential licensees. Join us as we explain the nuances of these two licenses and offer suggestions to help you decide.


    Comoros Forex License

    The Comoros are a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean that are situated between Madagascar and Mozambique’s coast.

    Licensing Authority: The Anjouan Offshore Finance Authority is the main regulatory body.

    Application requirements include the submission of business plans, KYC documents, domain proof, and software license agreements. The license must be renewed annually and is typically only good for one year.


    1. Quick Process: Compared to many other jurisdictions, the Comoros offers quicker licensing.
    2. Low Initial Capital Needed: Compared to more restrictive jurisdictions, businesses can begin operations with less capital.
    3. High Confidentiality: The Comoros upholds the confidentiality of its enrolled companies.


    Vanuatu Forex License

    Location: The South Pacific Ocean is home to the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.

    Licensing Authority: The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) is the principal regulatory body.

    Companies must register by submitting thorough business plans, financial projections, and internal operational manuals. As part of the regulatory framework, frequent audits and compliance checks are also conducted.


    1. Compared to Comoros Forex License, Vanuatu’s license is more widely accepted internationally.
    2. Strong Regulatory Framework: To ensure better compliance and oversight, the VFSC has established a more thorough regulatory framework.
    3. Vanuatu has many tax benefits, including the absence of income tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax.


    Comparison Vanuatu VS Comoros Forex License:

    • Reputation: When compared to Comoros, Vanuatu’s forex license has greater global recognition. It is now more common among brokers looking for offshore licenses.
    • Both jurisdictions are well-liked by offshore businesses, but Vanuatu has a slight advantage thanks to its longer history in the field of forex licensing.
    • Regulation: The regulatory framework in Vanuatu is more complete and robust, offering better oversight and compliance checks. Comoros is viewed as having laxer laws.
    • Number of Companies: Exact numbers can vary, but Vanuatu tends to draw more brokers because of its reputation and reliable framework.
    • Time: Comoros typically offers a quicker licensing procedure, whereas Vanuatu’s more thorough vetting procedure may make it take longer.
    • Costs: Capital requirements and costs are typically lower in Comoros. However, depending on the application’s specifics and any additional services needed, the price may change.
    • The strength of the regulatory framework and the degree of international recognition serve as the main points of distinction. Vanuatu is more well-known and has stricter regulations, whereas Comoros offers more lenient licensing that is also quicker and more affordable.



    • Startups: Comoros might be more appealing if you’re a startup looking for a quicker, more affordable solution. For new entrants, the lower capital requirements and quicker processing time may be advantageous.
    • For Established Brokers: Vanuatu would be more appropriate if you are an established broker seeking global recognition and are willing to abide by a more stringent regulatory framework.
    • For Brokers Aiming at Particular Markets: Depending on the market, some areas may have a preference or bias in favor of licenses from particular jurisdictions. Making an informed decision can be aided by researching the preferences of your intended audience.

    In conclusion, each license has advantages. The broker’s particular needs, objectives, and strategies heavily influence the decision. Before making a choice, it is also crucial to speak with experts in the field in order to comprehend the most recent regulatory changes and subtleties.

    Parameter Comoros Vanuatu
    Initial Application Fee $4,000 – $6,000 (estimated) $2,000 – $3,000 (estimated)
    Licensing Fee Included in Application Fee $30,000
    Annual Renewal Fee $2,500 – $4,000 (estimated) $10,000 – $15,000 (estimated)
    Time to Obtain License 2-4 weeks (estimated) 2-3 months (estimated)
    Minimum Capital Requirement Low (specific amount varies) Varies (based on business model)
    Estimated Total Initial Cost $5,500 – $9,000 (estimated) $37,000 – $48,000 (estimated)

    For a detailed comparison between the Comoros and Vanuatu forex licenses, we can use the following numeric parameters:

    1. Initial Application Fee: The upfront cost to apply for the license.
    2. Licensing Fee: The fee for obtaining the license once the application is approved.
    3. Annual Renewal Fee: The fee required to renew the license each year.
    4. Estimated Time to Obtain License: How long it typically takes to get the license from the date of application.
    5. Minimum Capital Requirement: The amount of capital a company must have to obtain the license.
    6. Estimated Total Initial Cost: Sum of all initial fees and expenses to get started.

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