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We are your top choice for trusted banking-financial-fintech business intelligence. We aim to be one of the best knowledge sources for financial services, analytical news and information. As an independent website, offers a uniquely responsive service tailored to each project. From bank brand awareness to marketing new services and new companies, our dedicated teams work closely with our authors. Benefit from your published work being broadcast to a truly international audience, reaching thousands of readers in the banking and financial sectors.


Our Audience

Our audience is global, with interests in banking, business banking, fintech, regulation, gaming, and financial services


Who Already Advertises with Us?

Banks, financial institutions, corporate service companies, financial blogs and more.

Advertising options, (see full description below):

1.Sponsored content – your services reviewed in our knowledge center – see description below
2.Ad/Banner placements in specific relevant pages and site-wide
3.RSS publications – publish with us your RSS feed
4.Combined campaigns using our newsletter member list and our Youtube channel.

1. Sponsored posts – Guest Blogging

Money Gate is now accepting guest posts for publishing!  Write For Us: Submit A Guest Post

You can publish with us guest posts, PR, news, Interviews, analyses and research.


How to Submit a Guest Post on Money-Gate?

To submit your guest blog post on Money-Gate you have to follow a few very simple steps.



  • You can submit a guest post on Money-Gate under any of the following categories:
    Banking, Financial, Fintech, Regulation, Compliance, Gaming, Online Business, Virtual Banking, Forex, Corporate


Our content guidelines:

To ensure that your submitted article can be published, please make sure that your sponsored post follows the following Editorial Submission Guidelines.

We welcome submissions of featured articles, news, analysis, interviews, profile pieces and opinion pieces. Only original articles (not previously published) should be submitted to the editor in Word format.


  1. Content must be unique at present and in the future. We check regularly and will reserve the right to remove duplicate content in the future;
    Categories should be related to our industries as mentioned above;
  2. In formatting the text, use standard titles, H1, H2 and body
  3. Structure of article should be: title, short description, 3 paragraphs and summary at the end
    Please keep title length to not more than 10 words and description up to 30 words.
  4. Length: Articles should be between 500-1000 words long. Links are limited to one in the author bio section or in the text with the tag (rel=“no follow”) or (rel=“sponsored”).
  5. Photos: If available please provide one picture of the author or an image that supports the article topic.
  6. Costs – paid opinions are allowed under strict guidelines – see above. Please note that one link is allowed in text with the tag (rel=“no follow”) or (rel=“sponsored”). Read more about it in google here

Now that your article is published, you can promote it to achieve a bigger impact for your research. Sharing research, accomplishments and ambitions with a wider audience makes you more visible in your field. This helps you get cited more often, enabling you to cultivate a stronger reputation, promote your research and move forward in your career.
Note all guest posts are at our sole discretion – do not be offended if we reject your post on any grounds.

2. Ad/Banner placements

You can choose to place your ad in a specific page or pages or run a campaign site-wide. The ad can be placed in sidebar or inside the text.
Size – square 300 *300 and other sizes if ad goes to inner pages.

3. RSS publications

Money Gate provides RSS feeds for user profiles, publications, and topic pages.
Use our platform to publish your RSS – we can place your RSS code in our news center here. Send us an email for a price quote.
You can also use our RSS feed for:
Adding a feed of your favorite topic that you like to read about to your RSS feed reader Integrate;
Our feed of your own profile or publication on Medium with your own website to show your latest stories;

4. Combined campaign

We are open for any ideas about advertising you have – just send us an email with your thoughts.

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