GBO is one of the first companies to offer the New Curacao gaming License Complete package:

AML policies, Curacao Corporate Framework, Audit, Compliance Company Formation, Banking, Merchant services, White Label


  1. Client’s Goals: An Asian client (with a mother company) wants to obtain the new Curacao gaming license.
  2. How GBO Helps: We handle everything needed for the new license, including the legal stuff, anti-money laundering (AML) checks, compliance, audits, and policies. We make sure they follow all the rules, get the right licenses, set up their bank accounts, and have the best tech in place. And we do all this while keeping it budget-friendly.
  3. License Expertise: We’re among the first to provide a full package in line with the newest regulations and requirements.

Find out how we can help you obtain the NEW Curacao Gaming License

WhatsApp us: +972504938469, email us:

    Why did the customers choose us to obtain the new Curacao gambling license under the new regulation?

    1. We know the gaming business really well, especially in Asia.
    2. We studied the new Curacao gaming regulation well and we understand clearly the new requirements.
    3. We find solutions that fit exactly what the client needs.
    4. We work fast without cutting corners.
    5. We have strong ties with banks and tech companies.


    Understanding the client’s request

    The client wants to get the new Curacao license based on the latest rules. They need help understanding and following these new rules to make sure their business runs smoothly and without any issues. They want to make sure everything they do matches what the Curacao authorities expect.


    Our solution for the new Curacao legal framework

    1. Curacao company formation, compliance officer in Curacao, local director, audit, IT security checks, AML audits, packages of documents
    2. Licenses: submit application, policies and documentation, document collection.
    3. IT security audit
    4. Bank accounts and merchant account
    5. White label and platforms


    Making a Plan:

    We suggest setting up in Curacao because it’s good for business and affordable. We also help them get the Curacao gaming license because we’re experts in that, especially for Asian clients.

    1. Tech Solutions: Our client wants to start quickly. So, we suggest a system that’s ready to use. This way, they can start their online game without waiting too long.
    2. Getting Started Fast: We’re known for working fast. We set everything up in just a few weeks. This lets our client start their game and focus on getting players.

    Join our clientele and benefit from our expertise! We look forward to helping you succeed.

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