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Last update 18.12.2023

  1. All existing sub-licenses are extendable only until the end of July 2024. To avoid any disruptions, we urge you not to wait. 
  2. To ensure a smooth transition and continuity of your online gaming and online casinos, we recommend considering a few options in advance, Act now and WhatsApp us below.

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Why you should obtain the Curacao Gambling License from us

  • Hundreds of licenses have already been obtained for our customers
  • Just 2-3 weeks for the complete licensing process.
  • Curacao gaming licenses are low-cost, smooth and simple process.
  • We assist you with opening bank accounts & PSPs
  • You need just one license for all gaming activities

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    • Tailoring our proven methodology (utilized by industry giants) to navigate the Curacao gaming license process for your business.
    • Essential insights and strategies to amplify your gaming operation’s success and market penetration.
    • Addressing the cultural, practical, and regulatory challenges that could impact your swift expansion and compliance in the gaming sector

    Anjouan Gambling License – A Rising Choice for Gaming Operators and an Alternative to Curacao License – contact us for more details


    Basically a gaming license only gives you permission to operate in the country where the license was issued. This is logical as one country can’t dictate to another country which licenses to recognize. However, there are online gaming jurisdictions (licensing jurisdictions) which have legislation allowing them to issue licenses to online gambling companies; regulate these companies and supply them with industry services and software. In each of these jurisdictions there is a licensing authority responsible for licensing and regulating online companies. Curacao Gaming license is one such licensing jurisdiction.

    Last update: 16.8.2023

    Curacao’s Gaming Regulatory Changes With recent changes in Curacao’s gaming regulations, gaming clients have been grappling with significant shifts in the industry since the start of the year. Many have been left in a state of uncertainty due to rumors and ambiguities surrounding their Curacao gaming license renewals.

    Clients’ Response to Licensing Uncertainties In response to these uncertainties, some clients chose to renew their Curacao licenses for a short term, typically for 5-6 months. Recognizing the need for a contingency, many began the Anjouan gaming license procedure, which is reputed for its quick turnaround.

    Industry Sentiment on Multiple Licenses A prevailing sentiment in the industry now is that gaming companies should maintain at least two licenses, ensuring they have a backup and are not wholly dependent on a single licensing authority.

    Last update from 3.8.2023:

    That’s an interesting update about the changes to the gaming licensing system in Curacao. The new regulation seems to be focused on enhancing the island’s regulatory framework and ensuring that gambling operators are held accountable for their actions. The creation of a new independent regulatory body, the Curacao Gaming Authority, is a positive move as it will provide greater transparency and oversight of the gambling industry. The issuance of separate B2C and B2B licenses is also a good step as it will enable the regulator to tailor their requirements to specific types of operators.


    The year and half transition period is also a good initiative as it will provide existing licensees with an opportunity to express their interest in a new permit and ensure continuity of their operations. The licensing application and annual license fees seem reasonable and comparable to other jurisdictions. Requiring companies to appoint key employees to oversee anti-money laundering activities and responsible gambling policy is a critical step in ensuring that operators operate with integrity and in compliance with the law.

    Overall, these changes appear to be a positive step forward for the Curacao gambling industry, and it will be interesting to see how they are implemented in practice.

    Curacao Online Gambling License

    As a licensing jurisdiction, Curacao can issue online gambling licenses. Curacao issues a Master License and the Master License holder can then issue sublicenses. The only significant difference is that a sublicense-holder cannot issue sublicenses. In Curacao one gambling license covers all forms of online gaming so you don’t need to apply for multiple licenses for each game you offer online – wagering, chance, skill etc. This one Curacao license also covers online gaming service providers including software providers, affiliates, platform operators etc.


    What countries can you operate in with a Curacao Gaming License?

    With a Curacao online gambling license, you can accept players from all countries so long as they are not specifically prohibited by your sublicense agreement. Forbidden countries include players from Curacao itself as well as Belize, UK, USA and a few EU countries like Germany and the Netherlands.


    Is it worth getting a gaming license from Curacao?

    Yes, no matter which jurisdiction you are licensed in you will have restrictions. However, with Curacao you have the advantage of favorable taxes, comfortable legislation and a straightforward application process while still benefiting from the respect of being a license-holding gaming website. All respected and successful online gaming sites must be licensed in order to operate legally. Most licensing jurisdictions require the company to base part of their operation in the licensing countries. Curacao is a good choice when you consider the low-cost, regulatory practices, taxes and legislation.



    Curacao gambling license register

    Curacao has become a popular destination for online gambling operators wishing to obtain a license for their business, as the online gambling industry has expanded rapidly over the years. The Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGCB) is in charge of licensing and regulating Curacao’s online gambling operators. In this study, we will examine the registration process for a Curacao gambling license as well as the requirements operators must meet to obtain one.


    Curacao gambling license registration Method:

    The registration process for a Curacao gambling license consists of several steps, including the submission of an application, payment of fees, due diligence, compliance review, license approval, and license issuance. The Curacao gambling license registration process is designed to ensure that operators comply with the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority’s requirements and regulations.

    1. The initial step in registering for a Curacao gambling license is to submit an application. Operators must submit a completed application form to the CGCB. The application form contains details regarding the applicant’s business, including its structure, ownership, and management.
    2. The second step in registering for a Curacao gambling license is to pay the required fees. Operators are required to pay the licensing application fees. The fees vary based on the type of license the applicant is seeking and the length of the license.
    3. Due diligence is the third step of the Curacao gambling license registration process. The CGCB will conduct due diligence to ensure that the operator and its owners meet the requirements for a Curacao gambling license. This includes a review of criminal records, financial stability, and other pertinent data.


    Requirements for a Curacao Gambling License:

    To obtain a Curacao gambling license, operators must fulfill a number of stipulations. The requirements include legal entity, corporate structure, financial stability, security measures, policies regarding responsible gaming, and anti-money laundering procedures. The Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority establishes these requirements to ensure that operators provide their customers with safe and fair gambling services.


    The Curacao gambling license register process is a rigorous procedure designed to ensure that operators comply with the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority’s necessary requirements and regulations. By obtaining a Curacao gambling license, operators gain access to a regulated and reputable gambling market, as well as lower taxes and a favorable business climate. Therefore, operators interested in launching an online gambling business should consider the Curacao gambling license application process.


    Curacao Gaming Licnese

    Gaming Curacao is a regulatory body that licenses and regulates online gambling operations. It is based in the Caribbean island nation of Curacao and has been providing gambling licenses since 1996.

    Gaming Curacao offers a flexible and cost-effective licensing solution for online gambling operators. The regulatory framework established by Gaming Curacao is designed to protect players and ensure the integrity and fairness of online gambling operations.


    Operators licensed by Gaming Curacao are required to comply with a set of rules and regulations, including anti-money laundering measures, responsible gaming policies, and technical standards for the operation of online games.


    Gaming Curacao has gained a reputation as a popular jurisdiction for online gambling operators, particularly in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. However, it is important to note that not all online gambling operations licensed by Gaming Curacao are reputable or trustworthy. As with any online gambling activity, players should exercise caution and do their due diligence before engaging with any operator

    Who regulates Curaçao gaming companies?

    In 2018, the government of Curaçao allocated to the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) the regulation of the online gaming sector. The GCB is now the AML/CFT supervisor for all gaming sectors including online gambling.

    Within that body is the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA), a section responsible for issuing e-gaming licenses.


    Is it legal to operate a Curaçao gaming company without a license?

    The Curaçao government issues a single license for any type of gambling service. Operating from within Curaçao without a valid license is illegal. The government there works in partnership with the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten (CBCS) and is a member of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).


    From which countries can players gamble on a Curacao online gaming casino?

    It is important to recognize that players are wary of unlicensed casinos, or of ones that are operating out of countries that do not enforce the security standards accepted by others. This is what makes Curacao such a desirable location for your casino operation. It has one of the best reputations in the world and your license is your gateway to the gambling market.


    The Curacao Gaming Board has set the terms of how license holders can operate. The only specific restrictions that are placed on license holders are that it cannot accept wagers from players located in the following jurisdictions:


    • The US
    • France
    • Australia
    • The Kingdom of the Netherlands
    • Curacao
    • Dutch West Indies

    These are the only countries that casinos with a Curacao Gaming License are explicitly forbidden to permit players to wager. However, there is no oversight by the board. It requires online casinos to use the standard KYC AML and CFT that apply to all the other registered online casinos worldwide.


    It is not the responsibility of the Curacao license holder to detect that players are registering themselves from blocked countries and accessing the website illegally.


    Other countries or jurisdictions may have legislated restrictions on gaming. These restrictions are not applicable only to Curacao, but apply to casinos all over the world.Some other countries have blocked or restricted online gambling. These fall into a few broad categories:



    Gaming is totally banned in North Korea, Singapore, Qatar, Cyprus, Brunei, UAE, Cambodia, Japan and some other Middle-East kingdoms. This is not a specific restriction on Curacao casinos, but involves gambling on any online website based in any country.


    Curacao Restricted countries 

    Many countries restrict online gambling to either their own state-owned monopolies (example, Poland, Ethiopia) or to casinos that are licensed by that country’s gaming authority (such as Austria, Belgium, Georgia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain and the UK.) This is so that the country can collect the appropriate gaming levies on wagers and corporate taxes on the companies holding the licenses.



    Several countries forbid gambling on websites that are run by casino operators based inside that country, but the citizens are allowed to gamble on casinos in other countries, such as Curacao. Examples of these include Canada. most of the EU members, and Switzerland.



    In most of the remainder of the world’s jurisdictions, its citizens can access and gamble on a foreign casino without restrictions. In most of them, the government has simply not set up any controls that either define or restrict online gaming. Most of sub-Saharan Africa as well as India are unregulated in terms of what kind of online gambling is permitted.


    In addition to getting the license, what else do you need to do?

    Even with the license in place, a subpar online gambling platform will fail to attract and keep customers. This is how you give your players what they want:

    Establish a recognizable online presence – With our Turnkey Solution, you can quickly enter the online casino industry thanks to our fully-customizable platform, which features a unique design, client management systems, and marketing tools. Your company can be up and running in as little as one to three months.


    Integrate a sportsbook – While expanding your offerings to include thrilling live dealer games, classic table games like blackjack, and thrilling slot machines is a smart move, you need not stop there. Because of the worldwide interest in placing wagers on sporting events, your platform’s potential user base will grow exponentially if you offer a wide range of sports and events on which to wager and provide thorough data feeds.


    Install a bunch of different games in your casino – Stock your gambling establishment with the best equipment possible. If you want to attract the long-term players who make up a large portion of many casinos’ business, you need to offer them games they value as much as you value their money, rather than a hastily put-together online slot hall that works for a few weeks. Stock your gambling establishment with fantastic titles created by the best studios in the world.


    Pay attention to advertising – Focus on advertising, as these are the best ways to start bringing in new players. Joining an affiliate program is one strategy many online casinos use to bring in new customers. Affiliates, such as streamers and bloggers, are a great way to get new people to check out your site.


    Make sure there’s a way to pay for things – Make sure your players can buy and sell items anywhere on your platform. Your clientele is likely to be global, so you’ll need to process transactions in a variety of currencies, including Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


    There are a number of advantages to having a number of different ways to pay for your Curacao gaming license.

    Customers are more likely to be happy with your service and return if you give them multiple ways to pay.

    More potential buyers can be attracted if they have a choice of how to make their purchase; this is because various payment methods appeal to various buyers. Credit cards are still widely used, but newer payment methods like e-wallets and cryptocurrency are gaining popularity.

    Customers are more likely to complete a purchase if they have a variety of payment options from which to choose, so offering more payment methods can boost conversion rates.

    More money coming in because more people will use your platform to buy things, thanks to your expanded payment methods.

    Providing a variety of payment methods allows customers to select the one that best suits their needs, thereby decreasing the likelihood of payment problems or mistakes. There will be fewer chargebacks and fewer disputes over payments because of this.


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