When you investigate the many options that are marketed for such solutions, you can rely on the expert advice that our team at GBO will provide. We also can advise you on which software packages best suit your specific needs, and how to integrate them into your operations. We have more than 12 years of experience dealing with all aspects of setting up online casinos in several countries.


Running an efficient and profitable online e-gaming operation relies on having the right payments processing platform. It must guarantee the security and integrity of the whole process of money flow into, through and out of the gambling system.


There are several fundamental components that any payments software package for online gambling must incorporate:

  • Provide credit and debit card functionality
  • Provide end-to-end encrypted security
  • Allow for complete customization of the interface
  • Allow for localization
  • Handle alternative payment methods.

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    More about credit and debit cards

    Accepting transactions from the customers’ credit or debit cards lets you get transfers directly from their bank account. Credit, prepaid and debit cards (such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club & American Express) are currently the most preferred online payment tools.

    You should make sure to incorporate the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) into your credit card handling. By displaying this on your website, you will assure customers that your platform is processing, transmitting and storing their credit card information in a secure payment environment.

    More about payment security

    Your system must ensure that data cannot be read or diverted while flowing over the internet. For this, the payments platform must be a verified payment services gateway that encrypts all details end-to-end in a secure environment. This gives both you and the customers protection against fraud and ensures a smooth flow of deposits and withdrawals.

    More about customization

    Customers need an easy to use and enjoyable experience that lets them pay and play quickly, seamlessly and securely. Your internet presence must be consistent across all online activities, from marketing, sign-on, payments and gaming. When you have a customizable payment system, you will be able to give the user the same look and feel that they experience in all other activities.

    More about localization

    When you are targeting customers from different countries who are conducting their transactions in their own currencies and prefer to see the interface in a familiar format, you need to localize the software package. Your platform should provide for local currency payments and payment methods so that customers can pay in their own currency, which will minimize your costs from foreign transaction fees.

    More about alternate payment methods

    • Digital wallets store the players’ funds in a digital account, so they avoid bank and exchange charges. Your platform should interface seamlessly with payment service providers like Paysafecard, Boku, Rapid, PayPal, Skrill & Neteller
    • Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Monero give customers complete anonymity and avoidance of conventional banking channels for transactions
    • Traditional bank wire transfers are still widely used and must be allowed. Still, the relatively high costs make it less attractive
    • e-Checks are popular with some customers who feel the need for added security. The payment transfer is unique and does not expose credit card information, which can be vulnerable in extreme cases.

    e-Gaming payment services

    When your e-Gaming customer transfers money into their account, there is a process that must involve several intermediary steps. From entering the details into your website, the data is sent to a payment gateway, which verifies the transaction details and then routes information to the payment service provider (PSP). The PSP then requests authorization of the transactions from the customer’s issuing bank/card network and to the merchant’s acquiring bank for confirmation that the funds are available and then for approval of the transaction.

    The payment gateway process must ensure that the data is genuine, secure and encrypted. The payment gateway service can be provided by an independent PSP, a bank, or a separate specialized FinTech (financial service provider) or EMI (Electronic Money Institute). All of these charge fees for the services provided.

    Payment Service Providers (PSP) operate a payment gateway or payment processor service through which you can accept electronic payments by multiple payment methods. With this service, your online casino can receive payments from your clients via bank transfer, credit card, e-wallets and the rest quickly and conveniently. The PSP has an ongoing record of the transactions, and you can use it as proof in the event of a dispute with your customer.

    Selecting the suitable PSP is vital to your business’s success. Let GBO help you with our experienced managers who have specialized in providing advice for e-gaming companies worldwide.

    e-Gaming secure payment

    Security of all transactions is essential for many reasons. Firstly, potential customers are extremely wary of committing their money to a business that does not have good end-to-end security to protect their funds. This is especially the case when customers want to conduct their transactions with credit cards since the card details are a gateway back to their own bank accounts.

    For your own business’ safety, the whole stream of funds transfers must be fully encrypted to prevent hacking of your own accounts and theft of your customers’ money in transit and inside your system.

    For these reasons, your payment processing system must be built with every aspect of each transaction completely secured from outside interference. The e-gaming payment system must interface only with accredited payment gateways and payment service providers and hold the data internally in fully secured vaults.


    How do you pay for online gaming?

    e-Gaming operators provide a wide range of options for customers to quickly and safely transfer their money into an online gambling account and start playing. You should find a casino that allows you to securely deposit from your current credit or debit cards, or to transfer funds held in an existing e-Wallet or from a digital wallet if you want to pay with bitcoin or other digital currency. Some online e-gambling systems also accept e-Checks or wire transfers from your commercial bank account.


    What is the most secure online payment?

    There is a high degree of security for transfers if you choose a reputable e-gaming operator located in a country that requires its casinos to be licensed and supervised, such as Curacao and Malta. Transactions with credit cards have the same level of security as you would get buying goods online. If you want to add additional protection, you could create a wallet and top it up when you need to transfer more money. You can request a debit card or prepaid card from your regular card issuer, because then the amount of the transfer is limited to the value of the card and there can be no fraudulent transaction that flows back to your bank account. Similarly, wire transfers and e-Checks are limited. The disadvantages of these are they need to to be re-issued any time you want to top-up the e-Gaming account, and you can’t directly retrieve your funds and winnings from your casino account.

    Is PayPal safe for online games?

    PayPal is one of the most widely used payment processing services, with around a quarter of a billion customers. The service provides a very high level of transaction security and also has the advantage of being a major US company subject to close scrutiny by the Federal government to ensure proper accounting and management practices.

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