Since 2009, we have assisted businesses with opening a Malta business bank account.


With a focus on helping gaming companies register business bank accounts, GBO is a top provider of financial services for enterprises operating in Malta.


Our team of industry professionals is well-versed in the particular demands and needs of the gaming sector, and we collaborate closely with our clients to make sure they have the financial solutions they require to successfully operate in this highly regulated environment.


GBO can assist you if you want to create a new business account. We strive to make creating a business bank account in Malta as simple and stress-free as we can so you can concentrate on expanding your company.

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    How to open a malta business bank account?

    Opening a business bank account in Malta, normally entails the following actions:

    1. Select a Maltese bank: Choose a bank in Malta that best suits your needs after researching the many institutions that provide business banking services.
    2. Obtain the necessary paperwork: The bank will demand specific documents, including a certificate of incorporation, a memorandum and articles of organization, and evidence of address before you can create a business bank account in Malta. You can also be required to give the business owner’s personal identification documents and proof of address (s).
    3. Application submission: Complete the bank’s application form and send it in with the necessary paperwork. The bank will assess your application and could need more supporting papers or information.
    4. Meet with the bank representative: Once the bank has reviewed your application, you may be required to meet with a representative of the bank to discuss your business and the services you require.
    5. Complete any additional requirements: The bank may require additional information or documentation before opening your account. You may also be required to deposit a minimum amount of money into the account.
    6. Sign account agreement: Once the bank has reviewed your application, and all the documentation is in order, you will be required to sign an account agreement.


    It’s important to note that each bank may have different policies and requirements, so it’s recommended to check with the bank directly to understand the specific requirements and procedures for opening a business bank account in Malta.


    Many banks with a focus on offering banking services to the casino industry are located in Malta. A few of the banks that collaborate with gambling businesses are:

    Valletta Bank: One of Malta’s biggest banks, Bank of Valletta, provides a variety of services to gaming businesses, such as merchant accounts, e-wallets, and other options for payment processing.

    FIMBank: A Maltese bank with a focus on serving the gaming sector’s banking needs is FIMBank. They provide a variety of services, including e-wallets, merchant accounts, and other payment processing options.

    HSBC Malta: HSBC Malta provides a variety of banking services, such as merchant accounts, e-wallets, and other payment processing options, to gaming businesses.

    APS Bank is a Maltese bank that provides a variety of services, including merchant accounts, e-wallets, and other payment processing solutions.

    Paysafe Financial Services Limited is a prominent global provider of end-to-end payment solutions for the gaming industry. It provides a variety of services, including merchant accounts, e-wallets, and other payment processing options.


    Opening a gaming bank account in Malta has several benefits for gaming businesses, including:

    • access to a large selection of services designed specifically for the gaming sector.
    • accepting payments in several currencies is possible.
    • rigorous laws that are intended to safeguard players and ensure fair and responsible gambling are followed.
    • Malta has access to a sizable market because of its EU membership.


    Difficulties of opening a bank account in Malta for gaming companies include:

    • Strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations that must be adhered to.
    • Some banks may require gaming companies to have a certain level of financial resources before opening an account.
    • Some banks may require certain documentation and legal certifications that can be difficult to obtain.
    • Some banks may require a deposit or a minimum balance to open an account.


    It’s important to note that some banks may have different policies and requirements, and it’s recommended to check with the banks directly to understand the specific requirements and procedures.


    Despite having a relatively brief history, Malta’s gaming sector has expanded dramatically in recent years. When Malta became one of the first European nations to regulate online gambling in the early 2000s, the sector began to take shape. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) was created in 2001 to oversee the sector and grant the Malta gaming license.

    Since then, the sector has swiftly expanded and risen to play a significant role in Malta’s economy. More than 10,000 people are employed in the sector, which has annual revenues of more than €1.5 billion. As a result, associated industries including hotels, human resources, and legal services have seen growth. Malta has also grown in popularity as a venue for gaming conferences and conventions, which has additionally contributed to the growth of the tourism industry.


    Bank account for malta casino – is it a must if you want to run an online casino?

    Typically, a bank account in the nation where the casino is headquartered is required in order to run an online casino. This is so that the casino can handle financial activities like deposits and withdrawals, which frequently necessitate the usage of a local bank account. Having a bank account in the nation where the casino is headquartered can also help to show that the casino is operating legally and in accordance with local laws. To find out the particular requirements, it is best to verify with the relevant authorities in Malta as this may differ from nation to nation.

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