GBO will assist you in finding and implementing a gaming platform that is based on crypto payments

  1. Growing demand for improved online casino gambling sites with interest in cryptocurrencies.
  2. Need for online casinos to fully integrate crypto payments for a complete online experience.
  3. Cryptocurrency gambling platforms should offer all transactions in cryptocurrencies.
  4. Players should be able to deposit, wager, and withdraw in crypto alongside traditional fiat currencies.
  5. User interfaces must allow direct deposits from crypto wallets into casino accounts.
  6. Crypto gaming platforms provide anonymity, unlike traditional credit card or wire transfer methods.
  7. Solutions are available to accept players’ crypto deposits in one click.
  8. Conversion of crypto to USD or EUR and transferring to the online casino or company’s bank account


GBO has all the necessary expertise you need to adapt your casino’s operations to handle this new facility. We have been helping hundreds of customers set up online gaming operations in the most developed markets for more than twelve years. As well, we have also been at the front of guiding businesses seeking to expand their operations into cryptocurrencies since the beginning.

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    What is an online casino platform?


    Before diving into the nuts-and-bolts of currencies, the basic purpose of the casino platform is to present a package of gaming software that allows players to gamble on your website. This involves player registration, and a portal for them to sign-up, deposit funds, play, and withdraw.

    It’s important not to confuse the workings of the platform with the gambling packages. Casinos must provide a range of games for players to gamble on. These games are usually sourced from major software developers who have developed online slot games and other gambling tools. The casino’s gaming platform integrates the functions of players’ funds management with the front-end gaming interface, so that players can stake bets in the game of their choice.

    What is a Crypto Gaming platform?


    The only difference between a conventional online casino gaming platform and the new crypto gaming platform is that players can now do the movements of their funds outside of the banking system, not with credit cards and wire transfers, which are visible both to banks and to the authorities. They can stake units of cryptocurrency that they hold in their casino account, exactly as before when they were staking dollars, pounds or euros. The front-end gambling software needs only to recognize that the stake has a different denomination (say one bitcoin, rather than one dollar). All other functions are exactly the same – bets are deducted from the player’s account when wagered, and winnings are credited back to the account, all in the same unit of cryptocurrency.


    How is crypto gaming different from fiat currency gaming?

    The most important difference between ordinary currency and cryptocurrency is that all cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, and they are completely outside the supervision of the regular banking system. So a blockchain gaming platform allows people who may otherwise be prevented from gambling with ordinary currencies to enjoy the same activities as other gamblers. The most important thing that gambling with crypto on a blockchain gaming platform brings is complete anonymity. Deposits, bets and winnings cannot be tracked back to the gaming site’s customers.


    What is the most popular crypto gaming platform?

    Bitcoin is by far the most important and widely known of all cryptocurrencies. The majority of new crypto gaming platforms either started out as Bitcoin gaming platforms and have since spread out to accommodate other cryptos as well as ordinary currencies, or have remained as purely Bitcoin gaming platforms because that is where the market demand remains.

    wdt_ID Rank Name Description Main Service
    1 1 NuxGame NuxGame provides a variety of iGaming solutions such as online casino, sports betting, and live dealer games. They offer customizable solutions to fit the needs of their clients. iGaming Solutions
    2 2 BetConstruct BetConstruct is a global technology and services provider for the online and land-based gaming industry. Their solutions include sportsbook, casino, live dealer games, poker, and other products. Gaming Technology and Services
    3 3 Sirplay Sirplay offers a sports betting platform and other gaming solutions. They provide customizable and flexible solutions to meet the needs of different operators. Sports Betting Platform and Gaming Solutions
    4 4 GammaStack GammaStack provides a variety of iGaming solutions, including sports betting software, online casino software, blockchain-based iGaming solutions, and more. iGaming Solutions
    5 5 Evolution Evolution is a leading provider of live casino solutions. Their offering includes a wide variety of live dealer games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and game shows. Live Casino Solutions
    6 6 FunFair Technologies FunFair provides blockchain-powered gaming solutions, allowing users to play with their cryptocurrency. Blockchain-powered Gaming Solutions
    7 7 SoftSwiss SoftSwiss offers a Bitcoin casino software solution for online gaming. Bitcoin Casino Software Solution
    8 8 Ultra Ultra is a blockchain-powered gaming platform that allows players to earn tokens and trade items. Blockchain-powered Gaming Platform
    9 9 Enjin Enjin is a cryptocurrency and smart contract platform specifically designed for gaming, allowing developers to create and manage virtual goods. Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract Platform
    10 10 HEROcoin HEROcoin is a blockchain-based betting platform for esports games. Blockchain-based Betting Platform
    11 11 Betsoft Betsoft offers a range of casino games that accept Bitcoin. Casino Games that Accept Bitcoin
    12 12 Coingaming Group Coingaming Group provides Bitcoin-focused products for the iGaming sector. Bitcoin-focused iGaming Products
    13 13 CasinoCoin CasinoCoin is a digital currency, designed specifically for the regulated online gaming industry. Digital Currency for the iGaming Industry
    14 14 Playtech Playtech is a leading gambling technology company that offers a comprehensive suite of products, including casino games, poker, sports betting, bingo, and more. Gambling Technology and Solutions
    15 15 Microgaming Microgaming is a well-known provider of online gaming software, offering a vast selection of casino games and progressive jackpot slots. Online Gaming Software
    16 16 NetEnt NetEnt is a prominent digital entertainment company that develops top-quality casino games and solutions for online casinos. Casino Games and Solutions
    17 17 IGT International Game Technology (IGT) is a global gaming company that produces slot machines and other gaming technology for land-based and online casinos. Gaming Technology for Casinos and Gaming Operators
    18 18 Scientific Games Scientific Games is a provider of gaming and lottery products, offering a wide range of casino games, lottery systems, and gaming equipment. Gaming and Lottery Products
    19 19 Pragmatic Play Pragmatic Play is a leading content provider for the iGaming industry, delivering a diverse portfolio of casino games and online slots. iGaming Content Provider
    20 20 Play'n GO Play'n GO is a popular game developer known for its innovative and entertaining casino games and mobile gaming solutions. Game Development and Mobile Gaming Solutions

    Which is the best crypto gambling software psrameters?

    1. Game Variety: To accommodate different player preferences, the software should offer a large selection of games. Slot machines, table games, live dealer games, sports betting, and other options may be included.
    2. Support for multiple cryptocurrencies, not just Bitcoin, is provided by the best platforms. This increases the players’ currency selection options.
    3. Security is of utmost importance given that cryptocurrencies are digital. To safeguard player funds and personal information, the software needs to have strong security measures in place.
    4. Fairness: The program ought to make sure that games are honest and open. Some cryptocurrency gambling sites employ provably fair technology, which enables users to confirm the accuracy of every game result.
    5. User Experience: The system must be simple to use, with an intuitive user interface and fluid gameplay. Additionally, it ought to be usable on a variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile.
    6. Payment processing should be quick, simple, and fee-free for both deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, some platforms provide features like the capacity to exchange between various cryptocurrencies.
    7. Customer service: Dependable customer service is essential. The best platforms provide round-the-clock customer service and numerous contact options, including live chat, email, and phone.
    8. Regulatory Compliance: A reputable gaming authority should license and oversee the software provider. This guarantees that they uphold strict security and fairness standards.


    There are dozens of different software packages available and the choice depends very much on your own business needs. You should let GBO’s expert team guide you through the steps of choosing and implementing the best package for your own needs.


    The best blockchain gaming platform

    A blockchain-based gaming platform employs the decentralized, distributed ledger technology known as blockchain to power its operations, thereby enhancing gaming experiences in a variety of ways. These platforms provide players with true ownership of tokenized, tradable in-game assets, thereby fostering a player-driven economy. All transactions, scores, and outcomes are verifiable and immutable, preventing cheating and fraud and ensuring game fairness. In addition, the interoperability provided by blockchain enables the utilization of in-game assets across multiple games. Additionally, the high security of blockchain technology protects against attempts to alter game outcomes or steal assets. In addition, blockchain gaming platforms can use cryptocurrencies as player incentives and rewards, allowing players to earn tokens through gameplay that can be traded or sold on a cryptocurrency exchange. This unique combination of capabilities enables blockchain-based gaming platforms to provide a more engaging, fair, and potentially rewarding gaming experience.


    The parameters for the best bitcoin igaming software

    The most effective Bitcoin iGaming software should combine robust functionality, security, and user-friendliness. First, it must support a smooth, seamless gaming experience with a large selection of games to accommodate the preferences of all players. Second, since Bitcoin transactions are fundamental, the casino should offer a secure, efficient, and dependable payment system that enables players to deposit, wager, and withdraw Bitcoin with ease. The platform must also support the blockchain’s transparency, allowing players to independently verify the fairness of game outcomes. Anonymity is another essential criterion; the software must respect the privacy that Bitcoin users typically seek. In addition, the top Bitcoin iGaming software should provide robust customer service to address any technical or transaction-related issues that players may encounter. Lastly, given the global nature of Bitcoin, the platform should facilitate accessibility and usability for players from different regions, perhaps with multilingual support and an intuitive interface.


    Top Bitcoin iGaming software

    Top Bitcoin iGaming software refers to online gambling platforms that accept Bitcoin as currency. This type of software leverages the unique characteristics of the blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin to provide a safe, transparent, and efficient gambling environment. Bitcoin allows players to make deposits, wagers, and receive payouts, ensuring quick transactions, low fees, and a high level of privacy. Moreover, due to Bitcoin’s decentralized nature, these platforms frequently permit global access regardless of the user’s location. In addition, the verifiability of all transactions and outcomes on the blockchain can aid in ensuring the fairness and integrity of games, thanks to blockchain’s transparency. Bitcoin iGaming software is an innovative combination of online gambling and cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology.


    The best crypto sports betting platforms

    An online sports betting service that accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment is known as a crypto sports betting platform. To offer a better betting experience, these platforms make use of the advantages of blockchain technology, including security, transparency, and quick transactions. With the help of well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, users can place bets on a range of sports and events. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized and accessible from anywhere in the world, they are appealing to users everywhere.


    Compared to conventional online betting platforms, transactions on a cryptocurrency sports betting platform are typically quicker and have lower fees. The platform’s trust and transparency are increased by the use of blockchain technology, which also guarantees that all transactions are secure and can be independently verified. Additionally, these websites frequently provide options like live in-play betting, a huge selection of wagering choices, bonuses, and promotions that can be paid out in cryptocurrency. These platforms appeal to both sports fans and cryptocurrency users because they combine the thrill of sports betting with cutting-edge cryptocurrency technology.


    Some of the ways we help you find the right solution is to analyze the software provider’s company history. Being able to offer new crypto facilities is a good indicator that the package meets overall crypto gambling software standards. We also look at the market penetration – for example, whether the software is widely used in advanced crypto gambling countries like the UK, Lithuania and Curacao.


    Best blockchain lottery platform

    Online platforms for lotteries, including ones based on blockchain, give people a place to buy tickets and take part in draws. Users usually start by making an account, picking their own numbers or letting them be picked at random, and then buying their tickets using one of several payment methods. Draws happen at set times, and the winning numbers are chosen by a random number generator or by physically picking them out of a hat. The user’s account is then credited with the winnings.


    When it comes to blockchain lottery platforms, the process is even more open and safe because of the way blockchain technology works. All transactions, like buying tickets and giving out prizes, are recorded on a public ledger that can’t be changed. This makes sure that everything is fair and stops people from trying to cheat the system. Participants can stay anonymous on these platforms, which allow people from all over the world to join, pay out instantly, and may have lower operational costs because they are not centralized. This combination of technology and traditional lottery systems makes for a safer and more efficient way to play.


    Our experts are also familiar with each software provider’s range of services. You will learn more from us than from talking to software vendors directly.
    The choice of your crypto online casino software provider can make a difference in every phase of the establishment and growth of your crypto casino. The great majority of players are already familiar with what your competitors are able to offer, so if you try to cut corners you will either fail to recruit them as customers, or quickly lose their business.

    There is very little brand loyalty in casino gaming, so your crypto online casino software package has to keep up with the market.

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