What if you could set up an online casino with GBO? 

  • Client Vision: A client with a big dream to change the online casino world.
  • GBO’s Role: Assisting through complex regulations, licensing, banking, and technical setups with a keen eye on budgetary constraints.
  • Strategic Location: The company was established in Belize for its cost-effectiveness and business-friendly environment.
  • Licensing Solution: Recommendation of the Anjouan gaming license, balancing cost and credibility.
  • Financial Infrastructure: Opening two EMIs in Europe and integrating a merchant account gateway for smooth international transactions.
  • Technical Solution: Introduction to a startup-friendly white-label solution, ensuring a quick and efficient launch.
  • Swift Execution: The entire process, from inception to launch, is completed in weeks, not months.
  • Key Success Factors:
    • Deep industry knowledge tailored to client’s vision.
    • Customized solutions addressing specific requirements.
    • Speedy execution without compromising on quality.
    • Leveraging strong partnerships across banking and technical domains.
  • Conclusion: GBO’s dedication to excellence turned a vision into a thriving online casino, now serving players globally.

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    GBO’s success process

    Setting up a new online casino platform in the dynamic world of online gaming is a difficult task that is full of difficulties that go beyond the digital interface. Recently, GBO had the privilege of working with a motivated client who had a clear vision but specific requirements, most notably financial limitations and a strong marketing focus.


    This is the story of how GBO, with its extensive knowledge and turnkey solutions, assisted them in achieving their business objectives.


    1. Being aware of the client’s goals
    We began our journey by having extensive conversations to ascertain the goals of the client. They had ideas for an online casino website and app that would completely change the market. Despite the fact that they were marketing experts, they required a partner to assist them in navigating the complex web of laws, licensing, banking, and technical setup. What is the main thing they need? a strategy that is economical without sacrificing effectiveness or quality.


    2. Creating a Targeted Strategy
    GBO suggested that the company be established in Belize, a nation recognized for its low costs and business-friendly environment, as the client was worried about costs. The next step was to acquire a gaming license. It was advised to obtain the Anjouan gaming license because it strikes a balance between legitimacy and expense.


    3. The banking and payment options
    Financial transactions form the backbone of an online casino’s operations. Two bank accounts were opened with European Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) thanks to GBO, ensuring that the platform could easily handle international transactions. The addition of a gambling merchant account gateway strengthened the casino’s financial infrastructure as well.


    4. Providing a Summary of the Ideal Technical Fix
    The client placed a strong emphasis on marketing, so it was crucial to have a platform that was launch-ready without experiencing significant development delays. GBO introduced them to a white label solution that was best suited for startups using its vast network. Because of this, they were able to create an online casino platform that was fully customizable and functional without having to wait the extensive lead times associated with doing so.


    5. Use of weeks as opposed to months for execution
    One of GBO’s distinguishing features is its efficacy. The entire procedure—from the establishment of the business in Belize to its successful integration with the white label solution—was finished in a matter of weeks. The client was able to launch their platform to eager gamers more quickly by acting quickly, allowing them to focus on their primary area of expertise, marketing.

    1. Due to GBO’s in-depth knowledge of the gaming sector, every choice was strategic and in line with the client’s goals.
    2. GBO created a solution that addressed specific requirements, including financial constraints, realizing that each client has specific needs.
    3. Effective Execution: GBO focused on speed without sacrificing quality in its execution, making sure that the client’s vision was realized as soon as possible.
    4. Strong Partnerships: The project’s success was largely due to GBO’s network, which included white label solution providers and banking institutions.


    The outcome

    The world of online casinos is challenging and exciting at the same time. This project served as an example of GBO’s dedication to providing excellence despite the obstacles. GBO is proud to have played a crucial part in helping the client’s entrepreneurial vision become a resounding success as their online casino flourishes today and draws players from all over the world.

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