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GBO has been helping companies obtain Malta Online Gaming Licenses since 2009, and we can assist you in the application process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience. We offer a range of services, including company formation, assistance with obtaining bank accounts and merchant accounts, and other corporate support.

The costs associated with obtaining a gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) can vary depending on the type of license being applied for and the specific circumstances of the company applying for the license.

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    MGA license costs

    The MGA offers a number of different types of gaming licenses, including licenses for casino games, sports betting, and lottery. The costs associated with each type of license can vary, with some licenses requiring higher fees than others.

    In general, the costs associated with obtaining a gaming license from the MGA can include:

    1. Application fees: These fees are paid when a company submits its application for a gaming license. The fees are based on the type of license being applied for and can range from a few hundred euros to several thousand euros.
    2. Annual fees: Once a gaming license has been granted, companies are required to pay annual fees to the MGA to maintain their license. The amount of the annual fee is based on the type of license being held and the size of the company.
    3. Other costs: In addition to application and annual fees, companies may also incur other costs associated with obtaining a gaming license, such as legal fees, accounting fees, and other professional services.

    It is important to note that the costs associated with obtaining a gaming license in Malta may change over time, and it is best to contact the MGA directly for the most up-to-date information on the costs of obtaining a gaming license.


    A Malta gambling license enables businesses to run online gambling and gaming services lawfully inside the EU. It is the duty of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) to grant and oversee these licenses.


    A Malta gaming license has the following benefits:

    • the capacity to provide a variety of online gaming and gambling services, such as poker, casino games, and sports betting.
      the capability of taking on clients from other EU nations.
    • rigorous laws that are intended to safeguard players and ensure fair and responsible gambling are followed.
      a mandated need for license holders to maintain a physical presence in Malta, complete with a workplace and employees.
    • Inspections and audits on a regular basis to verify that license holders are adhering to rules.
    • a prerequisite that license holders have respectable standing and sufficient financial means.
    • a procedure for resolving conflicts and client complaints.
    • It’s vital to remember that those who possess gambling licenses from Malta must also abide by all applicable laws and rules of other nations in which they conduct business, including prohibitions against money laundering.


    What are the types of Malta gaming licenses?

    The types of gaming licenses offered by the MGA have been consolidated into two main types since the introduction of the new regulatory framework in 2018.


    License for Business-to-Consumer (B2C): Operators are permitted to offer gaming services directly to players with this license. It includes four gaming service types that were previously divided into four classes:

    a. Type 1: Games of chance played against the house, such as lotteries and casino-style games (e.g., slots, roulette, and blackjack).
    b. Type 2: Fixed-odds wagering, in which participants wager on an event’s outcome against the house (e.g., sports betting and event betting).
    c. Type 3 includes pool betting and betting exchanges, in which participants wager against one another (e.g., poker, bingo, and pari-mutuel betting).
    d. Type 4: Controlled skill games, in which skill rather than chance is primarily used to determine the outcome (e.g., fantasy sports and certain e-sports).


    Business-to-Business (B2B) License: This license is intended for organizations that offer platforms, products, or services to B2C operators in the gaming industry. Software and platform providers, game developers, and other service providers that support the gaming industry are covered by the B2B license.

    Malta Gambling License Requirements

    In order to be eligible for a gaming license from Malta, applicants need to fulfill a number of fundamental requirements, one of which is the provision of particular documentation from each officer, authorized person, shareholder, director, beneficial owner, or ultimate beneficial owner. These documents include a police good conduct certificate that is no more than three months old, passing a “Fit and Proper Test,” the ability to fulfill key function roles within the company, original bank references of all owners/applicants that are no more than three months old, notarized copies of passports for all owners/applicants, a detailed business plan, a compliance and software audit, and details of all gaming software used and third party agreements. In addition, the location of all business operations and game servers must be within the country of Malta. If an applicant is unable to fulfill certain critical roles, GBO is able to provide team members who can do these responsibilities on their behalf.


    Malta Gaming License Turnkey Package

    GBO has been providing assistance to enterprises involved in online gambling for more than a decade, and this assistance includes supporting clients in getting the Malta gaming license.

    GBO has developed a comprehensive turnkey package for business operators who are interested in obtaining a gaming license in Malta. This package covers administration, applications, licensing, compliance, corporate, and fiscal matters. GBO possesses extensive knowledge and has extensive experience in the practical application of this knowledge. Face-to-face meetings with the Malta Gaming Authority are required as part of the process of getting a gaming license in Malta. In addition, you may be asked to provide extra paperwork during these meetings.

    The procedure can be difficult and take longer than six weeks. Schedule a free consultation with GBO to discuss your plans, receive advice on whether the Malta license is suited for you, and gain a better understanding of the process if you are contemplating obtaining a gaming license in Malta. The consultation lasts for thirty minutes and costs nothing. by collaborative effort, GBO is able to assist you in selecting the ideal plan for your company.

    Malta gambling license countries:

    there isn’t an exhaustive list of countries where the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license is widely recognized and common, there are several countries and jurisdictions where the MGA license is respected and allows operators to offer their services, provided that online gambling is legal and not subject to local licensing requirements in those jurisdictions. Some of these countries include:

    1. Sweden
    2. Finland
    3. Norway
    4. Denmark
    5. Germany
    6. Netherlands
    7. Austria
    8. Ireland
    9. Latvia
    10. Lithuania
    11. Estonia
    12. Poland
    13. Slovenia
    14. Slovakia
    15. Croatia
    16. Malta


    Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and the regulatory landscape for online gambling is subject to change. It is crucial for operators to research and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction they plan to target. Additionally, some countries may have specific agreements with the MGA, which could impact the recognition of the MGA license.


    Malta Gaming License for Sale

    Malta is one of the most promising prospects in the international gambling industry. As a center for online gambling, Malta offers an attractive market for both new and established gaming companies. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the nuances of margins, acquisitions, and the advantages of acquiring a gaming license and company in Malta.


    The Appeal of Gambling Business Opportunities in Malta

    Malta has firmly established itself as a leading jurisdiction in the gambling industry, thanks to its robust regulatory framework and enticing business environment. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are drawn to the opportunities in this market, which include online gaming businesses and iGaming enterprises.

    The availability of gaming licenses for sale in Malta is an important aspect of these opportunities. These licenses enable the operation of a legal and reputable gambling business, granting immediate market access and fostering stakeholder confidence.


    The Importance of Margins in the Gambling Industry

    Understanding the concept of margins is essential for running a profitable gambling business. A margin is the difference between the total amount bet by players and the total amount of winnings paid out. The remaining amount, also known as the “house edge,” contributes to the business’s gross profit.


    Why and How to Acquire a Maltese Gaming Company?

    Given the country’s reputable gaming industry and the sector’s global growth, purchasing a gaming business for sale in Malta can be a lucrative endeavor. The following are compelling arguments for considering this investment:

    1. Established Regulatory Framework: The regulatory environment of Malta is well-respected internationally, which enhances the credibility of businesses operating under a gaming license issued by Malta.
    2. Infrastructure Already in Place: Purchasing an existing gaming business entails inheriting operational infrastructure, such as technology and software, potentially reducing setup time and expenses.
    3. Acquisition of a Malta gaming business provides an immediate revenue stream, as opposed to starting a new business, which may take time to generate a profit.
    4. Access to Talented Professionals: Malta boasts a highly skilled workforce in the iGaming industry, granting access to a talent pool.
    5. However, acquiring a Malta gaming business necessitates careful consideration of several factors, such as financial health, customer retention rates, existing technology stack, regulatory compliance, and growth potential.


    Understanding the Price of a Gaming License for Sale in Malta

    A Malta gaming license is the gold standard in the gambling industry, guaranteeing the legitimacy and legality of your business. Obtaining a gaming license in Malta can be a complicated procedure involving a number of legal and regulatory requirements. However, the opportunity to acquire a for-sale Malta gaming license provides a quicker entry into the market. When evaluating a Malta gaming license for sale, it is essential to confirm that the license is valid, active, and recognized by the Malta Gaming Authority, the governing body for gaming activities in Malta.


    Advantages of Malta gaming license

    Malta is a popular jurisdiction for obtaining a gaming license because it offers a number of advantages to companies operating in the online gaming industry. Some of the benefits of obtaining a gaming license in Malta include:

    • Malta is a member of the European Union and has a reputation for being a business-friendly jurisdiction. This makes it an attractive location for companies looking to operate in the EU.
    • The Maltese gaming regulatory authority, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), is known for its strict but fair regulatory environment. This helps to ensure that companies operating in Malta are operating in a transparent and responsible manner.
    • Malta has a well-developed infrastructure, including a highly skilled and educated workforce, making it an ideal location for companies in the gaming industry.
    • The MGA offers a number of different types of gaming licenses, including licenses for casino games, sports betting, and lottery. This allows companies to choose the license that best fits their business model.
    • Malta has a favorable tax regime for gaming companies, with low corporate tax rates and a range of tax incentives for businesses operating in the industry.
    • Malta is a politically stable and secure location, which is important for companies operating in the gaming industry.

    Overall, obtaining a gaming license in Malta can offer a number of advantages to companies looking to operate in the online gaming industry.


    Main features of Malta gaming license

    Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that is known for its favorable tax regime and its well-developed gaming industry. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is the regulatory body responsible for issuing gaming licenses and overseeing the gaming industry in Malta.

    Some of the main features of a Malta gaming license include:

    1. Broad scope: A Malta gaming license allows businesses to offer a wide range of gaming activities, including online casino, sports betting, and lottery.
    2. Strict requirements: The MGA has strict requirements for companies seeking a Malta gaming license, including financial and technical requirements, as well as strict anti-money laundering and player protection measures.
    3. Tax benefits: Malta offers a number of tax benefits for gaming businesses, including a 5% corporate tax rate and a number of double tax treaty agreements.
    4. Reputation: Malta has a well-established and respected gaming industry, which can help to enhance the reputation of businesses operating in the jurisdiction.
    5. Support services: The MGA offers a range of support services for businesses operating in the gaming industry, including technical support, legal advice, and access to a network of industry experts.


    It is important to note that obtaining a Malta gaming license can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it is always a good idea to seek the guidance of a qualified lawyer or professional advisor.

    The B2C license, B2B license, and Skill Games license are just a few of the different gaming licenses that Malta offers.

    The B2C (Business-to-Consumer) license is for companies that provide gamers with direct access to remote gaming services. It covers licenses for lotteries, casinos, and sportsbooks. The initial application price and yearly fee for this license are both €2,330 and €6,660, respectively. Operators must pay a tax on gross gaming income (GGR), which is currently set at 5% for sports betting and 0.5% for casino games, in addition to the license costs.


    The B2B (Business-to-Business) license is for companies that offer other licensed companies remote gaming platforms and applications. The initial application price and yearly renewal fees for this license are each €1,165. Holders of B2B licenses are also to a tax on GGR, which is currently set at 5%.


    Operators who provide players with skill-based games, such as poker, are required to hold a Skill Games license. The initial application price and yearly fee for this license are both €2,330 and €6,660, respectively. Licensees of Skill Games are subject to a 5% GGR tax, which is currently in effect.

    It’s important to keep in mind that the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) may impose extra costs for particular game or service categories, such as €1,165 for a live dealer casino studio. MGA may also perform inspections on-site and charge fees for these inspections.


    In order to promote fair and responsible gaming, the MGA has established severe rules and requirements that all license holders in Malta must adhere to.



    How much does a gaming license cost in Malta?


    What are Malta’s gaming license restricted countries?
    A Malta gaming license is recognized and accepted in many countries worldwide. As of September 2021, the list includes Afghanistan, Belarus, Burma, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. However, the list may be updated from time to time, and it’s recommended to check with the MGA for the most up-to-date information.
    Is the UK covered by a Malta gaming license?

    No, the United Kingdom is not covered by a Malta gaming license. The UK has its own regulatory body, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), which is responsible for overseeing and issuing licenses for gambling operators within the UK. If an online gambling operator wants to offer its services to customers in the UK, it must obtain a separate license from the UKGC. The UKGC has strict regulations and compliance requirements that operators must adhere to in order to maintain their licenses.  Although the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license is well-respected and recognized in many jurisdictions, it does not grant operators the right to offer their services in the UK without obtaining the appropriate UKGC license


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