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    As the popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrency transactions are growing worldwide, it is essential for any online gambling website to be able to offer its visitors the opportunity to make their deposits and withdrawals in a crypto currency instead of only fiat currencies like US dollars and euros.

    This article covers the fundamental issues you need to consider when introducing cryptocurrency facilities into an online gambling operation.

    Why does adding cryptocurrency make business sense?

    Cryptocurrencies offer some unique benefits that make them particularly attractive for online gambling. Because they were built from the ground up as digital currencies, they are especially suited to online transactions. Add to that the complete security that encryption brings along with secrecy, and you have a medium that is perfect for online gaming.

    The main advantage for players who want to work with cryptocurrencies is that they ensure total anonymity in moving funds into and out of the casino. Winnings cannot be taxed in the same way as they can for fiat currencies that are visible via traceable banking transactions.

    Operating an online casino that allows for transactions in cryptocurrencies increases your attraction worldwide, with a reach that extends beyond just locales that already fully permit gambling into countries and states where it is banned or regulated. This is where cryptocurrencies come into their own, because authorities have no way of tracking movement or discovering ownership of cryptocurrencies.

    Crypto casino license fees

    Several jurisdictions permit cryptocurrency casinos to operate without a license. You need to remember that players are very wary of unlicensed operators, just as is the case for standard online casinos. The risk is much greater because there is little or no supervision in unlicensed jurisdictions. Casino operators can disappear overnight along with customers’ deposits in cryptocurrencies, which are entirely untraceable and unrecoverable.

    So far, the best jurisdictions that offer conventional casino licenses, pure crypto licenses and combination fiat/crypto licenses are Curaçao and Malta. In the rest of this article, we will be focusing on those countries, with additional notes on when there are other countries or states that have begun to open up to this market.


    Curaçao has an excellent general reputation because of the quality of the legislation that allows online gaming as well as control of the operations. Gamblers have confidence that their betting activities will be secure, private and fair. Casinos offer the most popular table gambling activities like roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, sports betting and electronic slots.

    The Curaçao gaming license is available only to companies that are based in Curaçao. The costs for a crypto gaming sub-license work out at around €30,000 as a one-off upfront payment to a Master License holder, with a monthly fee of €5,000 for the first two years. After that, the fees can be renegotiated with the Master License holder.

    Important for casino operators, Curaçao levies no tax on gross gaming revenue – unlike other major countries where taxes on gaming revenue can go as high as 35%.

    When you set up the corporate structure with our help, we will get you established so that you pay the minimum tax rate on net corporate profit, which is just 2%.


    Malta Gaming Authority issues licenses that permit both fiat and crypto gaming. The basic license costs around €17,500 up-front, plus a sliding rate based on revenue which can top out at €750,000. On top of this expense, Malta gaming corporations have to pay a standard corporate tax of 35% on profits.


    Why should you get the license from us?

    • We have helped hundreds of customers to get Curaçao casino licenses in the 12 years we have been specializing in the gaming consultancy business
    • We usually take 2-3 weeks for the complete licensing process
    • We offer the lowest rates for Curaçao gaming license fees
    • We give you a smooth and seamless process
    • We can also help you with opening the required bank accounts
    • We will help you locate the best payment service providers
    • We allocate a dedicated professional account manager to you.

    Bitcoin Online Casino Licensing requirements

    Bitcoin is the most widely traded and recognized cryptocurrency. It sets the benchmark for the rest of the cryptocurrency world. There are no specific requirements regarding using Bitcoin both as a medium for transfers into and out of casino accounts or as a wager. It is neither illegal nor prohibited in online casino transactions and plays. Most countries do not yet regard Bitcoin as a real currency.

    Bitcoin casino turnkey solution

    The options for computer systems needed to set up an online Bitcoin casino are:

    • To purchase a “white label” solution, a ready-to-go casino platform that can be branded to appear like your own unique casino to visitors. Both the originators of the solution and the branders charge fees, either flat amounts or a percentage of your casino’s profits. This is a rapid and easy path to getting your Bitcoin casino up and running, but on the negative side, you will be pretty average in terms of what your site can do, because you are sharing this platform with many other casinos worldwide.
    • To develop a complete turnkey solution either with your own software team, or by employing external consultants for the entire process from design through programming, testing and implementation. The advantage of a turnkey package is that it will completely match your own requirements and can offer customers things that they can’t find on other sites. This is especially important if you will operate in tightly regulated countries. Because Bitcoin gaming is relatively new, the existing white label solutions mostly have only grafted Bitcoin capabilities on top of their older technology, so there will still be bumps and gaps in their packages. A turnkey solution with full Bitcoin capability will be precisely what you need. Be prepared, however, for higher up-front costs and a more extended period to get the solution you require. In the long run, the up-front investment in time and money will give you a better solution that is less costly to maintain.

    Bitcoin Online Casino Licensing


    Because Bitcoin is the most popular and recognized medium of trade in the crypto world, it can make good business sense for new crypto gambling investors to start with a single offering of gambling on a licensed Bitcoin casino.

    Most countries do not yet regard Bitcoin as a currency, so licensing a casino that can handle Bitcoin can be done the same way as a regular casino. GBO has been offering complete turnkey packages for customers looking to set up casinos in the key locations of Curacao and Malta for nearly 15 years. You should let us take the necessary steps, and you can be up and running in just a few weeks.


    What does a crypto gambling license cost?


    Setting up an online crypto casino involves many steps. The crypto gaming license cost is just one of the many associated costs. It would help if you let GBO be your guide because we have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that you have the best possible solution.

    One of the main variables in the crypto casino license fee structure is the country in which you base the casino. The first choice you should make is to select a jurisdiction that issues recognized and acknowledged licenses. Gamblers are very wary of countries that allow unregulated gaming, because there is a long history of illegal and criminal organizations that disappear overnight, taking all of the players’ funds with them. This is primarily a risk for crypto casinos, because cryptocurrencies are totally untraceable.

    Crypto gaming license costs will include the formation of a corporation inside the licensing country, and the establishment of the required infrastructure, including a gambling software platform, payment services, banking and all the required personnel. Crypto casino license requirements dictate the presence of local directors, the identification of Ultimate Beneficial Owners, and due compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) laws.



    Can cryptocurrency be used for gambling?

    There are no specific conditions regarding the use of cryptocurrencies both for transfers into and out of casino accounts and for betting. The casino can allow customers to work entirely in cryptocurrencies or set up some exchange if they have not upgraded the games to permit wagers in crypto denominations.


    Is Bitcoin casino legal?

    In many countries, an online casino must obtain a gambling license. Without this, it cannot process payments via banks. Most customers will avoid using the site because of experience with illegal gaming companies that were either fraud or failed, with the gamers’ money disappearing. However, there are no specific laws relating to whether Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be used to move funds or gambling.


    How do you set up a crypto casino?

    The steps to start a crypto casino can be summarized as follows:

    • Choose the jurisdiction in which you want to operate – preferably one which already issued recognized licenses like Curaçao or Malta
    • Set up a company in that country
    • Either purchase a “white label” software package and rebrand it with your look-and-feel, or develop your own turnkey solution
    • Establish a website and start publicizing your business.


    Do you need a license for a crypto casino?

    There are no laws relating to whether Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can be used for transfers or gambling. To be legitimate, an online casino must obtain a gambling license from a recognized authority, otherwise it will not be able to open bank accounts to process payments. Gamblers are also very wary of unlicensed casinos because these have a history of disappearing with their customers’ money.


    Is crypto gambling regulated?

    The authorities who oversee licensed online gambling operations inside their jurisdictions do not distinguish between fiat currency and cryptocurrency transactions. The same regulations apply regardless of which medium of transaction the casino allows.

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