GBO is a top choice for entrepreneurs who want to obtain online gaming licenses, especially in Tobique.

We will handle the entire process of obtaining a gambling license in Tobique and guide you every step of the way. We simplify the process of acquiring and maintaining a gaming license in this appealing location.

Why Choose a Tobique Gaming License:

  1. Global Use: This license is valid not just in Tobique, making it versatile for your business location.
  2. Cost-Friendly: Obtaining a gaming license in Tobique is both affordable and straightforward.
  3. Similar to the Curacao License: If you’re accustomed to the license system, Tobique’s will seem familiar and serves as an excellent alternative.
  4. Widely Accepted: Banks, online money services, and other gaming companies in Europe trust and accept the Tobique license.

At GBO Corporate Services, we take pride in our track record of assisting clients in starting their companies, applying for licenses, and complying with regulations. Our experts are well-versed in the intricacies of the Tobique Betting and Gaming Act, ensuring a seamless process for you.

Find Out How We Can Help You Obtain a Tobique Gaming License

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    The Tobique Gaming License: A Key Asset for Online Gaming Ventures

    Online gaming, celebrated globally for its engaging experiences and profitability for entrepreneurs, is thriving. The rapid growth has highlighted the appeal of jurisdictions like Tobique, known for their solid support for online gaming enterprises with efficient, flexible regulations in a tax-exempt setting.


    Tobique Gaming License Overview

    The Tobique gaming license, administered by the Tobique Authority through Tobique Corporate Services, legally authorizes businesses to operate online gaming and gambling platforms. Unique for its allowance of multiple brand operations across various sites, it mandates that each site display the owner’s name and a trust seal from the Tobique International Services Authority for transparency and trust.


    Tobique Gaming License Cost

    The cost of the license is between 50,,000 USD to 70000 USD, including application fees, annual fees, and additional charges. The cost can vary based on several factors including the type of gaming activities, the size of the operation, and regulatory changes.

    Tobique Gaming License Costs

    wdt_ID wdt_created_by wdt_created_at wdt_last_edited_by wdt_last_edited_at Incorporation of a Holding company for the License EUR EUR
    1 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Incorporation of a Costa Rica company company** 1,70
    2 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Company formation, corporate documents, government fees, 2.900,00
    3 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM English Translation, courier
    4 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Annual Maintenance fees *
    5 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Registered office, Resident agent, registered office
    6 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Total Price 4,600 4.600,00
    7 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM EUR Tobique Gaming License- Application fee
    8 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM  Preapplication 2,50
    9 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM (Deductible against full application fee)
    10 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Application assistance fee  15,50
    11 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Annual Gaming License fee*
    12 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM (Includes 2 URLs)
    13 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Total Price  36,00
    14 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Optional Services* 0,00
    15 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Nominee shareholder 4.000,00
    16 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Nominee director 6.000,00
    17 mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM mgadmin 23/06/2024 09:01 AM Power of Attorney 500,00

    Requirements for the Tobique Gaming License

    The license requirements aim to ensure operators adhere to strict regulatory frameworks, promoting fair and safe online gaming environments. Essentials include:

    1. Company Registration in Tobique: A prerequisite for license eligibility.
    2. Comprehensive Application Documentation: Including financial forecasts, business plans, and key personnel details.
    3. Software and Infrastructure Reliability: Proof of gaming software and operational infrastructure meeting international standards.
    4. Fit and Proper Test for Key Personnel: Ensuring clean criminal records and financial stability.
    5. AML/CFT Compliance: Adhering to Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Financing of Terrorism regulations.
    6. Data Protection Measures: Ensuring player information security.
    7. License Fees: Including application, annual, and any other relevant fees.
    8. Meeting these requirements is crucial for obtaining and maintaining the Tobique Gaming License, allowing legal and responsible operation within the jurisdiction.

    The Tobique Online Casino Licensing Process

    This process involves several steps designed to ensure compliance with Tobique’s regulatory standards, including company formation, application preparation, document submission, background checks, AML/CFT evidence provision, fee payment, license issuance, and ongoing regulatory adherence.

    Advantages and Considerations

    Benefits include:

    1. Tax-Free Operations: Enhancing profitability significantly.
    2. Brand Flexibility: The ability to operate under multiple brands.
    3. Rapid Licensing Process: Allowing for swift business launch.
    4. Supportive Regulatory Environment: Encouraging growth and innovation.

    Considerations involve:

    1. Limited Global Recognition: Tobique licenses may not be as recognized as those from jurisdictions like Malta or the UK.
    2. Payment Processing Challenges: Potential limitations in player payment options.
    3. Operational Requirements: The necessity for a local company and office could be operationally challenging.
    4. Regulatory Compliance: Requires careful adherence to maintain licensing.
    5. The Tobique gaming license offers a compelling opportunity for online gaming entities aiming to leverage the industry’s growth and profitability. With its tax-exempt benefits, brand flexibility, and supportive legal framework, Tobique stands out as a competitive jurisdiction for online gaming businesses. As the sector evolves, the strategic advantages of a Tobique gaming license continue to offer operational efficiency and market potential.


    Benefits of Obtaining a Tobique Gambling License

    Stable Jurisdiction Benefits:

    Operating within Tobique, a region free from geopolitical conflicts, offers the perk of a stable licensing environment. The jurisdiction boasts affordability with its low licensing fees and absence of local taxes, and its licenses are recognized across Canada.

    Global Licensing Reach:

    Tobique’s gambling license is notable for its wide acceptance, excluding only a few countries such as North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, and the US. It supports a broad range of gambling operations without the burden of corporate and income taxes.

    Diverse Operational Scope:

    The jurisdiction of Tobique opens doors to a vast array of gambling ventures including online casinos, sports betting, bingo, and table games, providing a comprehensive gambling platform.

    Favorable Tax Structure:

    Distinguishing itself from other regions, Tobique’s licensing does not demand a share of the revenues but instead, imposes only an annual fee, presenting a cost-effective solution for emerging businesses.

    Efficient Licensing Process:

    The process to secure a gambling license in Tobique is notably swift, with potential approval within just 3-4 weeks, a stark contrast to the prolonged durations seen with other international gambling licenses.


    Tobique Gambling License Requirments:

    Clear Legal Background Required:
    Applicants, including all company beneficiaries and directors, must have a clean legal record. If you’re the primary beneficiary and seeking a director’s position, a criminal clearance certificate is necessary.

    Address Verification:
    Utility bills are commonly accepted as evidence of your residential address.

    Recent Financial History:
    A recent bank statement, covering the last three months, is required to verify your financial stability.

    Game Development Credentials:
    For those creating games for the gaming industry, obtaining certifications from recognized authorities is essential.

    Website Compliance and Functionality:
    Ensuring your website meets all regulatory requirements and is fully operational is crucial by the end of the licensing phase. Assistance in achieving this compliance will be provided.

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