We recently returned of an exhilarating experience at the iGB Amsterdam, one of the most prestigious gaming B2B conferences globally.

It was a gathering point for industry experts, showcasing a vibrant ecosystem of innovative ideas, advanced technology, and a multitude of individuals and companies eager to create new partnerships and opportunities. Continue reading below.


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    iGB Amsterdam 2023 – reviews and pictures from the conference


    One of the most striking aspects of the conference was the array of categories on display. The conference was segmented into areas focusing on online casino software, gaming platforms, payment solutions, legal and regulatory guidance, marketing strategies, affiliation opportunities, and corporate services. Each section presented a unique opportunity for attendees to explore, learn, and connect.


    A specific area that piqued our interest was the corporate services sector. We noticed a recurring theme – the rising popularity of the Anjouan gaming license. Many industry insiders were discussing its potential as a viable alternative to the widely recognized Curacao license. This sentiment was reflected in numerous conversations, highlighting the increasingly cost-effective and efficient nature of the Anjouan gaming license.


    Adding to the richness of the conference experience was the host city itself – Amsterdam. With its picturesque canals, a compelling mix of historic and modern architecture, and a bustling culture that is as welcoming as it is fascinating, the city offered the perfect backdrop for the event.



    We also attended several roundtable discussions, panel debates, and one-on-one meetings. This array of events allowed us to engage in enlightening dialogues about the future of the gaming industry. Not only did we have the chance to share our insights, but we also had the privilege of learning from other industry leaders.




    In conclusion, our journey at iGB Amsterdam was enlightening and truly enriching. It opened our eyes to the future of the industry and the role of the Anjouan gaming license in shaping it. We left the conference feeling invigorated, filled with ideas and connections to explore as we continue to lead in the gaming market.

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