GBO provides a full turn-key solution in Curaçao that encompasses all aspects: establishing a Curaçao-based company, handling license applications, setting up systems, liaising with banks, and integrating crypto wallets and merchant accounts.


Last update: 03.9.2023

GBO offers a Curacao turn-key solution covering everything: Curacao company formation, license applications, systems, banks, Crypto wallets and merchant account


The Curacao Gaming Industry has a long and illustrious history, but its future is uncertain due to competition from other jurisdictions and regulatory uncertainty. However, the expert team at GBO is equipped to assist clients in overcoming these obstacles and thriving in this dynamic industry. This report examines the history, regulatory environment, current state, challenges, and future outlook of the Curacao Gaming Industry, focusing on the role that GBO can play in assisting clients to achieve success in this rapidly expanding sector of the entertainment industry.

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    The Online Gaming Sector in Curaçao

    Curacao’s online gaming industry has been a significant contributor to the island’s economy for many years. Curacao, a constituent country of the Netherlands located in the southern Caribbean Sea, has established itself as a leading jurisdiction for online gaming operations. Here is an overview of the Curacao online gaming industry:

    1. Licensing: Curacao offers a single license type for all interactive e-Gaming, including casinos, sports betting, exchanges, lotteries, and games of skill and chance. This simplified procedure is appealing to operators because they do not require separate licenses for different types of games or betting.
    2. Cost-Effective: In comparison to other jurisdictions, Curacao’s licensing process is relatively inexpensive, making it a popular choice for startups and smaller businesses.
    3. 3. Infrastructure: Curacao has a robust Internet infrastructure, which is necessary for online gaming operations. The connectivity of the island is supported by the Curacao Internet Exchange (CRIX), a high-speed, contemporary data hub.
    4. Legal Framework: The legal framework for online gambling in Curaçao is well-established and mature. Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB)
      is the regulatory body responsible for regulating the industry.
    5. Tax Advantages: Curacao’s favorable tax environment is one of the most significant advantages for businesses. The island offers online gaming companies a competitive tax regime with attractive rates and incentives.
    6. Reputation: Curacao is renowned for its relatively lax regulatory environment, but it has been criticized in the past for insufficient oversight. In recent years, the jurisdiction has taken steps to improve its regulatory framework and reputation in the international community.
    7. Data Protection: Curacao places a high priority on data protection, ensuring that operators safeguard the personal and financial information of their players.
    8. Accessibility: Curacao is easily accessible from both North and South America as well as Europe due to its strategic location. This geographical advantage, coupled with a favorable business climate, attracts a large number of international gaming operators.
    9. Curacao offers numerous advantages to online gaming operators, but there are obstacles to consider. As stated, the jurisdiction’s regulatory practices have been criticized. Some operators may also encounter difficulties with banking, as not all banks are willing to work with licensed gaming companies.
    10. Conclusion: Curacao’s online gaming industry is a key economic pillar. Combining a streamlined licensing process, cost-effective setup, a robust infrastructure, and tax incentives, the island is an attractive location for many online gaming operators. However, prospective operators must be cognizant of the obstacles and ensure they comply with all local regulations.


    The gambling industry in Curacao is a fast-expanding

    The gambling industry in Curacao is a fast-expanding sector with substantial development and investment possibilities. Curacao is a small island in the southern Caribbean Sea that belongs to the Netherlands. The island is well-known for its robust casino business, which benefits from advantageous tax rules, low operating costs, and a supportive regulatory environment. This paper will present an overview of the gaming business in Curacao, including statistics, the number of gaming enterprises, revenues, laws, and a prediction for the industry’s future.


    Curacao gaming volume

    In 2021, the gambling business in Curacao generated roughly $500 million in income, according to statistics. In the next years, this number is anticipated to increase as new companies enter the market and current organizations expand their operations. Over the past decade, the number of gaming enterprises on Curacao has expanded substantially, and there are now more than 200 companies operating on the island. Curacao is home to a significant number of gaming enterprises, ranging from small start-ups to huge global corporations. Betway, Mr. Green & Co., LeoVegas, and 888 Holdings are among the most well-known enterprises in the gambling industry in Curaçao. Due to Curacao’s favorable tax legislation and low operating costs, several of these businesses have established operations on the island.


    Curacao’s gambling business has a considerable impact on the island’s economy, contributing significantly to its GDP. Curacao’s gambling business generated around $500 million in income in 2021, a figure that is projected to rise in the years to come. This increase is fueled by the rising markets for sports betting and other forms of gambling, as well as the increasing popularity of internet gaming. The Curacao Gaming Control Board is responsible for providing gaming licenses and ensuring that all enterprises operating on the island comply with the legislation. Curacao’s policies are advantageous for gaming enterprises since they offer a favorable tax climate, minimal operating expenses, and a stable regulatory framework.


    The future Outlook of Curacao’s gaming industry

    The future outlook of Curacao’s gaming industry is uncertain due to competition from other jurisdictions and regulatory uncertainty. To remain competitive, the industry must continue to innovate and offer new and innovative products, while also providing greater regulatory certainty and stability to attract investment and ensure long-term success. To ensure its future success, the Curacao Gaming Industry must invest in new technologies and products, such as blockchain-based casinos and virtual reality gaming experiences, and attract investment from gaming operators around the world by offering a favorable regulatory environment and tax policies.

    The outlook for the gaming business in Curacao is positive, with significant growth and investment opportunities. In the coming years, the popularity of internet gaming, sports betting, and other types of gaming will drive the expansion of the sector. In addition, the island’s favorable tax laws, cheap operating expenses, and stable regulatory climate will continue to attract gaming enterprises.


    In conclusion, the gaming business in Curacao is a fast expanding sector with significant development and investment possibilities. Curacao is an appealing place for gambling enterprises because to its favorable tax laws, low operating expenses, and stable regulatory framework. The future forecast for the gaming business in Curacao is optimistic, as the increasing popularity of online gaming and sports betting will drive industry growth in the next years.


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