Accelerated digital banking demand in Europe is an opportunity
Recent studies have shown that the COVID-19 pandemic has driven awareness of digitally-enabled financial services providers to unprecedented and unexpected levels in Central and Eastern Europe. Effects of the pandemic As the pandemic spreads and countries are experiencing another wave, Europeans are interacting more widely...
How the behavior of banking customers is changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Digital banking has received a tremendous boost around the world, being adopted with incredible speed. Customers have become much more agile, looking for individual products that match their needs, rather than whole bank structures that cover the full range, but provide less-than-optimum, or more expensive,...
digital money
How moving towards a cashless culture impacts Fintech banks
There is a movement in many countries into what is known as the digital wallet . It is replacing the old concept of 'hard money' in the form of notes and coins carried around inside a wallet or purse or saved inside the bank to...
Transferwise vs n26
Two of the most popular and successful new online banking services are Transferwise and N26. In many respects, they offer similar features, since N26 uses TransferWise for their customers’ international money transfers.  N26 now has nearly 6 million users, and Transferwise is the leading UK-based...
Electronic Money Institution vs. Bank
The rapid growth of the financial services industry, also known as “FinTech”, over the last five years has produced a tremendous range of new institutions that offer advanced digital banking services for personal and business users without themselves being registered as banks. One of the...

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