GBO is a corporate services agency that specializes in providing a range of support services to businesses. These services can include company formation and registration, business consulting, and financial planning.


GBO has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who work closely with clients to understand their business goals and develop customized solutions to help them achieve success. The company has a strong focus on providing excellent customer service and helping clients navigate the complex world of business.


In addition to its core services, GBO also offers a range of additional support, including market research and analysis, corporate governance, and compliance support.


With its deep understanding of the local market and strong network of contacts, GBO is well-equipped to help businesses of all sizes and industries succeed. Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow your existing business, GBO can be your partner in achieving your business goals.

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    An international business bank account is a financial account that allows a business to conduct financial transactions internationally. This can include making and receiving payments in foreign currencies, as well as transferring funds between countries.


    An international business bank account can be a valuable tool for businesses that operate globally or that have customers or suppliers in multiple countries. It can help to streamline financial operations and reduce the costs and complications associated with conducting international transactions.


    To open an international business bank account, a business typically needs to provide certain documentation, such as proof of incorporation and identification for the business owner(s). The process for opening an international business bank account can vary depending on the country in which the account is being opened and the bank offering the account.


    Having an international business bank account can help a business to expand its operations globally and to take advantage of new opportunities in international markets.


    There are several reasons why a company might need an international bank account:

    1. To facilitate international transactions: An international bank account can make it easier for a company to make and receive payments in foreign currencies, as well as transfer funds between countries.
    2. To reduce transaction costs: Using an international bank account can help a company to save on fees associated with international transactions, such as exchange rate markups and wire transfer fees.
    3. To manage foreign exchange risk: An international bank account can help a company to hedge against currency fluctuations by allowing it to hold balances in multiple currencies.
    4. To expand into new markets: Having an international bank account can be a useful tool for companies looking to expand their operations globally, as it can facilitate the flow of funds between countries.
    5. To improve efficiency: An international bank account can help a company to streamline its financial operations and reduce the time and effort required to manage international transactions.


    Features of International Business Bank Accounts

    Setting up a business bank account is an elementary part of establishing a business built for success. There are many regulations to bear in mind and you would have an advantage by drawing on the experience of our GBO experts.


    Choosing Where to Set Up a International Business Bank Account

    It is possible to open an international business bank account in a number of banks and financial institutions around the world including Europe. It is important to establish a strong connection with your bank and ensure that your bank understands your business and your financial needs. Not all banks are created equally; some banks offer excellent services but astronomical fees while others may offer low fees but not give you the full-service banking experience.

    You need to consider the fee structure; convenience; accessibility; personal attention; any special business account packages the bank may offer and if you will be able to negotiate your international business account package further down the line. An important point to remember is that not all banks will accept all types of business activity. For example some banks restrict accounts to brick-and-mortar establishments and others do not accept gaming businesses. Shop around before settling on the bank where you will set up your international business bank account – compare services and fees.


    Must-Have Features of an international Business Bank Account:

    1. Bank Cards – Business prepaid debit cards are a secure and convenient way to pay for services and goods and make withdrawals from ATMs in multiple currencies across the globe.
    2. Unique IBAN – Set up a business bank account where you are provided with dedicated IBANs under the name of your business and in multiple currencies.
    3. Currency Exchange – The best business bank accounts will allow for real-time currency exchange at competitive rates. An international business with customers and suppliers in several countries must have a business bank account where transactions can be made in several currencies.
    4. Mass Payments – Choose a virtual IBAN account where you have the option to easily make mass payments to employees, affiliates and suppliers. You should be able to make payments of any amount and in multiple currencies.
    5. Account Features – With an international business bank account you should be able to send/receive funds around the world in multiple currencies; make payments using your company’s dedicated IBANs; conduct currency conversions easily and manage your account remotely in a secure, fast and efficient manner.


    It is quite difficult today to international open business bank accounts in Europe to for companies in many fields including:

    1. E-commerce
    2. Affiliates
    3. Gaming
    4. Digital advertising
    5. Tourism
    6. Export/import
    7. Software
    8. Hi-Tech start-ups
    9. Online businesses


    How and where to order a company prepaid card online

    Many convenient stores nowadays sell prepaid debit cards. One option for purchasing a prepaid debit card, therefore, is to go into a brick-and-mortar store and purchase a card using a check. A second option is to purchase a prepaid card online – this is perhaps the more accommodating and easier method. Before choosing your desired card provider it is essential to compare the fees that are associated with various card providers thus making sure that your chosen debit card provider befits your financial needs and capabilities. Beware of fishing websites and unknown card-brands and choose more familiar brands and well-established providers. The online application process is very easy and no credit check is in order.


    In order to apply for a company prepaid card, you ought to open a corporate bank account online. Depending on the type and size of your business, this will necessitate some personal information (Social Security Number or Business Tax Identification Number, Business License specifying both business and owner’s name, Business name filing document, etc). Once your request is approved, a prepaid debit card will be sent to you within 7-10 business days.

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