Interview with: Rotem Hamburger, Director of Business Development at Valyuz UAB


Rotem has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, business development and consulting, in various industries. Working and assisting many international brands in forming new relationships and connections, increasing revenue and implementing new ideas.


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Rotem Hamburger

1. Can you tell us about Valyuz ?

Valyuz is an EMI boutique licensed by the Bank of Lithuania, in European Union that specialize in servicing international corporates from different industries providing financial services that includes SEPA,  IBAN’s and SWIFT payment, Corporate Debit Cards, Currency conversions using desktop and mobile application.

One of our main strength is to maintain and understand the importance of regulatory compliance – both for the onboarding process and after the account is opened, the ongoing monitoring in order to sustain a safe, secure and reliable ecosystem for our customers.


2. Please describe your industry/main market

We offer our services to international companies from various jurisdiction which operate in different verticals such as Ecommerce, technology, IT, Gaming, Marketing, R&D which are considered relatively low to medium-risk.


3. What direction is the EMI’s industry going in terms of growth after the explosion of companies in the last few years?

Recently I see many new EMIs and its quite difficult to track all of them. In my opinion, we will see many acquisitions in the near future and the EMIs who are challenging to maintain regulations, will either merge with stronger ones who have managed keep up with compliance and keep growing their customer it is very important to choose the right EMI to work with in order to maintain a sustainable environment.


4. Can you describe what are the 3 main opportunities in the banking industry in Europe?

First main opportunity is making digital banking services more accessible for new clients, the millennian generation who are more open to work with new technologies and services. The use of mobile will continue to increase and more sophisticated services and apps are available. Also, the European union is becoming more attractive and major player in tech industries related to online business such as IT Development, Financials, entertainment and crypto industry and those clients require advance knowledge and services.


5. Regulation – how does Valyuz cope with the regulations?

The Regulation environment for EMIs is constantly changing and become more complex and been implemented to new industries such the crypto industry, therefore, we must always be one step ahead making sure we keep proving our services to our customers while keeping the highest standards of compliance and regulation frame.


6. What are your latest developments?

We keep developing new services and tools in order to fully cater our customer’s requirements. From mass-payment options, dedicated IBANS, mobile apps to internal automated monitoring systems.


7. Valyuz:

a. What are your most valuable strengths?

We have a very strong AML team who are making sure to be on top of all new regulations and keeping our environment safe for our trusted customers.

We chose real carefully our customers and provide them the most efficient services. We learn about their operations and requirements and cater all their needs.


b. Which industries you focus on?

The Main industry we focus is the Igaming Industry. We see the industry is having many issues and challenges due to few Bad apples who gave the industry bad reputation. The industry is providing entertainment and many financial institutes, do not want to deal with it. We keep educating our team about the industry and keep growing within. As we work with known Brands from the industry, we are able to save many operators, Game developers and others on many of the transactions as we created an Ecosystem, with many of the brands from the industry.


c. What make you unique in the EMI’ industry?

Valyuz has a great team and even with the challenges of Covid, we managed to grow our


d. What do you think clients tell about you?

I would say that most of our customers are happy to have us as a Partner. We understand their needs and know the importance of smooth operations. Of course, we can be seen as strict in regard to AML and compliance. We do so only to keep our environment, secure and reliable for our customers operations.

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