Interview with Isaac T. Armoni (Esq./MBA), Chief Executive Officer at Wallter

Banking, Compliance and Legal professional with proven 20+ years track record of success while working for various global companies and Banks. Employing his comprehensive experience in Venture Capital, IT, Start-up, Banking, Finance, Aviation, Compliance and Corporate Banking, Isaac brings his proven expertise, knowledge and network of international Banks, Affiliates, Lawyers and other service providers to Wallter®. Isaac Holds a LLB and IMBA (cum laude) degrees.



Wallter review

Isaac T. Armoni

1. Can you tell us about Wallter®?

Wallter ® is a leading better payments solutions financial institution which is growing rapidly. We are excited to constantly offer new products and service to our merchants. We seek to provide approachable digital banking platform with innovative technology and state-of-the-art compliance. Wallter® is licensed in Lithuania, United Kingdom and Singapore, offering worldwide seamless account services for merchants (B2B).


2. Please describe your industry/main market

Wallter® being the 3rd largest EMI in Lithuania and Baltic region provides payments solutions and related services to merchants including: SEPA and Swift IBANs and payments, competitive FX rates, 100 local currencies payments, Instant SEPA payments, debit cards and soon offering merchants the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and view their balance in their Wallter® system (using 3rd party service provider).


3. What direction is the EMI’s industry going in terms of growth after the explosion of companies in the last few years?

The EMI’s industry will grow with offering services like open banking B2B, FIAT to crypto services, blockchain. As the regulatory environment is getting tighter, we believe that market participants that offer an innovative and user-friendly technological solution combined with digital compliance and regulatory requirements will continue to take larger portions of the markets and weaker participants will not sustain.


4. Can you describe what are the 3 main opportunities in the banking industry in Europe?

The opportunities today related to one stop solutions offering a variety of services including: international and local payments, processing, instant payments, FIAT to crypto solutions and other tailored solutions for merchants. Also, potential partnerships with banks and other financial institutions which might create even more innovative products using both parties knowledge, client data and resources.


5. How to do you see your industry 3 years from now?

Today we see only the beginning of the digital banking revolution which is already redefining banking and challenges traditional banking channels. In the next 3 years we expect this trend to grow offering more services, products and innovations. As the world exits the pandemic we strongly believe the e-commerce, contactless payments and digital banking platforms will continue to grow. We also see tendency of customers choosing online banking platforms focusing on tailored solutions for them and offering personal attention to clients.


6. Regulation – how does Wallter®cope with the regulations?

Wallter® keeps up to date with regulatory changes and trends. We have a dedicated department just for regulatory requirements. As the regulators are more involved and enforcement is tighter, we welcome this regulation and supervision of market participants and will continue to participate in the global fight of anti-money laundering. Wallter®will continue to develop its proprietary compliance procedures, flows and technology while hiring more qualified team members, and providing them with training and knowledge, also involving AI tools dedicated for fraud prevention. Wallter® has an outstanding compliance department to cope with all challenges that arise.


7. What are your latest developments?

Our latest developments are unfolding and we wish not to create a spoiler. We can share that Wallter® will be offering cryptocurrencies services through the partnerships very soon and bringing more innovation and solutions to the market.


8. Wallter®:

  1. What are your most valuable strengths?
    1. Excellent management and team members
    2. Advanced compliance team
    3. Advanced technological innovation.
    4. Flexibility and amazing customer service
  2. Which industries you focus on?

We offer services to a variety of industries among others, e-commerce, defense, FX, Crypto exchange, licensed PSP and more.

     3. What make you unique in the EMI’ industry?

Innovation, services, compliance DNA and understanding, safeguarding, respectable management, state of the art technology, constant development of additional services and products.

     4. What do you think client tell about you?

Clients can say that Wallter® stands stronger and better than other market participants offering quick, innovative and personal services, maintains its integrity over a long time, that they feel their funds are safeguarded and protected and that Wallter® provides them with a personal customer service and tailored solutions for their business needs.


Wallter® is the 3rd largest EMI in Lithuania as published by BOL and provides:

  • Designated SEPA Iban Accounts
  • Aggregated Swift Iban accounts
  • Wire Transfer / Payment Services.
  • Multi-currency Accounts.
  • Personalized Prepaid card- Business expenses, Payroll, travel and more.
  • Payout in 100 local currencies.
  • Buy and sell crypto currency.

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