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International Money Transfers with Valyuz

Valyuz UAB is an Electronic Money Institution that offers an alternative to traditional banking with services that include money transfers, prepaid debit cards, currency exchange, virtual business accounts with unique IBAN and SEPA, SWIFT(go to BIC checker) and ACH transfers. As a member of SEPA Instant Valyuz can carry out instant transfers. Each money transfer method has its own fees, limitations and advantages. Valyuz business account holders can accept several currencies to their account and transfer EUR via SEPA to European countries and non-SEPA for EUR transfers outside of Europe.

Money Transfer Options with Valyuz

  • Internal transfers between two accounts both held at Valyuz
  • SEPA transfers in EUR to EEA countries
  • Non-SEPA transfers in EUR, USA and GBP
  • Non-SEPA transfers in other currencies

Important Points to Consider:

  • Various receiving banks may charge a fee for crediting of funds when the transfer is made from the EU. Find out the sending and receiving banks’ fee policies before making transfers.
  • There is an additional cost of 3EUR for international transfers (except for SEPA) for payment service providers.
  • If a transfer to a foreign bank is initiated outside of regular working hours of the corresponding bank it may take longer to complete. If this occurs the transfer is made on the nearest working day of the corresponding bank.
  • Some receiving banks may refuse to accept transfers from a third party due to the bank’s inner regulations. 
  • Paysera will not compensate commission fees deducted from refunded funds by the receiving bank.
  • It is not possible to make transfers to banks in Belarus due to limitations set by local legislation.
  • For some specific transfers there may be additional fees.
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