Attending digital banking events is always a great way to stay ahead of the pack and get the latest information about innovations and advances in digital banking. In 2022 there is a packed line-up of digital banking conferences, conventions and special events. Learn about current trends, get insights from leading digital banking professionals and hear expert speakers discussing the future of banking. These conferences often include workshops and open panel discussions where you can use industry leaders as your sounding board for new ideas and hone your skills. And let’s not forget the networking opportunities that conferences offer, giving you a way to meet fellow industry professionals face to face even if they come from across the globe. To help you choose which top digital banking events to attend in 2022 here is a list of the best upcoming events.

Top International Digital Banking Events in 2022


  • Finance for Executives
  • Where: Singapore
  • When: March 2022

This conference looks at the challenges facing the decision-makers and leaders in finance. There will be an introduction to accounting and financial analysis for executives that are not specialists in finance. This overview of financial strategies will help executives integrate a financial perspective into their management and decision-making.


ICBA Live National Convention

Where: Gayland Palms Resort & Convention Center, Orlando, USA

When: March 2022

This event is for community-banking, it is a networking and educational opportunity for those in the banking industry. There will be more than 3,000 attendees as well as hundreds of industry leaders and innovators. The event includes the largest expo of community-bank tailored products and services.


Cards and Payments Innovation Europe

Where: Melia Avenida America, Madrid, Spain

When: March 2022

Your ticket to this MoneyLIVE event includes meeting leading retail banks, payments providers, FinTech experts and digital challengers from across Europe. With over 20 senior speakers and more than 200 senior payments professionals you’ll be part of a discussion on authentication, new entrants, PSD2, SEPA and more.


International Cash & Treasury Management Conference

Where: Industriens Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark

When: March 2022

Treasury, finance and banking professionals with at least 5 years’ practical experience in treasury management can attend this exclusive event to learn advanced treasury management techniques.


General Audit Management Conference Las Vegas

Where: ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

When: March 2022

At this event the future of internal auditing will be discussed as well as auditing strategy, information technology risks and tools and resources you can use to increase the value of your team. This event is organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors.


RBI 2022 EU

Where: Business Design Center, London, UK

When: March 2022

At this year’s RBI EU conference topic discussed will include the future of commercial banking; collaborations and their connection to open banking and payment innovations; regulations; open banking; the future of payments and emerging technology that can transform banking.


9th Annual Community Bankers Conference

Where: Four Seasons Resort and Club, Dallas at Las Colinas, USA

When: April 2022

Community-banks professionals come together at this annual event to discuss and examine the latest expansion in the industry. With experts predicting a recession starting in 2022 bank management teams will be looking at rethinking strategy, technology, talent development and their relationship with core banking providers. The event will include panel discussions, networking and one-on-one conversations.


Financial Branding Forum 2022

Where: ARIA Hotel Resort, Las Vegas, USA

When: April 2022

This exclusive conference covers CX, marketing, data analytics and digital transformation of the banking industry. One of the keynote speakers this year will be Martha Stewart who will share her experience on international branding. 1 in 15 industries in the US will be attending and there will be over 2,500 senior-level banking executives at this event.


Money Live Digital Banking

Where: etc. Venues St. Paul’s, London, UK

When: June – July 2022

The hot topic of this conference is how the latest disruptive technologies will affect your business, your clients and your customers. Subjects to be discussed include AI, open banking APIs, chatbots, voice tech and quantum computing among other things.


Digital Banking 2022

Where: Austin, Texas, USA

When: June 2022

This 2022 event is the largest digital banking event in the industry. Subjects covered during the conference include AI, blockchain, CX, privacy, technology strategies, mobile financial services for consumers and commercial customers, payments and disruption. The event will be attended by over 1,700 senior level executives from FinTech and financial institutions.


Finovate Asia 2022

Where: Singapore

When: June 2022

With Finovate Asia you can learn from and network with leading professionals from financial institutions, regulators, tech platforms, investors and start-ups.


Annual Conference Digital Banking in the Era of AI

Where: Paris, France

When: October 2022

Attendees at this conference will get insights into facing hyper-competition, how to enhance services and keys to pivot their business model. An interesting topic of this conference will be how we in the west can learn from the Chinese model and the mobile-only British banking challengers.


Shenzhen International Finance Expo

Where: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China

When: November 2022

This event will be attended by up to 20,000 visitors and there will be up to 500 exhibitors. The expo will feature securities, funds, foreign exchange, integrated finance, science and technology finance and banking institutions.


Future of Financial Services

Where: International Convention Centre Sydney, Sydney, Australia

When: November 2022

This is known to be one of the most important tech-focused events in the financial industry. Here you can get insights into the future of digital banking, transformational trends and technological innovations while taking part in conversations and debates with over 1,000 industry peers.


Technology & Innovation Showcase

Where: Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, USA

When: December 2022

At this event accounting and financial professionals will be exposed to new technologies that can facilitate growth and increased productivity. There will be many continual educational opportunities, live demos, interactive events and opportunities to interact with solution providers that are changing the future of finance.


Why attend digital banking events in 2022 ?

Networking opportunities: These days it is rare to come face to face with other professionals when most business is done online or by phone. At digital banking events you can meet, brainstorm and form new collaborations and connections that may be useful in the future.
Present yourself to the world: This is your opportunity not only to learn about other professionals but to launch yourself and put yourself on the map.
Learn from other professionals: Digital banking events give you the rare opportunity to learn directly from experienced professionals and industry leaders.
Choose the right event for you: Not all digital banking events will be relevant to your niche. Attend the events that will benefit you most.
Be the first: Attendees of digital banking events will be the first to learn about the latest innovations before they even appear in the media. Many new technologies, services and products are launched at digital banking conferences.


Gain a professional advantage by attending top digital banking events in 2022.


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