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    Obtaining a Gaming License in Curaçao

    Under the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (NOOGH), the Governor of Curaçao can issue licenses for online games of chance targeting the international market. However, since 2019, this responsibility has been handed to the Minister of Finance of Curaçao. By 2020, these powers were further delegated to the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB), making it the main body for granting and supervising online gaming licenses.


    Licensing Goals: The GCB’s licensing is based on internationally recognized objectives:

    1. Preventing fraud and illegal activities in games of chance.
    2. Protecting players, including minors, and ensuring they receive their winnings.
    3. Preventing gambling addiction.

    To meet these goals, gaming providers in Curaçao must ensure their services are safe, responsible, transparent, and reliable.


    Curacao New Licenses Applications Requirements:

    • Applicants must be legal entities registered under Curaçao law.
    • Only those involved in player management and funds management are eligible for a license.
    • Applicants must submit specific forms, including an Online Gaming License Application Form, a Business and Corporate Disclosure Form, and a Personal History Disclosure Form.

    The GCB’s evaluation during the licensing process focuses on the integrity of the applicant, its financial integrity, and its delivery channels’ accessibility. Once a license is granted, certain policies and procedures must be submitted to the GCB within six months.


    Curacao Application Portal Process:

    • Application forms and necessary documents can be found on the official website.
    • The GCB makes its decision within two months of receiving a complete application.
    • Licenses are valid for up to one year, with conditions attached to ensure compliance. Specific conditions may vary depending on individual license holders.
    • Licensing fees are determined by a national decree as outlined in the NOOGH.
    • The new portal will be hosted at

    Conditions to Curacao Online Gaming License

    Resource from


    Article 1 Terminology

    This document refers to:

    a. software suite: An inclusive set of software tools encompassing databases that manage player information, game content, transactions, and other related data for the gaming operation.

    b. gaming platform: The comprehensive digital interface through which licensed gaming activities are offered.

    c. operational hardware: Essential devices employed in operations to manage key data, spanning player details, financial and game transactions.

    d. remote gaming: Gaming activities facilitated online under the purview of this license.

    e. GCB: Foundation Gaming Control Board. f. main executive: Individual overseeing daily operational activities and regulatory compliance.

    g. NOOGH: National Ordinance on Offshore Gaming Activities. h. license holder: Entity holding a license according to NOOGH standards. i. NOIS: National Service Identification Ordinance.

    j. NORUT: National Ordinance on Reporting Unusual Activities. k. participant: An individual registered as a player with the license holder.

    l. player portfolio: A dedicated account under the license holder representing a player’s gaming balance, exclusively for gaming participation.

    m. player portal: A segment of the gaming platform accessible post-registration.

    n. SNO: National Sanctions Ordinance.

    o. major stakeholder: An entity or individual with a minimum of a ten percent stake in capital shares or equivalent influence.

    p. primary owner: An individual exerting ultimate control or ownership over the licensee’s company, either directly or indirectly.

    q. rewards: Monetary or equivalent prizes earned through licensed gaming activities.


    Article 2 The Licensing Process

    1. A remote gaming license, as defined in NOOGH’s Article 1, is accorded to a corporation formed under Curaçao’s jurisdiction, contingent on subsequent stipulations.
    2. Licenses have a one-year validity, subject to potential revocations or legislative adjustments.
    3. The license encompasses the provision of remote gaming activities.
    4. The license holder must exclusively offer the licensed games.
    5. Adherence to all GCB policies, norms, and directives concerning the licensed games is mandatory.


    Article 3 License Restrictions and Delegation

    1. License transfer or usage agreements with third parties are prohibited.
    2. The licensee ensures continuous compliance with regulations established by LBH, NORUT, NOIS, and SNO.
    3. When delegating tasks to third parties, the licensee guarantees adherence to the said regulations.


    Article 4 Universal Restrictions

    1. The following individuals are barred from gaming participation: a. Curaçao residents; b. Minors (below 18); c. Licensee’s staff or main executives; d. Players who’ve self-imposed exclusions.
    2. Direct or indirect credit facilities for players are forbidden.
    3. Negative balances in player portfolios aren’t permissible.
    4. If a player’s balance can’t cover a bet, their participation isn’t allowed, unless with GCB’s prior consent.
    5. Alterations concerning domains, primary owners, major stakeholders, directors, or main executives require GCB’s prior approval.


    Article 5 Licensing Fee

    Licensees are obligated to pay the stipulated licensing fees.


    Article 6 Safety and Security Protocols

    1. A secure and safe environment for players is paramount.
    2. Games must be consistently accessible in a safe, uninterrupted manner.
    3. Players’ personal and transaction data should be securely handled.
    4. Operations should be spearheaded by individuals with impeccable records.
    5. Licensees must maintain adequate funds for prize disbursements.
    6. Information security protocols must be in place. The GCB requires an audited copy of these policies within six months of license issuance.


    Article 7 Hardware and Software Management

    1. The GCB must approve the equipment and software, tested by a credible third party for security.
    2. Regular maintenance and updates ensure operational integrity.
    3. An inventory of the operational hardware and software is mandatory, and the GCB may request periodic updates.
    4. Detailed software documentation is essential.


    Article 8 Player Onboarding

    1. Players need to register and log in before participating, unless games are promotional or for demonstration.
    2. If intermediaries handle player transactions, they must be registered and auditable.
    3. Player identification processes are compulsory.
    4. Players should have options for self-exclusion and setting play limits.


    Article 9 Financial Transactions

    1. All financial exchanges between the licensee and player occur through the player portfolio.
    2. Segregated accounts for player deposits and rewards are mandatory.
    3. Intermediaries’ transactions are recorded in their accounts.
    4. All wagers use the announced currency.
    5. Both real and virtual currencies should be internationally tradeable.
    6. Currency exchanges in player portfolios are restricted.
    7. Rewards are disbursed in the wagering currency.
    8. Players have uninterrupted access to their portfolio information.


    Article 10 Gaming Certification

    1. All licensee-owned games must undergo independent certification.
    2. Third-party game offerings should also be certified.
    3. Certification evidence must be presented to the GCB within six months of license acquisition.


    Article 11 Operational Terms

    1. Transparent terms and conditions are always accessible.
    2. These terms must be clear and unambiguous.
    3. Essential inclusions range from amendment procedures to player rights and gaming rules.
    4. Players should be informed of any changes promptly.


    Article 12 Handling Grievances

    1. A transparent procedure for addressing player complaints should be in place.
    2. The GCB may establish rules for disputes, which could include alternative resolution methods.


    Article 13 Record-Keeping

    1. Distinct records for licensed gaming activities are essential.
    2. These records must be comprehensive, up-to-date, and available for GCB inspection.
    3. Essential data includes details about games, players, and transactions.


    Article 14 Public Information

    1. Essential details, from the licensee’s credentials to gaming norms and self-exclusion options, should be publicly accessible.
    2. This information should be available in English and easily comprehensible.
    3. Changes must be communicated promptly.
    4. Measures to prevent underage and addictive gaming are crucial.


    Article 15 Reporting Mechanism

    1. All essential information and reports should be submitted to the GCB.
    2. Reports include change logs and incident details.
    3. Incidents must be reported to the GCB within 24 hours.


    Article 16 License Revocation

    1. The GCB can suspend licenses based on substantial revocation grounds.
    2. Licenses can be revoked for various reasons, from violations to financial inconsistencies.
    3. Before revoking, the GCB provides a hearing opportunity.


    Article 17 Oversight

    1. GCB-designated officials oversee compliance.
    2. These officials possess specific authorities for effective supervision.
    3. Complete cooperation with these officials is mandatory for licensees.

    [1] These prerequisites pertain to licenses issued by the GCB to operators offering remote gaming activities on the international platform. In case of discrepancies with the official license conditions, the latter holds precedence.


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