GBO: Leading the Way in the new Curacao e-Gaming Solutions, helping companies with the sub-license to change to the new master license.


At GBO, we specialize in assisting companies with existing Curacao sub-licenses in acquiring and registering for the new license seamlessly. Your transition is our priority.

  • Comprehensive new Package: Legal, AML, banking, corporate, and tech services all under one roof.
  • Master License Expertise: Specialized in obtaining the new master license in Curacao.
  • Simplified Process: Streamlined solutions for launching and managing your e-Gaming business.
  • One-Stop Destination: From initiation to operation, GBO has got you covered.

Obtain the new master Curacao Gaming License with us

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    GBO’s solutions for the new Master gaming  license and regulation in Curacao 2024

    Why it’s crucial: Every gaming operation has its own unique challenges and goals. A customized consultation with GBO’s specialists ensures that your unique requirements are understood from the inception. This step lays the groundwork for the entire transition, ensuring that all subsequent actions are in line with your organization’s objectives.

    1. Evaluate Existing Compliance:

    Why it’s crucial: Compliance is the driving force behind the gaming industry. By analyzing your current compliance status, GBO identifies any voids or areas requiring improvement. This preventative measure ensures that your transition to the master license begins on a solid footing, thereby reducing the likelihood of future roadblocks.


    2. Document Gathering and Processing:

    Why it is crucial: Appropriate documentation is the backbone of any licensing procedure. Ensuring that all required documents are not only present but also formatted according to the master license’s stringent requirements reduces the likelihood of application delays or rejections.


    3. AML Framework Redesign:

    Why it’s crucial: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) frameworks are crucial to preventing financial offenses in the gaming industry. A robust AML framework not only ensures compliance with international standards, but also improves your operation’s reputation and inspires confidence among participants and stakeholders.


    4. Submission of Applications:

    Why it’s crucial: Any errors or omissions in the application may result in substantial delays or rejection. The expertise of GBO ensures that the application is submitted accurately, thereby increasing the likelihood of a streamlined approval procedure.


    5. Relations with Curacao Officials:

    Why direct communication with regulatory bodies is essential. The established relationship between GBO and Curacao’s authorities ensures that any questions or concerns are promptly addressed, keeping the application process on track.


    6. Legal and Compliance Assistance:

    Why it’s crucial: A complicated web of regulations governs the gaming industry. Continuous legal support ensures that your business remains compliant, reducing the likelihood of future legal complications, fines, or license revocation.


    7. Banking and Financial Organization:

    Why it’s crucial: Financial operations are essential for any gaming enterprise. GBO’s assistance in this area guarantees that your financial transactions are seamless, secure, and tailored to the gaming industry’s specific requirements.


    8. Continuous Observation and Updates:

    Why it’s crucial: The regulatory environment is dynamic. Continuous monitoring ensures that your business adapts to any changes, thereby maintaining compliance and avoiding potential pitfalls.


    9. Final Approval and License Distribution:

    Why it’s crucial: Receiving the new Curacao master license, the culmination of the transition process, attests to the rigorous standards your operation now satisfies. This step not only marks the conclusion of the transition, but also the commencement of a new era of improved operations, reputation, and potential growth.


    10. Ongoing maintenance

    Ongoing maintenance of the Curacao e-gaming license involves a multi-faceted approach. This includes periodically refreshing and updating policies to stay in line with regulatory changes. Documents must be reviewed and updated to reflect the current state of the business and to meet any new requirements. Furthermore, conducting regular audits is essential to assess and ensure that operations remain compliant and transparent. This holistic maintenance approach not only upholds the license’s validity but also reinforces a business’s reputation and trustworthiness in the gaming industry. With GBO’s comprehensive package, businesses can seamlessly navigate these maintenance requirements, ensuring their license remains in impeccable standing


    Each phase of the transition to the new Curacao master license is crucial to ensuring that your gaming operation not only satisfies the master license’s stringent requirements but also is positioned for long-term success.

    With GBO International Financial Services guiding each stage, the process’s complexity is demystified, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional gaming experiences.

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