What is Tranzbase?



Tranzbase is a network of convenient banking solutions based on a unified online platform: all types of innovative banking services and internal services for managing personal and family assets, online transfers, and payments. This includes bulk payments, contactless cards for enterprise employees, and an open API for client automation and enterprise use.


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Remote account opening within 24 hours, round-the-clock support, a friendly interface available from all devices for clients around the world. A stably fast connection to the system of international payments: you get access to all  functions immediately after logging in.





The support staff is always ready to help you connect to the system and cope with any difficulties.

Most of the platform’s features help control user’s finances and implement custom payment decision-making models. Each user can have and flexibly configure their smart cardpersonal account and limits of expenses and payments. The platform only offers reliable tools for financial projects and e-commerce.

There are various mechanisms for controlling and centralizing the budget and expenses, both individually and for your company.

  • Tranzbase is the result of the work on the best interbank settlement technologies. Use SWIFT transfers, an unconditional standard for the security of financial messages, and an example of flexible integration of third-party financial data from other networks for secure exchange of funds.
  • FPS and CHAPS services are supported for the convenience of UK settlements in GBP. Clients are offered an account in the IBAN system, SEPA transfers, and FX services from anywhere in the world.
    Efficient Financial operations are available with the support of renowned commercial banks providing international payment services to individuals, small and medium-sized, and multinational enterprises. Tranzbase helps companies process transactions using links with leading banking providers. The platform has been developed by experts in the field of banking, security, and jurisprudence to speed up the process of international settlements.
  • The platform connects businesses and consumers and is ideal for companies that scale in the SaaS sector and want to adhere to a specific payment infrastructure while complying with data governance regulations to keep pace with industry growth. Tranzbase services eliminate many of the day-to-day scaling challenges. This is more than just an optimization for the digital banking industry or a process aimed at increasing competition and reducing costs.
  • Tranzbase maintains international safety standards in protecting consumers and businesses. Emerging companies and startups will also appreciate tools for managing short-term operational risks.

By offering the user more control over their cash flows, the platform aims to eliminate the need to pay overdraft fees, various debts, and ultimately help ease financial shake-ups in traditional payment cycles.

Tranzbase’s software engineers are supporting software that is designed to improve merchant acquiring for businesses by integrating into their current systems and providing businesses with digital business tools. These tools can significantly save time and money, and redirect efforts to development.

Tranzbase is a digital banking technology focused on connecting businesses and consumers. Not only is it aimed at retail banking but it also has the functionality to effectively manage business accounts and bank-as-a-service products. Customer data is securely protected with built-in risk analysis and data encryption.


Tranzbase is a smart online platform for international payments and business. All you need to do  to send money to over 200 countries to bank accounts, or cash pick-up points. The online platform can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world.


The use of intelligent technologies helps to reduce costs, and to form a proposal for a real exchange rate for currencies, and to calculate a fair commission in more than 200 countries. All this allows companies to process their payments in 19 major currencies and offers access to all major international money transfer systems.

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