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In today’s digital world, people trust the gaming industry because it has clear rules. These rules, or gaming licenses, make sure games are played fairly, whether it’s rolling dice online or using a virtual slot machine.

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    Top 3 Gaming Jurisdictions for Startups


    For startups aiming to make a mark in the online gaming industry, choosing the right jurisdiction is pivotal. Among a plethora of options available, Curacao, Anjouan, and Malta stand out as the top three gaming jurisdictions, offering a blend of affordability, credibility, and streamlined procedures.


    1. Curacao: One of the oldest and most politically stable providers of regulated eGaming services. Curacao license offers a single license that covers all gaming businesses and game types. The licensing process is relatively swift and cost-effective, making it a favorite for startups. The main issue with Curacao, one of the most recognized jurisdictions, is that its licensing framework is set to undergo significant changes in the coming months. This will lead many companies based in Curacao to seek alternative licenses.


    2. Anjouan: A lesser-known but equally effective jurisdiction. The Anjouan license offers a simple regulatory process, and the costs are on the lower side. It’s an excellent choice for startups looking for a cost-effective entry into the gaming industry.


    3. Malta: Known for its robust regulatory framework, Malta offers licenses that are globally respected. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) provides rigorous oversight, ensuring credibility. Though the process might be more tedious and slightly more expensive than the other two, the reputation it brings is unmatched.


    The Importance of Gaming Licensing: Gaming licensing ensures that gaming operations are legitimate, transparent, and fair. It builds trust among players, safeguards against legal repercussions, and opens doors to operate in various global markets.


    Procedure for Obtaining a Gaming License: While specifics might vary from one jurisdiction to another, the general process involves:

    • Submitting a detailed application.
    • Undergoing a thorough background check.
    • Providing details of the games, ensuring they are fair and transparent.
    • Meeting the technical and financial criteria set by the jurisdiction.



    The detailed comparison between Curacao, Anjouan, and Malta offers valuable insights for startups looking to make an informed decision. The emphasis on the importance of gaming licensing underscores its relevance in today’s competitive market. Moreover, the step-by-step breakdown of the licensing process gives a clear picture of what startups can expect.

    Recommendation: For startups looking for a quick and cost-effective entry, Curacao seems to be the ideal choice. However, if the startup aims for global recognition and credibility, investing in a Malta license would be a wise decision. Anjouan serves as a middle ground, offering both affordability and a decent reputation.


    Statics about the jurisdictions

    1. Malta: Malta is a well-known hub for online gaming companies due to its favorable regulations and tax incentives. It’s home to a significant number of gaming companies, including both online casino operators and software providers. There were reportedly over 300 gaming companies licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
    2. Curacao: Curacao is another jurisdiction that has attracted online gaming companies due to its relatively lenient regulations and licensing process. It’s known for offering a “Master License” that covers various types of online gaming activities. The number of Sub-licensing gaming companies in Curacao is around 2000.
    3. Anjouan (Comoros): Anjouan, one of the Comoros islands and has been associated with offshore companies including those in the online gaming industry. However, it’s worth noting that Anjouan’s regulatory framework has been less recognized and respected compared to Malta and Curacao. The number of gaming companies in Anjouan is likely to be much lower than the other two jurisdictions.


    Please keep in mind that these numbers and statistics might have changed the total volume of gaming companies could be different today.

    Jurisdiction Number of Companies
    Malta 300
    Curacao 2000
    Anjouan 100



    How to Apply for a Curacao e-Gaming License
    To obtain a gaming license from the Curacao Gaming Commission, you must provide details of your banking and criminal history. Additionally, you’ll have to adhere to due diligence requirements, demonstrate evidence of your capital funds, share your business plan, and highlight the measures your company will take to combat underage gambling, illicit e-gaming, and money laundering.


    How to Apply for an Ajouan e-Gaming License
    To obtain an Anjouan e-Gaming License, gather documents such as proof of identity, business plans, and software certification. Submit these to GBO. Upon approval, pay the licensing fees. Maintaining compliance and seeking annual renewals are essential. It’s advisable to consult with our experts for smooth processing.

    How to Apply for a Malta e-Gaming License

    To secure a Malta e-Gaming License, start by collecting key documents, including business plans, software proofs, and owner identities. Submit your application to the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). They’ll review for compliance and conduct assessments. Once approved, pay the stipulated fees. Regular compliance checks and periodic renewals are necessary. Engaging with specialists familiar with Malta’s regulations can aid in a smoother application process.

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