This review is all about SoftGamings, one of the leading B2B gaming companies in the industry.


SoftGamings is an iGaming company that has gained recognition for its proficiency in establishing and expanding prosperous online casino enterprises. Since its establishment in 2008, SoftGamings has experienced substantial growth, amassing a workforce of over 160 personnel and catering to a clientele of over 100 across the globe.

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    Soft Gaming Products and Services:

    Their robust platform is capable of processing millions of transactions per day and has industry-leading uptime metrics. They provide an extensive selection of products and services catering to operators of all levels of expertise in the online casino sector.

    The platform developed by SoftGamings comprises a variety of casino solutions, including turnkey and white label options. Their offerings include unified API integration, cross-platform solutions, gaming licenses, cutting-edge design and technology, round-the-clock customer service, superior security, sophisticated loyalty systems, and formidable promotion and SEO departments. Furthermore, they grant users access to premier gaming providers and banking solutions, which encompass Bitcoin.


    SoftGamings provides the following four varieties of casino software solutions:

    1. White Label: An all-inclusive, cost-effective solution that permits extensive customization and expedites the establishment of casinos.
    2. Turnkey Casino: Provides enhanced platform control, albeit at the expense of reduced usability and speed in comparison to alternative solutions.
    3. Bitcoin Casino: A white label solution with a specific focus on the cryptocurrency market.
    4. Self-Service: Facilitates an increased degree of personalization, making it particularly well-suited for entrepreneurs possessing IT proficiency.

    Alternative Gaming Options:
    With the SoftGamings gaming software, users have access to over 3,000 games from over 50 providers, some of which are compatible with cryptocurrencies and mobile devices. Live casino games, slots, scratch cards, instant win games, poker, and sportsbook content are among the many games they provide. The provider and game selection for a casino are determined by the operator’s objectives and the solution selected. SoftGamings additionally provides bundled gaming products via straightforward API integration, such as the Slots Bundle and Live Casino Bundle.

    SoftGaming Website and User Experience:
    The website of SoftGamings is designed with user experience in mind, offering comprehensive information pertaining to the company, its services, and its products. The company’s emphasis on technology and innovation is reflected in the website’s contemporary aesthetic and intuitive navigation.

    GamingLicensing Review: The trustworthiness of is suggested by its respectable trust score of 72, which suggests that the website is probably legitimate. WHOIS information, server IP address, company location, and the absence of spam and phishing reports are all components of the score. Users are advised, as with any other website, to perform their own due diligence in order to verify the legitimacy and security of the site.

    Security and Safety: DNSFilter and Flashstart have rated the website as secure, with no indications of phishing or malware, and it possesses a valid SSL certificate.

    Assessing Trustworthiness and Reviews: Online reviews have contributed to the website’s mixed reputation. It has an average rating of 2.9 on Trustpilot, comprised of negative customer reviews. On the contrary, Scamadviser assigns it a high trust rating and deems it secure for usage, albeit acknowledging the inherent possibility that it may be fraudulent. The positive attributes of the website are highlighted, including its old age, a valid SSL certificate, and safety ratings from DNSFilter and Flashstart. However, they also highlight drawbacks such as the proprietor employing a service to conceal their identity and the site containing predominantly negative reviews.

    Services Provided: Understanding the various types of gaming licenses required to work in the gaming industry is the subject of The key gaming employee license, the gaming employee license, and the gaming service employee license comprise these licenses. The website provides an overview of the standard procedure for obtaining these licenses, which entails completing an application form that requests personal information, background details, and other pertinent data. A comprehensive evaluation will be carried out by the gaming authority, encompassing a criminal background check, credit report analysis, and verification of prior employment and educational attainment.

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