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We offer a range of gaming licenses available for quick purchase, as well as a network of well-resourced buyers seeking immediate, operational licenses.

  • Looking to Buy an Online Casino or a Gaming Company? We provide a seamless path to acquiring pre-established gaming licenses and companies, ensuring a swift and efficient market entry for buyers.
  • Looking to Sell Your Online Casino or Gaming Company? Our extensive network connects you with serious, well-funded buyers ready to acquire operational licenses and companies promptly.


At GBO, a premier provider of corporate solutions, we focus on various services, including obtaining online gaming licenses, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, securing new online casino licenses, and providing banking, payment, crypto, and software solutions. With operations in diverse regions like Curacao, Anjouan, Malta, and India, our expertise lies in navigating the complexities of the gaming industry. We’re dedicated to assisting you in acquiring a pre-established gaming license, streamlining your entry or expansion in the gaming market

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    Online Casino License for Sale: What You Need to Know

    The online casino industry is thriving, with an ever-increasing demand for digital gambling platforms. For entrepreneurs looking to enter this lucrative market, purchasing an existing online casino company or license, particularly in favorable jurisdictions like Curacao, can be an attractive option. This article delves into the advantages, drawbacks, and key considerations of buying online casino licenses and companies for sale, with a special focus on Curacao.


    The benefits to buy a ready-made gambling license and company

    1. Speedy Market Entry: Acquiring an existing license accelerates the process of launching an online casino, bypassing the lengthy procedures of obtaining a new license.
    2. Legal Compliance: These licenses ensure that your operation is compliant with international gambling laws, which is crucial for legal operation and customer trust.
    3. Access to Established Networks: Purchasing a license often means gaining access to a network of contacts in the gambling industry, including software providers and payment processors.


    1. Cost: The initial investment can be significant, especially for reputable licenses in sought-after jurisdictions.
    2. Due Diligence Required: It’s critical to conduct thorough research to ensure the license is valid, reputable, and suitable for your specific needs.


    Online Casino Company for Sale: A Closer Look


    1. Turnkey Solution: Buying an existing casino company provides a ready-to-go business model, often complete with a customer base, operational website, and integrated payment systems.
    2. Brand Recognition: An established company may already have brand recognition and a loyal customer base, providing an immediate advantage.


    1. Hidden Liabilities: There’s a risk of inheriting unknown liabilities or legal issues from the previous owner.
    2. Adaptation Challenges: Adapting the existing business model to fit new management’s vision and standards can be challenging.


    Curacao Company and License for Sale: Why Consider This Jurisdiction?


    1. Favorable Regulatory Environment: Curacao is known for its business-friendly gambling laws, making it easier to operate an online casino.
    2. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to other jurisdictions, Curacao’s licenses are relatively affordable, offering a good balance between cost and credibility.
    3. Global Operation: A Curacao license allows for international operations, reaching a wide audience.


    1. Perception Issues: Some players and industry professionals view Curacao licenses as less prestigious than those from jurisdictions like the UK or Malta.
    2. Regulatory Changes: As with any jurisdiction, there’s always the risk of regulatory changes that could affect your operation.


    Key Considerations When Purchasing a Gambling Company

    1. License Validity: Ensure that the license is current and valid in your target markets.
    2. Financial Analysis: Conduct a thorough financial analysis of the company for sale to assess its profitability and uncover any potential financial issues.
    3. Legal Obligations: Understand the legal obligations and compliance requirements of operating an online casino in your chosen jurisdiction.
    4. Technical Infrastructure: Evaluate the technical infrastructure of the online casino, including software quality, security measures, and user experience.
    5. Reputation: Research the reputation of the company and its license in the online gambling community.


    We at GBO are eager to assist you in establishing a business in favored jurisdictions, complete with a gaming license. The setup and application process is simple, easy to follow, and transparent thanks to the expertise of our team, which includes financial accountants, tax consultants, and legal experts. Our area of expertise is providing pre-configured solutions, or businesses that are prepared to launch your gaming services and already have gaming licenses. For a personalized consultation and to start down the road to long-term success, get in contact with us.


    Gaming Licenses Available for Acquisition

    At GBO, our legal team is highly skilled in assisting new owners with the purchase and renewal of gaming and bookmaking licenses. We have a strong presence in the gaming sector, having kept up extensive relationships and taking part in important gaming conferences such as SIGMA, iFX, SBC.


    The following steps are involved in transferring a gaming license to new owners:

    1. first consultation with a client regarding the acquisition of a gaming license (licensing criteria, required paperwork, and re-registration processes).
    2. Analysis of the client’s documents for license re-registration.
    3. Assistance in preparing documents for license re-signing.
    4. submission of documents to the relevant regulatory bodies.
    5. Representation in licensing and government bodies.
    6. License renegotiation in the client’s name.

    Our proficiency with pre-configured gaming license providers makes the process of obtaining a gaming license efficient; it is frequently finished in less than two weeks.


    The Need for a Gaming License

    Obtaining a gaming license confers legitimacy upon your online casino and sports betting ventures, guaranteeing adherence to laws in regions where such activities are lawful. Customers and financial institutions place greater trust in licensed entities, which makes account setups for payment processing easier. These licenses are also essential for legitimate tax payments, clearing regulatory inspections, and keeping up open operations to avert legal issues.


    Benefits of Purchasing a Business with a Current Gaming License

    For those starting a high-potential gaming business that needs to get off the ground quickly, avoiding the drawn-out process of forming and licensing a new company is essential.

    A fully licensed and registered company with no past history that is ready for immediate acquisition is called a pre-configured gaming company. This occasionally entails acquiring a running casino that already has a clientele, website, and payment processors in place, enabling a quicker project launch.


    Things to Take Into Account Before Buying a Pre-Licensed Gaming Company
    There are several categories and types of gaming licenses. It is imperative to confirm that the license in place corresponds with the particulars of your project.


    Different license classes support different forms of gambling.

    1. Lotteries, slot machines, and online casinos fall under Class 1.
    2. Class 2 covers online betting and pools.
    3. Bingo, poker, and gaming portals fall under class 3.
    4. Class 4 pertains to businesses that offer software for online casinos.


    White Label Online Gaming Sites

    GBO is not a white label provider; however, we are happy to work with top white label online casino providers, offering affordable rates and prompt launch windows. Our legal advisors help choose appropriate vendors while guaranteeing legal adherence, allowing your online casino to go live quickly.

    Effective legal assistance is critical in the high-stakes gaming industry. Because of our industry knowledge in online gambling, our company has gained the trust of clients by helping them realize their creative business ideas and ambitious projects. For your gambling projects to be implemented successfully, we offer full legal support in obtaining international gambling licenses.


    What a Pre-Licensed Online Casino Will Cost

    In the ever-changing world of online gambling, prices differ. Every jurisdiction has different costs and needs for the structure of companies. For a Costa Rican company, the cost of these turnkey solutions starts at fifty thousand euros, while for a licensed Maltese company or an established gambling business with a clientele, it can reach over a million euros.

    Alderney, Cyprus, UK, Anjouan, Gibraltar, Kahnawake, Curacao, Costa Rica, Isle Of Man, Malta, Philippines are among the popular jurisdictions for online gambling enterprises.

    Overview of Gambling Regulation
    In order to help our clients, we have put together an extensive table that lists all of the costs and lead times associated with obtaining a gambling license in each jurisdiction. This tool helps with precise cost and time estimation for license applications and company incorporation. For in-depth advice on the regulations in the jurisdiction of your choice, get in touch with us.

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