If you are interested in participating in the online casino and sports betting market boom, then becoming an affiliate of an existing casino can be the fastest and most accessible option.


We at GBO have many years of experience advising serious investors who are looking for the best available route for establishing a foothold in the gaming world. Talk to us to find out what it takes to become an online gambling affiliate.

Find out how we can help you obtain a media affiliate license

    What is an Online Casino Affiliate?

    Gaming affiliates are independent operators that get rewarded for referring new customers to established gambling websites. By promoting the casino’s gaming from your own website and via direct marketing campaigns, you can receive payment whenever someone clicks on a link that has your unique identification.

    There are two basic systems for sharing the rewards:

    • Cost per acquisition (CPA) pays a fixed amount for each new customer. There are variations – some casinos pay a CPA for every click-through to their domain with your identifier, and others require a deposit by the customer into the new account on the casino’s website
    • Revenue share pays you a proportion of the profit earned from the customer’s total gambling in a specific period – usually based on monthly accounting.

    Some casinos offer a blended deal with an up-front CPA when a new account registers on the casino website, plus a revenue share at a lower rate than the pure rev share payout. It would help if you decided which deal suits you best based on your own cash-flow needs.

    What is an Online Casino Affiliate license?

    In some of the states where online betting is legal, affiliates require a license issued by the state’s gaming or gambling board. Other states do not require media affiliate licenses. Let our experts here at GBO help you find out all the requirements for the state of your choice.

    What does a gambling affiliate license cost?

    Almost all gambling affiliate programs can be joined without up-front payment to the casino. However, in some states, licensing fees are charged. At the start of 2022, these states are:

    Media affiliate license cost

    State Affiliate license requirement for License cost
    Arizona online sportsbooks only $1,500 initially plus $500 for each renewal
    Colorado retail and online sports betting, fantasy sports (DFS) CPA ( vendor minor ) license -  $350 - Revenue share ( vendor major ) - $1,200 &  charges for background checks
    Indiana vendor registration form CPA license -  $500 - Revenue share not yet available
    Louisiana Sports betting Free - subject to issue of a Non-gaming supplier permit
    Michigan Sports betting CPA registration $200 Revenue share - $2,500 registration & $5,000 for first year, $2,500 for renewal
    New Jersey CPA - casino vendor license - Revenue share - casino ancillary license. CPA registration -  free (application being made by a registered casino) - Revenue share $2,000 application fee
    Pennsylvania CPA - gaming services provider’s license CPA registration -  $500 application fee (plus  $60 for every shareholder owning 10% or more of the company) & $2,500 registration fee, renewable every 5 years
    Revenue share - casino ancillary license. Revenue share - $2,500 application fee ( plus $500 for every holding company with shares and $1,000 for each nominated key employee) & $5,000 licensing fee
    Tennessee Vendor registration for sports betting License is free, with $500 application cost
    Virginia sports betting, fantasy sports (DFS) $500 on application - renewable every 3 years
    West Virginia sports betting $1,000 on registration
    State Affiliate license requirement for License cost

    Although online gambling is not permitted under federal law in the USA, each state has its own laws and regulations for issuing an Online Gambling License to a casino. The states we listed above have already established a solid base of working online casinos and sports betting operators. These businesses are keen to attract players through affiliate marketers.


    What are the Legal Requirements to Start a Gaming Affiliate Website

    The requirements vary between individual states. However, almost all states require the affiliate to be an incorporated legal entity (such as a Limited Liability Company – LLC) with an address inside the state. Some states have further requirements – for example, in New Jersey, the affiliate must register their website as a complementary or ancillary casino service industry enterprise (CSIE).


    Pennsylvania has regulations for their affiliate gaming license similar to New Jersey’s, such as affiliates choosing the CPA option requiring a gaming services provider’s license and affiliates choosing rev share requiring a casino ancillary license.


    Louisiana requires any gaming affiliate that earns more than $200,000 to obtain a Non-Gaming Supplier Permit from the Board.


    When you are starting to plan your affiliate gaming business, take advantage of our services in setting up your operation. We have many years of experience and a team of highly experienced people who specialize in this sector.

    How do I start a casino affiliate website?

    You need to take many steps before an affiliate website can start to operate. Firstly, focus on a specific gambling operator you want to deal with. From that, you should follow the legal requirements for setting up a company located in the casino’s home state and, if necessary, apply for any required licenses, permits, and documentation.

    From then, you can start to build your internet presence with a website that will attract gamers and offer them an incentive to click on your promotional links to the affiliated casino. Web marketing for gambling is no different from all internet campaigns. It should concentrate on elements like lead nurturing, mobility, social media marketing, and engaging content.

    What is an online gambling affiliate?

    An online gambling affiliate is an independent entity that gets rewarded whenever a visitor to its own website performs a click-through action to a gambling website. It needs to promote gambling on its website and through direct marketing campaigns.
    The rewards from the gaming site can come in the form of a fixed amount for each new click-through (Cost per acquisition) or a percentage of each customer’s total revenue stream for the casino.

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