Projecting the top 10 Middle Eastern banks in the world 2022 is now extremely difficult, owing to the volatility in oil prices, which is the major factor in determining the economic climate for the oil-producing Middle-East countries that make up more than two-thirds of the total number of banks, and nine out of ten in the top ten banks.


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A ranking of the 100 largest banks in the Middle East gathers data from 22 countries and represents a total of $2.85 trillion in combined assets and $98.1 billion in net income. Only banks whose financial data was available in financial year 2019 were included in the ranking. The list combines regular banks that operate according to universal practice and Islamic banks that operate in accordance with Sharia laws governing interest on loans and deposits for Muslim customers.

The largest bank in the Middle East is Qatar National Bank, with total assets of nearly 2.6 trillion dollars. In the ranking of the 10 top banks in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has the largest number, with four out of ten. United Arab Emirates has three, followed by Qatar, Egypt and Kuwait with one each.  On aggregate, the top 10 banks accounted for 32.3% and 31.7% of combined assets and net income, respectively.


We have researched and prepare lists of:

Number of banks
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

The following is the complete list of the 100 largest Middle Eastern banks by assets.


What are the uniqueness in banks in the middle east?

  • Middle Eastern banks have a few distinctive qualities.
  • Islamic banking: Based on Islamic law, Islamic banking is practiced by many banks in the Middle East (Sharia). These principles forbid the collection of interest and the investment of money in specific industries, such as the alcoholic and gaming industries.
  • Government ownership: In several Middle Eastern nations, such Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the government holds a sizable stake in the banking industry.
  • High liquidity: Due to the Middle East’s vast population of oil-exporting nations, banks in the region typically have high levels of liquidity. This may make it simpler for banks to finance significant initiatives and offer credit to companies.
  • Limited competition: In several Middle Eastern nations, such Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the banking industry is relatively consolidated, with a small number of large banks predominating the market. Because of the possibility for less competition, fees and interest rates may increase.
  • Strong regulations: To ensure the stability and dependability of the financial system, banks in the Middle East are typically subject to strict regulatory frameworks.


Here is a list of the largest banks in the Middle East, based on total assets:

  1. National Commercial Bank (NCB) – Saudi Arabia
  2. Emirates NBD – United Arab Emirates
  3. Qatar National Bank – Qatar
  4. Bank of China – China (with a significant presence in the Middle East)
  5. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – United Arab Emirates
  6. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) – China (with a significant presence in the Middle East)
  7. Mashreqbank – United Arab Emirates
  8. Kuwait Finance House – Kuwait
  9. Dubai Islamic Bank – United Arab Emirates
  10. Samba Financial Group – Saudi Arabia

These banks are among the largest and most influential financial institutions in the region, and offer a range of banking and financial services to consumers and businesses.


Overview on the middle east banking industry

  • A variety of banking concepts, including Islamic banking, and a combination of old and modern financial institutions define the Middle Eastern banking sector. Numerous sizable, globally active banks as well as smaller, regionally oriented banks are found in the region.
  • The widespread use of Islamic banking principles, which are based on Sharia law and forbid charging interest and investing money in certain companies like gambling and alcoholic beverages, is one distinctive aspect of the Middle Eastern banking sector. As a result, a lot of banks in the area provide alternative financial services and products that adhere to Islamic law.
  • Numerous sizable state-owned banks that are located in the Middle East and contribute significantly to the local economy. Large-scale infrastructure projects and other development initiatives can be financed by these institutions, which frequently have strong ties to the government.
  • Despite several economic and political difficulties in the region, the Middle East’s banking sector is largely well-regulated and has stayed stable. While this can limit competition and possibly result in higher fees and interest rates, other Middle Eastern nations’ banking sectors are more consolidated, with a few major banks controlling the market.


The Middle East’s banking industry’s total assets were projected to be close to $3.5 trillion by the year 2020.

Many sizable, globally engaged banks are located in the Middle East, including Qatar National Bank, which has total assets of over $150 billion, and the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia, which has total assets of over $200 billion.

Many state-owned banks may be found in the Middle East, and these institutions are important to the local economy. For instance, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, which is primarily owned by the Abu Dhabi government, has assets worth more than $110 billion.

In the Middle East, there are generally strong regulatory frameworks in place to ensure the stability of the banking sector.

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