Interview with: Zoltan Tuendik is the Co-Founder, Co-Owner, and Head of Business at Hipther Agency


Zoltan is a self-taught publisher and events organizer who has developed several brands and services that have increased the notoriety of his company within multi-billion dollar industries. As Co-Founder of HIPTHER Agency, Zoltan has helped develop highly respected online news portals, virtual and in-person conferences that cater to multiple industries on 5 continents.

1.What can you tell us about Europeangaming?

European Gaming is one of our strongest brands and it’s also the host of some of the most interesting boutique-style events of the gaming industry. is among the leading news outlets dedicated to the B2B sector of the online gambling industry.

2.Please describe your industry/main markets

Without any doubt, the gambling industry is our main industry in which we are active. But, nevertheless, we have made quite and impact in reporting since 2019 about other industries as well, including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Fintech, Virtual Reality and more.

 3.What are europeangaming conference uniqueness comparing other organizers?

Given its layout and being a boutique-style event series, our conferences focus more on comfort, seamless interaction among the delegates and quality content. We like to pride with providing one of the best hospitality approaches when it comes to our esteemed guest speakers and beyond.


4.Your conference in the gaming sector are leading the market – what attracts the attendees and companies to participate, what’s are the added values?

The family like feeling you get when you visit our conference is one of the drivers. I would also add that our events have limited spaces and besides the networking breaks, we add a complimentary lunch to the mix and of course evening social gatherings. The quality content which is shared by the handpicked speakers and moderators is also one of the parts we place huge emphasis. The conference agenda is the main driver when it comes to attracting the participants, due to the nature of the talks.

5.Your conference at Prague and Riga is within a few months, what surprises do you plan?

It would not be a surprise if we unveil it now, but those interested should watch this space as we are planning an unrivaled agenda with topics that are both forward thinking and opinion forming. Some special guests will be announced at the beginning of 2023, prior to the event.

6.What direction is the gaming and industry going in terms of growth after the explosion of companies in the last few years?

The lockdowns have certainly pushed the online sector to a new level and also woke up the land based operators to react and adapt. These are great times to be an active stakeholder of the gaming industry. So, if you are not familiar with the space, now is the right time to act and join us in Prague or Riga to hear some of the most vital information about the industry given by experts and regulators.

7.Do you have good tips to attendees of how to take the best from the conference? How to generate good leads?

Given the fact that the conference has limited spaces, it’s best to prepare in time and let your prospect know that you are attending. A good strategy is to join the WireUp.Zone social platform to engage with the participants prior to the conference. It’s also a good idea to join our CEE and BALTIC Gaming & TECH Community groups on LinkedIn.

8.Many companies need to decide –either to participate in a few conferences with a booth or to send sales person to more conferences, what do you think is the right way?

Our conferences don’t have booths, thus sending a sales person and a decision maker is the best approach.

9.Sales pitch

The success of the Prague Gaming & TECH Summit is guaranteed based on the results we have seen in the past 7 years when connecting several industry stakeholders during our summits and meetups.

You are invited to join CEE’s most important in-person gathering. The conference series has been launched in 2017 and has enjoyed yearly growth while continuously bringing innovation to the boutique-style events landscape.

The top decision-makers and business influencers are joining the key event of the Central and Eastern European region during Springtime and be ready to gain access to a wealth of information while also enjoying some quality networking.

C-level executives, compliance experts, government officials who are active in the iGaming, eSports, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality, and many more are going to share their knowledge and are ready to meet you in Prague between 29-30 March.

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